Fitness First Megamall Now Open!


Well, as of this date, they’re on soft opening.

I was on my way to SM Megamall Cyberzone when I notice that on the same floor where it is located, there’s a stall that has balloons on the entrance that’s similar to Fitness First colors – and I was not wrong.

Fitness First has already have their Megamall branch open although there are still some machines/treadmills that don’t work yet. The place is quite spacious and the silly me didn’t bring my camera phone to have some first impression pictures of the place. The club has 3 studios – GX, Mind and Body, and Cycling Studio (although they named it Cycle in the area). Beside the long line of cardiovascular machines is a space where people can do stretching and all other stuff. What disappoints me in the place is that they seem to have reduced the area of their free weights – that’s where I usually spend most of my time aside from the GX studio. Well, what turned me off further is there’s a group of “guys” who was waiting on the reception (perhaps waiting to be entertained by the desk persons) and overheard them saying “halika, tingnan natin yung spa area. mas may bagong *toot* dun”.  It’s like a big duh, they’re devirginizing the place by making it their new bathhouse and not a gym destination.

Official opening of the gym would be on April 7, 2008 – that is according to the front desk person that I’ve talked to. Seems like there’s a new gym that I’ll visit to that’s near the office. 🙂

By the way, the picture above isn’t the gym in Megamall. It’s somewhere else not in the Philippines. 🙂


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