Courting Status Code Definition (for guys)

This morning, I am researching for certain items for my project when I accidentally saw this. For web developers (like me), you might be quite familiar with certain HTTP status code definitions and this entry is quite hilarious. I guess the one who made this post is a Filipino as certain portions contain Filipino text. If you are the owner, hit me back so I can recognize your nice work.

Courting Status Code Definition

Each Status-Code is described below, including a description of which method(s) it can follow and any metainformation required in the response.

Informational 1xx

100 Continue

You SHOULD continue with its courtship. The interim response is to inform you that the initial courtship has been acknowledge and you are not yet rejected. You SHOULD continue the courtship. She MUST send a final response after the courtship has been completed (aka sasagutin ka dapat).

101 Switching Protocols

She understood and is willing to comply with you to change the way you talk to each other. She will switch her gestures according to your request.

The change in ways of talking and/or communicating with each other SHOULD only be done when it is advantageous to do so. ( I.E. If you are now close, nagsasabihan na kayo ng secrets, may trust na sa isa’t isa… madalas na ang date… )

Successful 2xx

200 OK

Courtship succeeded.

201 Created

Courtship has been fulfilled and resulted in a new resource being created (aka baby).

202 Accepted

Courtship has been accepted, but she will still think about it. The courtship might or might not eventually be acted upon, as it might be disallowed when thinking of other priorities (aka cads, family, financial) takes place.

203 Non-Authoritative Information

The returned response is not definitive (aka Malabo), but is gathered from a local or third-party (aka from others lang yung balita).

204 No Content

She received your request to court her but she did not return any gestures, and might want to return updated information.

205 Reset Content

She has fulfilled the part of the courtship and you SHOULD reset any parameters (aka how you should treat her… etc…) in your mind that caused the courtship. (In other words, most likely, magbabago ang mundo mo pag kayo na)

206 Partial Content

She has fulfilled a partial part of the courtship process.

Redirection 3xx

300 Multiple Choices

You are then faced with a dilemma of picking the right one for you. (aka, sino kaya sa kanila.)

301 Moved Permanently

She has changed to a new place, permanently. (Aka di mo na siya kapitbahay, kaschool… etc… permanently)

302 Found

You have found her again.

303 See Other

Instead of accepting your request to court her, she referred you to her friend.

304 Not Modified

She’s still the same all these years.

305 Use Proxy

She can only be dated with a chaperon

307 Temporary Redirect

While she’s gone, you are redirected to another girl (aka fling).

Client Error 4xx

400 Bad Request

Bad shot. Your courtship process could not be understood due to bad planning, lack of character, or just a jerk. You SHOULD NOT repeat the courtship request without modifications.

401 Unauthorized

Courtship needs authentication or go signal from the Parents.

402 Payment Required

Payments for dates, flowers, etc is required. Use less of KKB (kanya-kanyang bayad). May result to 400 if you do not comply.

403 Forbidden

She understood your request to court her, but is refusing to fulfill it. Authorization will not help and the request SHOULD NOT be repeated. (aka Strict talaga ang Parents).

404 Not Found

She can’t be found. You still don’t know if this is only temporary, or permanent.

405 Method Not Allowed

You are not allowed to do what you want to do.

406 Not Acceptable

Your request is not acceptable.

407 Proxy Authentication Required

Chaperon’s approval required

408 Request Timeout

You did not produce a move within the time she was prepared to wait.

409 Conflict

Courtship was not completed due to a conflict with the current state in her life (aka. Acads, family, financial)

410 Gone

The same as 404. This is expected to be considered permanent.

411 Length Required

She refuses to accept the request without a defined plan of action.

412 Precondition Failed

You failed to surpass her standards/conditions.

413 Request Entity Too Large

Your dreams and aspirations for her are too large for her. She thinks she is not deserving to be your girlfriend.

414 Request-URI Too Long

Your courtship request is too long than she is willing to wait.

415 Unsupported Media Type

She can’t understand your language or way of showing your love to her.

416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable

She is not satisfied with your courtship range of capabilities and possibilities.

417 Expectation Failed

She did not fulfilled your expectations of her.

Server Error 5xx

500 Internal Server Error

She encountered an unexpected condition which prevented her from fulfilling your request to be her boyfriend.

501 Not Implemented

She does not have the necessary resources to fulfill your request (aka. Time).

502 Bad Gateway

Bad bridge. Most likely a sniffer. (aka manunulot)

503 Service Unavailable

Same as 501, but this time, she is just unavailable.

504 Gateway Timeout

The bridge asks you for a rest. He has been sending all your letters and gifts every time and asks for a timeout.

505 HTTP Version Not Supported

She does not your support your request to change type of language. (see 101)

Well, girls perhaps can use this as well, just change “she” references to “he” references.


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