The 450D Has Arrived

At last the 450D has arrived in the Philippine shores.

It retails at the following prices:

Kit Package Php 37,000
Body OnlyPhp 34,000

The prices indicated have Canon Philippines warranty (as per claimed by the seller). So far two sellers have declared their sale announcement: Henry’s Camera and JT Photoworld (via Multiply).

First hand review of the 450D in the Philippines is found here. This link includes some real pictures of the 450D. You might be required to register first before you can view the images but nonetheless, I can guarantee you that indeed they are real.

And I say, with a better live view than 40D: Must RESIST!


2 thoughts on “The 450D Has Arrived

  1. This price is actually based on Hidalgo prices and JT Photoworld’s. Surprisingly, these items have Canon Marketing Philippines warranty and the price difference sold in the malls are possibly due to the high rental space there. In Canon DZone here in Manila, body only costs 39,990 and the kit (18-55mm IS) is 42,990.

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