Why I Hate Firefox


And it is running only with 4 tabs open: Gmail, Outlook Web Access, MS Forums, and Manila Tonight WordPress (blogging this).

Even if I have a generous amount of RAM in my office workstation, this browser still consumes a large memory. If not for its organized Bookmarks and better web developer toolbar (against IE’s), I would have leave this for IE.


14 thoughts on “Why I Hate Firefox

  1. They say that the upcoming FireFox should have better memory handling. Still, I am not gonna be installing the betas for now… when I tried ie8, it messed up everytime I access my web outlook =P

  2. If you have a good amount of RAM, then what’s the problem? It’s better for an application to store as much as possible in ram so it doesn’t have to fetch from the disk, no?

  3. Firefox 3 COLLAPSED ! History only with “TODAY” option !??!!
    And I had 20 tabs
    which I can’t get back now cause they are not in “today’s” history !!
    So frustrating, FFox is so unstable !
    I need better, more solid browser.

  4. I hate firefox because when I use it the backspace key will send you back a page. Then when you go forward a page it will lose all the data you entered in the form. Opera doesn’t do that shit.

    It also tends to freeze when I use the file browser to upload a file to gmail and that’s with the latest version of Firefox 3.0.7

    1. You can fix the backspace problem by typing about:config in your browser. Type browser.backspace_action. Change the value to 1, which makes the backspace key scroll you down instead of going back. 0 takes you back.

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