Rank Your Blog!


Do you want to know if your blog’s rank in the Philippines? Sign-up na to TopBlogs.com.ph!

Said project was a reincarnation of the then Philippine Top Blogs by Abe Olandres. He had to shut down the said project last September 2007 and now it is back (in different arms).

The goal of the project is to measure the popularity of Filipino blogs. They keep track of the number of unique visitors and page views each blog gets and this number gets reset to zero every week and ranking would be based on the number of unique visitors. However, any non-Filipino or non-Philippines related will be deleted (well for obvious reasons).

One of the reasons why I loved wordpress.com is that it gives the user a detailed report of which among your entries are read most by the viewers regardless of location. These include the accumulated hits your blog has received (since it started) and what entries stand among the rest of the total posts.


Personally, I would like to see how “popular” my blog is among the blogs in the Philippines not because I want to be a celebrity but I wanted to know my viewership in my country. Fortunately enough, I have been getting at least a hundred unique visitors for the past 2 months and for an “unknown” blogger, hits of more than 21,000 means a lot (for me, at the least). Also, it gives me an impression what subjects people want to read more from my blog.

Currently, I am ranked #24 as of this posting. I don’t know if this has something to do with the number of blogs registered to be ranked or just because I am really ranked by that number. Nothing to lose, try for yourself!


5 thoughts on “Rank Your Blog!

  1. Signed up again yesterday. I was in the old Pinoy Top Blogs list but the owner sold it the the new people handling the site. The trackers are really dumb. They don’t detect all traffic. My Google Analytics says my traffic has been consistent while Top Blogs it’s been fluctuating wildly. Of course, I’ll take the Big G’s opinion over some new blog listing service’s any day.

  2. Personally, I just subscribed myself to see how I “fare” among the Philippine blogs. Hehe, you do still have the time to blog and attend to Med school. Are you still part of UPMDC?

  3. Just at the sidelines. I went to the World Championships last December though.

    Planning to buy your own domain? It’s hard to monetize a wordpress.com site. You want in one Blog events? There’s going to be a big one next month – iBlog4 in Diliman.

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