Still More on Credit Card Scams

I am sorry but I have to use word scam but I think the story goes well on the type of activity I am experiencing with several strangers calling my number.

I did receive a call this morning from a certain Cynthia Tan offering me something similar to what I have blogged before. The only difference is that she spoke slowly than the guy that I talked before and she comes from a “different” company as she mentioned that she’s an employee of Fifth Wind International Corporation, a multi-services company. The guy that called me before was from a certain Paragon Corporation. I had a strange feeling that the call would be similar to what transcribed before because they are again claiming to provide me with extra services related to my credit card.

I just listened to her spiel talking again about the benefits of 4 lifetime cards varying from discount card, medical card, dental card, and another one. In exchange of these cards, I will be charged a portion only of the “whole package” – of the 8,500 fee, they will only charge me for 2,995 pesos which you can have it pay in deferred terms for 3-24 months.

Again, I reiterated that I am not interested with the benefits that she’s “offering” or a better term would be “enforcing”. Upon hearing that, she just dropped the call which is quite unethical for someone offering a merchandise or service to their client. However, my conversation with that girl led to more questions:

  1. They claim that they got my information from Visa/Mastercard International. I think financial institutions (such as banks, credit card companies, etc) have a clause for non-disclosure of information of their cardholders except to law-enforcement agencies when authorized by law or by a court order. Given that this company have some sort of information about their “client”, how vast or how detailed would that information be?
  2. She claim to work for Fifth Wind International Corporation, yet they don’t have a website. She told me that their website is but the company name that is stated there is different.


  3. Should a client “accepts” the offer, how can they charge a transaction to your credit card without a slip to confirm that you indeed accepted their offer. As far as I know, merchants should provide the credit card provider with transaction slips to prove that the merchant’s client did approve and know of the transaction.

Whew! In the office, my colleague did experience the same and the solution that she made was she called Citibank to request for a new credit card number. While doing such has no charge to the customer, that would deactivate your existing card until a new card comes and worst, you might not be able to use the card when you need it badly (she got her replacement card in a month’s time).

We don’t really know on who really leaks credit card information although my doubt still points to the agents who usually stand by the malls and other public places who provide credit card applications. I guess banks are not silly enough to share information with their competitors.

Hope this one would serve as a warning (if you feel like your threatened) for any untoward transactions in your credit cards. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Still More on Credit Card Scams

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  2. These scams are absoulutely true. A guy called me while i’m at work talking about these “freebies” or discount cards. He said their company, PARAGON CORPORATION had a raffle and they pick winners out of the millions visa card holders. and since I am a CITIbank card holder I am one of the “lucky” guys who won. He said as a price they can provide me with these following cards: One card for dental services, one card for discounts on major department stores, one card for free towing services and another card for medical benefits. He said I will be charged only P3,900 instead of P15,800 which is the regular charge. Since it sounded good because it will be a great help for me and my family once I have those cards, I gave in.

    Being an “ignorant” on credit card rewards and freebies and maybe because what he said did’nt sink in right away due to my work, I gave my card number to the guy not thinking about scams or anything like that. I trusted him thinking CITIbank gave my number to them and that they are really connected with citibank. He said that the cards will be sent to my billing address the next week.

    But when I come to think of it again, I decided to check it on the net the following day, and to my horror! There is no PARAGON CORPORATION to be found. Then I came across with this site talking about the same company doing scams, I almost fell from my chair. I called CITIbank right away and ask the operator named Angel about this paragon thing and told me CITIbank is not connected with them. I made her check my account and to my relief there are no transactions yet regarding the scam. She then suggest to block my card at once to prevent any transactions and just replace it with a new one with a different card number. She also advised me “never” to give my credit card numbers to anyone that called me talking about any rewards, freebies and the likes because fraudsters just around waiting to victimize innocent people.

    May this serve as a warning because its really a hassle when your hit with something like this. In my case, my original card is useless since it was already blocked and I have to wait for the new one to be delivered. Please be careful, because I’m sure, This PARAGON CORPORATION will not let me as their last victim.

  3. @choi: what did yoU do to cancel? i called up the agent to ‘cancel’ but the agent told me its impossible to cancel.. He’s implying that I already said yes so i can’t back out.

  4. I received a call from this Paragon Corporation the other day. And just like Choi, I gave my card number, confirmed my birthdate and contact number. I was stupidly honest and said YES to their promo . The lady seemed suprised to know I’m in Davao. I am surprised too because she called me in the office phone, not in my mobile phone. She should have an idea where I am thru the area code of the phone number she dialled. She kept asking how much my credit limit is and said “ma’am KELANGAN mo na talagang matanggap ang package na ito so please bring your credit card tomorrow for verification.” The lady said she is Leslie Tan and that I can call her at 305-4875 for any concern.

    After our conversation, I decided to check the internet and then I found this site. I tried to call the number above but it just kept ringing.
    I was so alarmed so I called Citibank and have my card blocked.

    Having read the comments in this site, I knew someone will come to “deliver the package” . The guard said someone came yesterday looking for me when I was not in the office. When the guard asked why he was looking for me, the man said he’s got important business with me and got out of our office immediately. The man was wearing “barong” (for formal effect, i guess.).

    Then just this afternoon, the guard said the man in barong came back with a companion also in barong. The guard did not let them in because the man’s answer is inconsistent. The guard asked him again what’s his business with me and the man said “magkaibigan kasi kami.”

    I really want this Paragon Corp to be investigated. I know they won’t stop unless someone catches them.

    Do you think it would be possible to set a trap for these persons ?

  5. Hi Safire,

    As a rule of thumb, if it’s too good to be true, validate first. ako kasi, i am bit aggressive and concerned when it comes to asking my personal information, lalu na yung mga tao na dinadaan kayo sa bilis. Simula palang, tinanong ko na si citibank but up to know, wala pa ring reply sa akin si citibank. the culprit could be someone from citibank or someone from the agents who collect your information and copy them before transmitting to citibank. kaunting ingat na lang sa susunod. and next time, be wary about those asking for personal information lalu na kung hindi mo alam kung saan galing ang nagtatanong. 🙂

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