You Pushed Me Away


/emo. “shelved”

You Pushed Me Away

You pushed me away
That’s all I can say
Thanks for the pain that I shouldn’t endure
For the love I’m expecting yet so unsure

It took me time for my heart to rest
And find solutions that would fit best
To forget that I have loved someone like you
And that someone left me sad and blue

But now that I have perfectly moved on
I think I’m better off alone
It’s funny to look back the way things were
And stupid I am longing for your care

Just when I thought love was to stay
You pushed me away
Sad to see how much love was lost
Without knowing you’re the one I loved the most


2 thoughts on “You Pushed Me Away

  1. hey.. i just wanna say ur poem iszz good. wud u mind if i use it and make it as a song?. if no its ok. 😀
    thanks. bless ya. xx

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