Another Credit Card “Scam”

Someone called me yesterday when I was doing my work telling me of some perks that I will get out of my recently acquired credit card (Mercury Drug – Citibank). Just to get out of pressure, I listened to what this guy was telling me. He keeps of mentioning about gifts – as a sign of “thanks” for availing their services. All the while, I was thinking if he’s totally connected to Mercury or Citibank but as he progresses, I noticed that he was not. I was trying to ride on with his spiel and listen while talking on the stuff that I would get. He mentioned of a certain “premium card” that I can use for my transactions to get an instant 50% off my transactions. This card has medical and dental “benefits” that can even “provide” me with an allowance of Php 1,000 per day if I get hospitalized.

Deep inside, I knew it was a scam but I played safe until I heard him that they’ll charge my card with an amount reaching around 3,900 something pesos without my authorization. I went berserk that time asking where the hell did he get my contact information. He mentioned about a certain marketing research unit (MRU) but failed to disclose what company it is. I immediately told him that I am not interested and will ask for our IT to get the number where this person is calling. I suspected that the caller might have taken my information from an agent who took my Citibank application (or the agent could have passed my information to him). Just imagine what information has been taken that could risk your security: finances, home address, office address, etc.

Upon reaching home, I immediately called Citibank and reported the incident. The agent (Marcus) whom I talked to was able to clear out certain things and gave me some assurance on any transaction/s that may be charged against my card without my authorization:

  1. Every transaction is disputable. That is, if the merchant who charged your card failed to produce an evidence that will prove that the transaction was authorized by the card holder, the transaction would be void.
  2. Mercury Citibank card holders do have perks aligned with the card but never they will charge for these perks (what’s the sense of having perks if you have to pay for something)
  3. Citibank has a policy of non-disclosure of client’s information. Mores over, never will they share client information to their competitors (an agent of Standard Chartered claimed that she got my contact information from Citibank). This non-disclosure agreement covers all employees and agents alike. However, having a policy in place doesn’t guarantee that the policy will be followed by all parties.

The agent also took note of the company whom the guy who called me in the office which is Paragon Corporation. I have searched the internet and there’s no Paragon Corporation that has an anniversary or some sort of benefits mentioned to me. The Citibank agent told me that they’ll investigate this situation and will update/help me with any problems that may arise with regards to this “company”.

Sad to say, I feel like that the culprit in this scenario was the agent who took my credit card application. All the while I was thinking that the application would be fast and safe but it turned out it wasn’t. Perhaps, a good recommendation for this experience is that submit your requirements directly to the bank and take note of the name of the employee who will get your application form. In that way, choices on who’s to blame is limited.



112 thoughts on “Another Credit Card “Scam”

  1. These scams are absoulutely true. A guy called me while i’m at work talking about these “freebies” or discount cards. He said their company, PARAGON CORPORATION had a raffle and they pick winners out of the millions visa card holders. and since I am a CITIbank card holder I am one of the “lucky” guys who won. He said as a price they can provide me with these following cards: One card for dental services, one card for discounts on major department stores, one card for free towing services and another card for medical benefits. He said I will be charged only P3,900 instead of P15,800 which is the regular charge. Since it sounded good because it will be a great help for me and my family once I have those cards, I gave in.

    Being an “ignorant” on credit card rewards and freebies and maybe because what he said did’nt sink in right away due to my work, I gave my card number to the guy not thinking about scams or anything like that. I trusted him thinking CITIbank gave my number to them and that they are really connected with citibank. He said that the cards will be sent to my billing address the next week.

    But when I come to think of it again, I decided to check it on the net the following day, and to my horror! There is no PARAGON CORPORATION to be found. Then I came across with this site talking about the same company doing scams, I almost fell from my chair. I called CITIbank right away and ask the operator named Angel about this paragon thing and told me CITIbank is not connected with them. I made her check my account and to my relief there are no transactions yet regarding the scam. She then suggest to block my card at once to prevent any transactions and just replace it with a new one with a different card number. She also advised me “never” to give my credit card numbers to anyone that called me talking about any rewards, freebies and the likes because fraudsters are just around waiting to victimize innocent people.

    May this serve as a warning because its really a hassle when your hit with something like this. In my case, my original card is useless since it was already blocked and I have to wait for the new one to be delivered. Please be careful, because I’m sure, This PARAGON CORPORATION will not let me as their last victim.

    1. Ako din, as of today, November 24, 2011, I got a call from a certain Pamela telling me that I was selected as one of the top card users to use a program… I immediately asked what was the name of the company pero ayaw magsabi, I insistently asked for the FOURTH time pero ayaw pa din… navictimize na din ako previously TWICE so I really really really felt bad today… our conversation went on for about 15mins pero I really wanted to hang up the phone…matindi talaga ang boiler room tactics nya and as a last resort, I hung up the phone.

      “Tip: kung gusto nyo mag-reklamo sa paraan ng mga ahente na napakuha kayo ng insurance/health and wellness program kahit hindi nyo gusto, sabi ng Insurance Comm. ay sumulat sa pinaka-boss nila. Sa case ko, sumulat ako sa VP ng Paragon Exceltel Corp. (Andy Bonne Villacorta) at sa President ng Malayan Insurance ( Ms. Yvonne Yuchengco) bukod pa sa complaint ko sa IC at DTI”

      Im following etbe’s advice stated below para matigil na yan… bakit hindi napo-prosecute yan??? If you have an update, please let me know. Thanks.

  2. This scam is absolutely 100% true. Last week (that was Friday or Thursday) someone called me, and telling me that i have a reward in using master card and visa,and i asked her why you should gave me a reward? The girl whose name was Josie an agent of PARAGON CORPORATION told me that i was in their list of VIP, because I’m not delinquent in terms of payment in credit card. So they will give me a reward of these following card: card for dental, card for hospitalization that if i will confine they will give me 1,000pesos/day, a card for free towing services,and i think there was two more. She said that i will provide 3,900 for the 25% of 15,900. because the 15% was already paid, and the 3,900 will be charged to my BDO credit card. So, last Saturday someone came into my house and deliver the said reward cards, unfortunately, i told my mom that tell him to came back in the afternoon,because i could not entertain that delivery man.But he didn’t came back. Today, Friday (March 06,2009) the agent called me again,but another girl, Eds Locsin was the agent name, she told me that they will deliver the said reward cards tomorrow between 10 to 1:00 pm, i was confused, what i did was i called to customer service of Banco De Oro, the call center agent representative told me that if they have any promo the bank will inform them.. I tried to research that PARAGON CORPORATION, and this was i searched. How can we avoid these CREDIT CARD SCAM? EDS LOCSIN was gave me their office number, 856-5149 to 14.. i tried to called these number but no one picked up the phone….

  3. And I think this will continue until no one gets apprehended for such inappropriate actions. I wonder what do these credit card companies do to prevent such incidents from happening again.

  4. this happened to me too. somebody called me while i’m at work and told me the same thing. luckily, i didn’t give them my credit card number. i even told them that i don’t want to participate in this “promo” but she said that i don’t have a choice but to accept it and just talk with the bank regarding the terms. but first i have to accept the package that they’ll be sending me. i have no plans of accepting their package if they do send it. she even said that she’s from a call center in burgundy corporate tower in makati and their merchant is bpi.

    do you think i should report it to the credit card company who i have an account with even if i didn’t give them my card number?

  5. hi someone called me last monday also from ”paragon”, at first aslo i didnt think anything was fishy until i hung up the phone. They kept on asking about my credit cards. I told them most of them were maxed out except my citibank. The agent kept on asking for the card number of citibank since i gave them only bpi. I found that weird. So i immediately called citibank and asked for another card number. Waah. Scam pala un.

  6. I’m fro Davao and i got the same type of call saying i was on their VIP list, and they were giving me a package containing 3 cards for dental, towing and hosehold repairs etc. However, the charge was not just 3,900, but 6,090! My cousin also got the same call and they were charging 6,950!

    If this is really legit, how come they are offering the same “perks” at diffrent prices?
    Clearly a SCAM!

  7. and ang galing nila ha, parang call center pa ang dating. Grabe they have to do all those stuff to scam people.. he even mentioned a bldg where a dentist supposedly accepts the dental card. Siguro he researched kaagad over the internet. Its a big scam.

  8. I came to banco de oro last monday and i told them about the SCAM. The teller was told me not to believed to those who called and asking for your credit card. She told me that if there was any promo regarding on using their credit card, they are the first one to inform us.. You know, so galing talga nila. The delivery man was carrying a card swiper,so when we gave them our credit card on the spot they will get the amount they want from us.

  9. If somebody called and they are asking for you to let them know your account number of your credit card, PLEASE DON’T TELL THEM ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR CREDIT CARD.They will get an access from your card if you will give any info.

  10. so its not citi its just someother asshole ok but is citi ok apperently from what i hear is some other companies calling as long as i dont pick up i got no probs plz correct me if im wrong cause i think im gonna sign up wit citi

  11. fortunately or unfortunately, i still adhere with citi since they have the most merchants accepting credit card and 0% deferred payments. being international, i didn’t have problems using my citi card in my card transactions abroad. as per my experience, i think the people who tries calling new members got your information either through agents or to those processing your card.

    for your security, it would be better to get the name of the agent who would get your credit card application so as when someone contacts you and saying things mentioned in this blog, it would be much more easier for you to narrow down the culprit. in this way, you help citibank and other cardholders identify who distributes personal contact information of other people without their consents.

  12. same with me…same kwento….with the benefits and everythign….too good to be true…
    lets be cautious with this kind of scam…lets be more careful…

  13. shocks! nadale din ako dun ah.. siguro nga they make sure they call at our workplace para timing na busy tayo tapos “oo” lang tayo nang “oo”.. ano ba yan, perang pinagpaguran natin, ganun2 nalang nila kukunin.. bwisit sila ha..

    i have all my cards blocked for safety nalang, kahit nde ako nagbigay ng credit card numbers ko..

  14. omg! the representative of paragon came here and ask for my id. I told him i wouldn’t give him any of my information. tapos tumawag sya dun kung saan man sya tumawag and then somebody, a girl, talked to me and raised a voice on me. The heck. She was even telling me I am being unprofessional to cancel the contract I had with them, because she said the recorded conversation of me agreeing to their terms can be used against me. So I told them to bring this matter to the court and I will see what I can do. Although I am afraid “iff it is true” i might retain a bad record on my credit standing. But of course, I’ve read so much about it on my researches (right after i put down the phone). I don’t want to be scammed – and worse empty-pocketed because of some nonsense bullshit. She even mentioned one office mate being their member. But I asked her who else more, she then diverted my question. She repeatedly accused me of being unprofessional. Yes, true I was. But I was just protecting myself from any more other harm it could bring. I told her I had my credit cards blocked from any other transactions, then she told me that they would have know because of this bank to bank transaction she keeps on mentioning. Or that I could just pay in cash if I couldn’t pay it using a card. She even condemned my way of talking in English, i should speak in tagalog na lang daw if I cannot even construct a grammatically correct and correctly pronounced english. The hell! my teacher in speechcom even recommended me to the MC of a program, and then she, who the hell is she to criticize my english? i’ve had enough of this, thankfully i did not give them my credit card numbers. But still a part of me is worried that they might be able to hack my account. Damn! banks should hire agents who are trustworthy enough not to divulge account information of their clients to other fucked up agencies. She even told me that since I have my consent recorded, I can just pay the 15thousand+ full amount of their services. What the!! I am earning hard for my money and they just want it without sweat? laway nga lang puhunan nila tsaka kapalan ng mukha.. nabubwisit talaga ako, hay naku! ang bp ko!

  15. Got the same call just this morning. I listened to it intently because it really is a good offer… but after putting down the phone, I look it up and found this blog…I called the agent right away and cancelled it and inform them that I found this negative blog about them…they will look into it daw and they understood my sentiments….I hope I will not get any calls from them anymore.

  16. i received the same call from PARAGON CORP few days ago for my dad… but being very jaded with the so-called “gift” or promos, i decided not to give the phone “yet” and pretended a believer instead and asked the caller infos regarding the gift and contact my dad can call her afterwards.

    It is a sure “SCAM” since my dad has no knowledge of the medical package offered. even the previous medical procedure done to him didn’t coincide with her details. She must had a hardtime on her word maneuvering technique to extract infos from me and would have appered to be telling the truth…it’s good she didn’t have chance to confuse an old man…

    beware of this…
    office number: 865-5149

  17. OMG … someone called me awhile ago.. saying the same Sh*t .. i didn’t gave my credit card number.. but instead i told them some information.. like bday and address… thank goodness i search on their site and bump into this blog… they even said they are under Malayan Insurance but i didn’t find any Paragon Corp.. they even gave the same number 856-5149 and look for Ms. PAULEEN ESCUDERO i have to call my bank tomorrow to inform them regarding this SCAM.. good thing i was not able to give my account number.. but still this really pissed me off… They will come on Monday to give me the card… so what am i gonna do… i want to stop this so they will not continue this SCAM!!!! I need your suggestions… how come this hasn’t stop.. its March 2010 and the blog here started 2008…

  18. Yeah i know… I just received the same call a while ago… I immediately called the credit card companies to inform them of the case… I didn’t get the name but she said that its not an option as i have already told her that i have no intention of availing the package. She also said that even without my approval they are going to charge it to my credit card. is that even possible?

    After a while of discussion, i asked her the website address of the company she said she’d give it after our transaction. When i asked for the phone number… she snapped and told me why she was being interrogated, instead of her asking the questions and then finally said “just wait for your charges” and immediately hung up.

    1. Hi I got this same type of message. Did you get charged at all? The person, Pauline Escudero told me the same thing and hung up on me. I’m afraid she could have found my card number somewhere though I didn’t give her any information. Have you been charged?

  19. it just happened to me today. when i decided to back out and change my mind. good thing i did not receive any of their card yet and sign something before realizing that something fishy is going on.

    i just can’t think how they can charge me without me signing any of their documents, not giving my credit card account. i just hope it’s just pure bluff when they told me i will still be charge for backing out because of the recorded talks we had. Her name is Ruby Santos.

  20. the same thing happened to me last Friday, July 16, 2010. I received a call from a certain person named Pauleen Escudero. They then delivered to our office the packages this afternoon, I told the delivery man that I will not accept the package. After a while, the agent called me and told me that I confirmed for its delivery, which yes I did, because she was so insistent. But still, I said I will not accept the package as I have trust issues with them. After repeatedly telling me that I dont have to pay the almost about P6,000 (which is the promo rate) immediately, and that did confirm the delivery of the package, i firmly said that I still, will not accept it. She got mad and told me that our conversation last Friday was recorded and told me to wait for the related charges. then she slammed the phone. Good thing, i did not gave them my credit card numbers. I immediately called the banks who issued my credit cards and confirmed their association with Paragon Exceltel Corp., and bingo, they do know nothing of this Company and the perks that it is offering. They said, they will bring this issue up to their risk department.

    1. same thing happened to me yesterday, how can these people make use of other people for their own benefits.what they’ve said is 100% exactly the same with you guys…yan ba ang training na ginagawa nila to every call agents of this Paragon Exceltel Corporation…from 2008 up to 2010 they are using same strategies.I’m glad I decided to call MEDASIA which is one of the company they are talking about.I found out that what Mr. Kervin Yao told me yesterday was not all true.It is good that I searched first at the Internet and read all these confessions from other victims of this Paragon orp.Just a precautions to others,there’s a lot of scams nowadays, just be aware of those unbelievable offers.

  21. This same thing happened to me also Aug 11 2010. This time the agent’s name was Rhea Santos. The same exact stuffs about Medical, auto and dental benefits was said to me as if it was a script. From their website, the stuffs that the agent mentioned was exactly the same information. I did not give any of my account numbers but they asked for my billing address and some personal data. For those people who have confirmed, when you did not accept the card, were you billed the “one-time participation fee”?
    Because I was too busy with my work and I was in a hurry to end the call I confirmed with the said manager when the agent passed the phone. Then later on I was curious about the company and researched it thru internet and I found this blog. So I called back the agent but they said that they are not the ones offering the said privelege and that I should just wait for the card. The second time I called back, the agent was not accomodating anymore and she also passed the phone to another manager who keeps saying that I should just wait for the card and that their company is not bogus and since I confirmed earlier before then that means that the card is already on the way. should I block my credit card in order to avoid the billing of this paragon company?

  22. the same scenario happened to me now, Oct 2009 I was already charged amounting of 6,950 and its a straight charged..I really upset p nga kasi ang usapan p dapat nmin nung agent n yun eh dpat monthlly charges p para d mabigat..then I just realized na naloko n nga ako..then just last week, its been almost one my office during work hours, an agent named Jerome Rosales called me then informing me that my health card is for renewal already since this will be my last year on the promo rated churvaness..since i was busy, i said that i will just review first the policy then he keeps on saying na kahit i review ko p yun it will be automatically parang ang dating p eh no choice ako..what the hell! I asked him panu kung i cancel ko sabi nya pwde nman daw kaso ang babayaran ko daw ay 15, by next week n nga daw ang delivery nung card..kaya kinutuban n ako na manloloko n nman tong mga ogag n to..kya i researched to net and this blog i found and i read the policy and no stating that its automatically be patunay lang yun na mga manloloko tlga sila..they are even harassing you..may kunwari pang tatawag n tga BDO “kuno” to confirm what they are doing and yun na hihingin na mga credit card info mo..this time I will not entertain those kind of to good to be true offers. may this serve as a lesson to everyone. tama n yung minsan naloko ako..sad but i learned..kawawa lang yung mga ibang tao pa na mabibiktima I would suggest na maging continuous ang mga maglalagay ng blog dto if they have been victimized by the same company PARAGON EXCELTEL CORPORATION..para maging beware din sa lahat.

  23. good thing i read about this site. kanina lang kakatawag lang ni KERVIN YAO. ako naman syempre, i have two citibank cards, i was overwhelmed by the beneifts. after a while, i told myself, too good to be true, i went online and made a research. grabe. talagang nakakatakot tong mga scammers. i love my citibank cards. even if sabi nila mataas ung interest rates, i keep them kasi i never had problems with them when i travel outside the country. at tsaka, very secured ang information ng mga account holders sa kanila..

    after 1 hour i called KERVIN YAO to cancel. ayaw na nila i cancel. in transit na daw. sabi ko…pwede ba un eh wala pang 1 hour. what i did, i called citibank. and good thing, citibank gave me the option to replace both of my cards without any charges..i have replaced both. ung KERVIN YAO ayaw nya i cancel ung package. did i do the right thing?

  24. by the way, after a while, someone called me up to confirm daw if someone called me up about the package. sabi ko..yes..SOMEONE NAME KERVIN YAO. tapos non, sabi ko kervin said i can cancel once i receive the package. anytime between that and the 2nd week of november. tapos biglang sabi nung guy.ndi na daw pwede i-cancel. nag confirm na daw ako. recorded call na. wala daw sa call na nag decline ako. sabi ko..UNFAIR YAN HA. ANG SABI SAKIN PWEDE KO MAG CANCEL ANYTIME. MY DAD’S A LAWYER..I DONT WANNA TALK TO U AND I WILL ONLY TALK TO CITIBANK AND I HAVE TALKED TO THEM ALREADY. URE ALREADY UNDER INVESTIGATION. tapos sabi ng guy. MAS UNFAIR SAMIN. NDI KAYO PWEDE MAG CANCEL NG BASTA BASTA. U HAVE TO UNDERGO A PROCESS. sa init ng ulo ko. sabi ko UNFAIR NA KAYO. THIS IS A RECORDED CALL AND MY DAD’S DOING AN INVESTIGATION RIGHT NOW…the guy hung up. grabe…is someone out there doing something about this?

    1. hanggang wala tayo pinipirmahan authorization to debit/charge sa cc natin, pwede tayo tumanggi, kahit may recorded conversation pa na nagconfirmed ka.. Hindi naman tinatanggap sa korte ang tape conversation di ba? I learned the lesson the hard way.

      Saka baka pautot lang nila na may recorded conversation kuno.

  25. I am one of the victims of this company. I have filed a complaint to the DTI against them. DTI has already scheduled a mediation. I hope we can work together and build a stronger case against them. You can reach me at We need to make a collective stand to stop this company from victimizing innocent hard working people who fall prey to their deceitful business practices. Their practices are clearly violations of the REPUBLIC ACT NO. 7394 – THE CONSUMER ACT OF THE PHILIPPINES. Under TITLE III: PROTECTION AGAINST DECEPTIVE, UNFAIR AND UNCONSCIONABLE SALES ACTS OR PRACTICES and CHAPTER I: DECEPTIVE, UNFAIR AND UNCONSCIONABLE SALES ACTS OR PRACTICES. Read more on:

  26. di totoo yan…
    mga praning lang po kayo…
    may na charge na ba senyo?
    mga nag iinarte lang kayo…
    mga inosente sa card deal..
    kawawang mga tao…
    purket meh nabasa kayo,naniwala aman agad kayo…
    try nyo muna bago kayo manghusga…
    makakarma kayo lahat na mga nambibintang…
    mga wala kayong takot sa Diyos!!!

    1. Kawawa ka naman at naloko ka na rin ng Paragon Corporation. Di kami nambibintang kc nangyari talaga ito. Or maybe, since most of the comments here are in english, you don’t understand that ALL of the comments here are AGAINST THE COMPANY! Besides, di ako masagot at binabaan ako ng phone ng babaeng employee ng Paragon Exceltel Corporation nung tanungin ko un modus operandi nila. It’s not whether we were charged or not, it’s the WAY YOU PRACTICE YOUR BUSINESS. The agents are aggressive, harassing, and obnoxious. Those agents are just looking for quick bucks and LAZY to do REAL WORK to EARN DESERVING MONEY. CONSUMER RIGHTS: A CUSTOMER HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY NO. PERIOD. I’m sorry but this company is unreputable. Hope you understand what I’m saying, if not use the Google translator

  27. Unfortunately, your lone opposition doesn’t make sense to a lot of people ‘victimized’ of this so-called Paragon company. Make-up stories? So amusing people having the same problem. Are you from Paragon? Hmmm. It’s not judging, it’s more of a warning. Don’t talk as if you’re innocent.

  28. tama ka po jojo
    meh ganyang package ako
    ako pa bumili sa paragon
    ganda nga eh
    biruin mu free dental!!!
    grabe dba?
    meh 1thou kpa pg nconfine k in any hospital in the nation!!!
    tpus yang mga inosenteng gumagawa ng blog at nagcocomment na yan eh bigla biglang naninira!!!
    matakot kayo sa karma!
    baka buhay ng pamilya nyo kapalit ng paninirang puri nyo!
    sarap nyong murahin!

  29. cnu yang patrick?
    sinearch ko sya…
    sya ung kilalang magaling manggago…
    meh kaso syang fraud at stafa…
    wawa ung mga nniwala s knya…
    mga uto2…
    bading din sya…
    ang pnget pa…

    1. adik.. nag-iba-iba ka nga ng pangalan, iisa naman paraan ng pagkakasulat.. and yes, hindi po tanga ang sumulat ng blog na to.

      salamat for this blog. i’ll share this. 🙂

    1. Nice try PARAGON! Ok din kayo no? You had to use GOD in this blog to prove how legitimate your company and your services are. And talk about KARMA? whew! If there’s someone who knows and understand karma, hindi kayo yun! Ang kakapal ng mga mukha nyo! Paninirang puri? I wonder how you guys still manage to sleep at night? Pagkatapos nyo manloko ng mga inosenteng tao? ang gagaling nyo naman! Sana malapit na kayo makarma… God knows kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo at kung sino nanloloko.. Hey Patrick! Keep it up! Thanks for blogging!

  30. I was the victim also with the credit card scam by the PARAGON EXCELTEL.

    LAST March 2009 while im busy at my work,name Ms. Mariel Fernadez called me at the phone.She said that i was one of the good payer.and because of that i will get some free offers and its all free no money cash to pay.on the next day of the month she called me again and she always asking me kung nakabayad na ba daw ako atleast 5,000?sabi ko hindi pa.sabi ko bakit kailangan ko pa magsettle ng account ko na libre naman kaya yan?(binaligtad na nya ang usapan)sabi nga nya libre talagan yan yong tatlong card na ibibigay nila,Sabi ko naman kong libre yan dahin nyo dito.After mga 10days sigoro yun.May lalaking pumunta sa store na pinagtatrabahoan ko si Mark Buscaino at my dala na syang tatlong card na sinasabi ni Ms.Mariel Fernandez,tinanong ko siya libre ba talaga yan Sir?,sagot nya,OO at sabay tawag sa cellphone at binagay sa akin,yun pala ay si Mariel,sabi nya libre po yan talaga sir ,E kong libre.di tinanggap ko yong tatlong card(AUTO ASSISTANCE,HOME ASSISTANCE AT saka DELTAL PREVILEGE PLAN plan,pagnakuha ko na at my pinermahan ako,iwan ko sa sarili ko bakit nawala talaga sa isip ko na isa to sa cridet card SCAM.after sa lahat na hiningi nya,yong credit card ko naman.Ang akala ko lang tingnan lang nya ang name na kong ako ba talaga ang naklagay sa cridet card,Not knowing na may dinala pala siyang wireless verifon at doon sino-swipe ang card ko.At ang laki pa ng bawas(7.950) at ako ay napatulala nalang.wala ng ngawa at siya ay madaliang umalis.Ng nasa bahay ako di ako makatulog kasi ang laki ng halaga na binawas sa account ko at wala akong pera na pambayab…….
    At pagkabukas.tinawagan ko ang tel# na binigay nila (3054875) at may babaeng nakasgot,tinanong ko siya kong pwede ko ba makausap si Mariel,sabi nya may kausap pa siya sa tinanong niya kong ano po daw yong concern ko.Sabi ko balak ko sanang ipacancel (yong kinaltaltas nila) kasi hindi ko po talagang magagamit kasi,wala akong bahay at sasakyan nakirent lang ako sa Dental naman sabi nila maganda daw ang previlege, concrete daw ang pagawa sa ipin mo.yon pala eh temporary filling lang pala,

    Noong time na balak ko sana ipacancel yon.hindi na daw pwede.Tinanong ko po sila kong anung paraan ito babayaran,sagot niya depende daw yon kong ano ang gusto ko.sabi ko 2years lang para di ako mahirapan.

    At June 2009 nagtaka nalang ako,na yong halagang 7,950 ay nasali na sa credit card account na babayaran ko..

    ……salamat po sa tulong niyo nahuli narin siya para hindi na sila makapanloko ulit ng mga inusinting tao,katulad ko,,

    Kong mabigay po kau ng update regarding sa PARAGON SCAM nayan..wmail nyo nalang @…salamat sa ulitin

    1. hi..this is amanda I just read the blog regarding the scam of the credit cards. Actually i was just a victim a while ago of that said scam. someone called me sa office. a guy na mejo mabils me platinum card nga na maraming discounts. so he knew infos about me and sa sbrng bilis ng pngyyre he said for confirmation dw please say my card numbr..actually this is my first card, so i wasnt aware yet of these kinds of ayun binigay q ung number…and iddeliver nga dw sa offc bka thurs.he also passed the fon to his manager dw..then i saw my account sa hsbc site. me transction nq ng 5990. he said na installment dw ung one time registration but it was a straight transaction. i blocked my card already and pplitan dw ng hsbc but i still have to pay the 5990. is this the paragon company also that youre ol talikn about? i wanna do somethin bout this. they deserve somethn pra tumigil na sila…

  31. hi..this is amanda I just read the blog regarding the scam of the credit cards. Actually i was just a victim a while ago of that said scam. someone called me sa office. a guy na mejo mabils me platinum card nga na maraming discounts. so he knew infos about me and sa sbrng bilis ng pngyyre he said for confirmation dw please say my card numbr..actually this is my first card, so i wasnt aware yet of these kinds of ayun binigay q ung number…and iddeliver nga dw sa offc bka thurs.he also passed the fon to his manager dw..then i saw my account sa hsbc site. me transction nq ng 5990. he said na installment dw ung one time registration but it was a straight transaction. i blocked my card already and pplitan dw ng hsbc but i still have to pay the 5990. is this the paragon company also that youre ol talikn about? i wanna do somethin bout this. they deserve somethn pra tumigil na sila…

    1. Hi Amanda, naloko din ako dito eh. Did you accept the card that they delivered to you? Nakafloat pa rin ang transaction sa credit card ko. sabi ng taga credit card company eh wag ko daw accept. puede ko raw idispute. Sabi ko sa tumwag sa kin eh pag kinansel ko b e wala ako ng babayran? sabi sakin syempre naman daw. pero when i checked my statement online eh may pending transaction na na worth 5900. Can you please reply back thank you!

      1. hi lucy…dumating ung card sa office yesterday, me dala sya package and ung mga slips na issign q daw… tpos sb q wait lng…i saw the compny sa paper.. metrocare marketing services corp. i think this is citylimits before..or paragon. they changed their name na.. so aun..nung mejo matagal aq..ung sales rep nila na si jake na tumawag sakn last mon, tumwag sa offce..and i told hm na d q ttngpin…i wnt to cancel nya pwd dw icancel pero ireceive q daw ung package and sign q ung mga papers para daw mareverse nila ung transction sa bank. ( hello, e d pag ng sign aq e d mccharge na skn db?) prng pinapalabas pa nya na d q naiintndahn..e sya ung stupid d q tinggap..and i didnt sign nythn..until now floating pdn ung transaction q….hopfully macancel na sya….sabi sa ibng blogs aftr 15 days dw mwwala if u didnt sign and accpt anythn..IPA IMBESTIGADOR na ntn yang mga yan!!!

      2. Hi. 1st time user din po ako ng CC at inde po ako aware. Anyone could help me nabiktima din po ako ng Merchant tumawag sa office nagpakilala from eastwest bank. Kinuha ang info ko and i gave it naman ang bilis po ng pangyayari. the other day nadelivered ang package to my surprise indi sa galing sa eastwest bank MVP marketing naman po. Pina dispute ko ang amount na pumasok sa account peru nanghihingi ng credit memo si bank from merchant kse ng reflect na po sa SOA ko. Ang tagal qo ng follow up sa merchant 2 months na din. And then kahapon ng emailed si merchant ang sabi approved na daw ang credit memo ko peru my policy charge naman sila na 2,500. Ang amount na pumasok sa card ko is 5,495. gosh ang laki ng policy charge nila. Sana matulungan nyu po aqo if there is another way pa po para totally mawala sa SOA ko ang amount na yun. Thanks po sa tutulong sakin.

  32. Hi, Amanda thanks for the feedback. Until now di ako makatulog because of this. The HSBC rep told me not to accept it. HE was nice and nice voice. Sabi sakin metrocard daw sila baka metrocare nga. dating paragon. isa lang kasi style eh. Hindi ko talga tatanggapin at sabi sakin ko naman sa babaeng nakausap ko eh kapag kinansel ko eh wala silang ibibill sa kin. malaking halaga ung 5900 plus then single mom ako. please keep me update ha kung ano ngyari at kung nabalik nila ng pera mo. God will help us. paimbestigador natin to. let’s have a campaign for this.

  33. victim dn ako ng paragon last august 26, siningil nila sa akin iyang P6950. Hindi ko talaga binayaran sa credit company, sabi nila hingi daw ako credit memo, ayaw naman nila akong binigyan. Ilang months na rin tumagal iyong nire-request ko at talagang di sila nagre-response. Sumulat ako sa DTI, ikinuwento ko ang nangyari sa akin hanggang sa may dumating sa kanilang notice of mediation, dapat noong nov 23 kami magkikita sa legal, alam ninyo ba na nakipag-settle sila sa akin kahit araw ng linggo pinapunta nila dito ung kanilang messenger para i-refund sa akin iyong P6950. Takot na takot na mapunta sila sa DTI. Ganyan din ang gawin ninyo para marami tayong nakapagsumbong sa DTI regarding sa ginagawa nilang panloloko.

  34. Hi,

    May tumawag din sa akin na ganto, Infiniti Corp na ung name ng company,
    Anyway, pinablock ko na lang ung card ko para safe na from everything. di ba? malay mo gamitin pa nila for some other purpose ang card number ko.

    Akala ko kse nung una for checking purposes lang kase bago pa lang ako sa credit card usage so hindi ko alam kung usual b ung mga ganun o hindi.. nung nakarinig na ako ng 3900 dun na ako nagtaka, eh wala na napa-oo na lang ako.

    Pero right after that tumawag na ako sa credit card company ko and nagtanong tanong na ako about it.

  35. They wouldn’t stop. Got the same story just now and the agent hung up on me when I insisted that they don’t need to send out whatever package they are referring to because first I did not apply for one and second, I’m not interested. Sad to say I have several credit cards so I have to inform all of them that do not accept any charges from that evil Paragon Corporation. Such a waste of time. I would like to report this to the authorities before another innocent person gets victimized.

  36. Someone from this Paragon Corp. called our office last December, looking for my boss. Fortunately, he was out of the country that time. The caller said something about a package and that she would just call again. I told my boss about this when he got back. He doesn’t know anyone from Paragon so he googled it and read about their modus in this forum. He told me to get as much info on the company as I could once they call again. A certain Jen Ramos of Paragon Corp. yesterday but my boss was not in the office so she asked for his other contact number. But I just asked for her number so my boss could just give her a call. She said it’s 856-5149. And when I googled this, I found the website of Paragon Exceltel Corporation listing this as one of their hotline numbers. I will get more info on this company and hopefully I’ll get to learn what this scam is all about because they seem to be legit based on their website (despite a couple of grammatical errors – “frequently ask questions, products highlights??”).

  37. hi there! i’m one of the victims of this scam. it’s just so sad that i had the time to search about PARAGON EXCELTEL CORP. just now. a CYNTHIA PEREZ called me at home last March 9th. she explained about the benefit package and that i was chosen as one of the lucky mastercard holders to receive the said package. when she mentioned that i had to pay P6,950, i got alarmed, but let her rattle on and on, until i was already being welcomed by RYAN NAVARRO, their manager. she asked for my credit card number so she can verify if i was really a mastercard holder. but before giving the information, i asked her if i would be charged by giving it to her. she assured me that i would not and it was just for verification purposes only. even if i was worried that i might be charged, i still gave my credit card number, due maybe to tiredness and stupidity, too. the next day, March 10th, i received the package. i was still groggy with sleep and did not read the forms i was signing, although i noticed that i was already fixing my signature on an application form (which Cynthia Perez filled out for me). it was when i was already inside the house that i noticed that the other paper i was holding was a credit card payment authorization form. this was when i got really worried and decided to cancel the transaction, but wasn’t able to do it immediately because i was still really sleepy that time. i was able to talk with Cynthia Perez again in the afternoon and informed her that i am cancelling the transaction because i do not wish to avail of it anymore. she then raised her voice at me and told me that i cannot cancel the transaction since it was already PRE-ACTIVATED. but, as the conversation went on, she said that there was a procedure that needs to be done for the transaction to be cancelled. when i asked her what i had to do, she told me that she would talk to their manager first and call me again, and then she hung up. i waited for her call until the next days, but none came. so i thought it was already cancelled. after my conversation with Cynthia Perez, i sent an email to my bank, informing them that i have not authorized or will not authorize CarePlus (of Paragon) to charge anything on my card. unfortunately, the response was not what i was hoping to get. the agent told me that the cancellation must be initiated by Paragon. it was March 22nd when my bill came and to my horror, P6,950 was charged by Med Asia Philippines. i immediately called Med Asia and told the agent to cancel the transaction. the agent i talked to told me that my call was the 2nd she got for the cancellation of the transaction, and i should talk to CarePlus about it. i asked if i had to pay anything for the cancellation, she said that there was no payment to be made, but wasn’t really sure. she even offered to call CarePlus so they’ll be the one to call me. again, it was Cynthia Perez who called and asked the reason for my cancellation. i already told her that i do not wish to avail of the package anymore when i first called, and i told it again. she again said that she’d let Ryan Navarro call me, and then hung up on me–again. this was when i decided to seek for a lawyer’s help. she called Cynthia Perez the next day and told her to have Ryan Navarro call me or she will sue them. i waited for the call the whole day, and none came. i told my lawyer that i received no call, and she called again the next day, and was able to speak with the manager since he was the one who answered the phone. they had a heated argument, and Ryan Navarro even slammed the phone after talking to her. after their conversation, i got a call from Ryan Navarro, on my cellphone, and asked me AGAIN for the reason of my cancellation, to which, i told him AGAIN, that i do not wish to avail the said package. he told me that there is a fee of P2,500 and there is a process for the cancellation. he asked me to call him whenever i can, at their landline number, so he could explain the procedure. so i called him the next day, and he told me that i had to pay the fee, in cash, and have it deposited to their BPI account, and that i had to send a letter requesting the cancellation and a photocopy of my ID so they could start the cancellation procedure. i already paid the cancellation fee of P2,500 and sent them the required letter and photocopy so as not to be bothered anymore. what is P2,500 compared to P6,950 that i am not sure i’ll even be able to use? i called Ryan Navarro just yesterday, March 28th, to confirm if he received what i sent through fax and was told that i need to send them the package back. he even told me to come in person so i could also get a copy of the reversal letter that they will be sending to my bank, but i declined, saying that i’ll just send the package through courier, and they’ll send the letter through fax.

    now that i’ve seen and read this blog, i’m not sure if i did the right thing in paying the cancellation fee and sending them the package back. i am now in the process of having my credit card blocked and replaced. i just hope that someone could enlighten me more on this matter.

    just be warned, everyone. if there is something that someone out there is doing to get the authorities investigate this matter, i’m all for it. hope this serves as a lesson to every credit card holder everywhere.

    1. hello shai, same with me pero alert ako sa ganyan, yung nga lang nabaksakan ako ng phone nung dinecline ko,sa ayaw at gusto ko mag rereflect na daw yun sa next bill statement,how come wala naman ako sign any papers,dati sabi pre activated na daw ang card ko sabi ko paano nangyari yun? sino nake alam e di ko pa ina activate yung card ko.bakit sila ganyan? kumita lang ng pera!

      1. hi, thesy! yun talaga ang modus operandi nila. ang sabihin sa mga cardholders na preactivated na yung package para wala nang kawala, ika nga. you could call your credit card company to check, and be sure, kung meron ngang na-charge. naibigay mo ba credit card number mo? if not, good for you. if yes, i suggest that you have it blocked para hindi na sila makapag-charge.

    2. shai, till now di ko matanggap na bagsakan ako ng phone BASTOS!walang training! wala ako binigay na creditcard number subukan nila until now kahapon pa nangyari e ang lakas ng tibok ng puso ko sa gigil!parang bakla ang boses parang naninindak —!para mapaoo ka naku sanay na ako sa ganyan lalo na sa mga malls tuloy ayaw ko dumaan sa lugar na may makikita ako na namimilit.mga panira! nanlalamig pa ako!thanks shai for d the advice.humanda sila! tigilan na nila yan!

      1. yup, the transaction was reversed. it wasn’t really a wise idea to pay them the amount because it was still P2,500! i was already panicking at that time and don’t want to be bothered anymore. have you paid them anything?

  38. a guy named nico called me up last week saying that i am entitled to claim a package from careplus health income benefit composed of home care, auto assistance and confinement benefits worth 1k per day… like others i gave my card number but when he asked of my birthday that’s the time i hang-up the phone, i cancelled all my credit cards that same day. Today this guy nico called me up again and informed me that i cannot cancel this package because it is already pre-approved by visa and mastercard, and i will also be billed an amount of P6k next month for the package!!!?!?!? i told him i am not interested and i already cancelled my cards! HAHA i hope someday someone would kick their @sses back to hell…

  39. hi i’m one of the victim of this paragon excel that was September 2010 and they charge P6950 in my credit card, i was so hopeless but that time and im so stupid to accept that package. Someone called me up this day name shane from paragon again and she told me that i need to update my card and i told her im not interested anymore and she raised her voice, ill hang up my phone already.. what should i do?

    1. ayel,

      Wag mo na pansinin, huwag ka rin magpatakot kung sabihan ka nila na ipapaka-usap ka sa legal dept. nila o di ka pwedeng umayaw

      I hope, hindi ka pa nagrenew… basta wag ka na magpatakot o maniwala sa mga lies na sasabihin ng mga ahente nila. Pwede ka rin naman magreklamo o tumawag sa Insurance commision at sa DTI Consumer complaint division para makahingi ng advise ano mabuting gawin sa kaso mo

  40. someone from paragon called just awhile ago. good thing habang kausap ko si HAZEL RAMOS from PARAGON CORPORATION online ako and itong blog yun result when i searched for paragon corporation. same story goes so sabi ko paano kung ayaw ko i-receive? and since recorded daw yun phone call, sinabi ko directly na puro negative comments so ayaw ko na. i dont need their card naman. pero ipapa deliver pa din daw nila kasi para sakin daw yun. sabi ko na lang bahala sila kasi hindi ko ipapakita visa card ko. dinedeny pa niya hindi paragon nila yun topic kasi madami naman ibang company na may paragon sa name. the nerve! pinagbigyan ko na nga makinig ako kasi work niya yun as an agent pero nun ayaw ko na, d na pwede. they even attempted to ask for my card #, 1st 8 numbers lang binigay ko, asa sila. and some of my info 😦

  41. Had the same experience, twice! First was last year, when the lady agent asked for my credit card no. I denied giving it and she promptly accepted my saying No to it. Then it happened again today, a guy named Nick Sy. Not his real name because he paused before saying his name, “I’m ah… Nick Sy” This agent is so insistent and he made it sound like he’s doing me a big favor. Duh??? When I hang up on him, he called back and he threatened that the call was recorded and he’ll approve it anyway and it’ll be billed to my card. Eventhough he doesn’t know any of my cards. Found this website for Paragon Exceltel Corporation, carrying the same product Care Plus. Called them at the published nos. And when I just asked the question “Do you give out free packages/benefits to credit card holders?” The lady said, “Sandali lang ha” then let the phone down for a few mins. then hang up! Let’s give them an earful of their shady practices!!! Here are their details:
    Paragon Exeltel Corporation
    Address: Suite 23-O 23rd Floor Burgundy Corporate Tower
    252 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, 1200 Makati City, Philippines
    Telephone Numbers: (+632) 856 5149
    (+632) 856 5114
    (+632) 856 5103
    (+632) 889 2916
    Fax Number: (+632) 856 5114
    Mobile Hotline : (+63917) 501 0275

  42. Hi…my mom got a call also from this paragon and she was told that they were from “metrobank” and my mom being a good payer she was one of the selected cardholder who can avail of the promo careplus. She was told about the benefits and was encourage so she gave her credit card no., and when she received the package, its a different from what the telemarkter said on the phone, my mom wants to cancel it but they wouldnt allow it they said she will charging 5000 for the cancelation. and reading this thread it only proves that they are scam…. iba un sinasabi nila benefits sa phone sa nakalagay sa package… so be careful with this paragon…

    1. Carl, na pa-cancel mo ba yung Careplus ng mother mo?

      If not yet, better do it now or next year, Jan or Feb. 2012 pa lang tatawagan na naman kayo at ipagpipilitan sa iyo o mama mo na kailangan mo mag-update therefore, kukunan ka na naman ng pera, dahil automatically renewable daw ang card na iyan, at kung hindi o ayaw mo naman kumuha or mag-update uli, ma-charge ka rin ng pretermination fee of same/similar amount, kagaya ng script ni RYAN NAVARRO sa akin last Nov. 2010. Kaya 2 years na akong naloko ng mga ahente ng / PARAGON EXCELTEL CORP., from Dec. 2009- Dec. 2010, Dec. 2010- Dec. 2011.

      Tapos naman kamakailan lang nitong huling 2 linggo ng Agosto, ba naman hinihiritan pa ako ng agent named Christian Reyes para daw sa 3rd year coverage ko.


  43. can anyone help me. my mom had also experience the same scenario. we can just refund it if we need to write letter and send an ID. according to the bank, the transaction is still in float. we didn’t received their package because at first we cancelled it already but they still insisted it. do you think, is it just better to send them letter and an ID with PHp 500.00? and how can i report the incident to the dti? thank you very much

    1. Grace, i hope you didn’t pay anything at all. Imagine them making P500.00 off you, after all that aggravation?

    2. Grace,

      Pwede mo try sumulat ng letter requesting for termination from inception sa PARAGON EXCELTEL CORPORATION o PARAGON CORPORATION (ganon kasi ginawa ko sa PPLIC o PRUDENTIAL PLAN churva, at na-cancel siya na wala akong binabayaran na kahit anong fee, at naibalik din ang kinaltas nilang pera sa credit card ko which is a bigger sum than CAREPLUS).

      Pero di ko alam kung anong kakahitnatnan ng ginawa or gagawin mong request mo sa PARAGON EXCELTEL CORPORATION. It’s not advisable to pay them any amount just so they will cancel your coverage/insurance.
      It’s advisable to do it sooner, or NOW Na! and not wait for a year thinking it will just go by and be forgotten/terminated by itself. Don’t make the same mistake/ shortcoming that I did, cause they will suck you dry if you will not show them or make them see you will not be fooled again. You may be able to have it cancelled, since its just 3 months ago you were/your mother unwittingly victimized by their boiler room tactic in selling their product “CAREPLUS”.

      Kung magrereklamo ka naman sa DTI, pwede ka magreklamo online thru their website may form doon na susulatan mo (CONSUMER COMPLAINT) at send mo sa kanila. SInubukan ko na yon last December 2010, kaso hindi ata umabot sa kanila, kasi hindi wala akong nareceived na confirmation na natanggap nila complaint ko thru email.

      Pwede rin sumulat ka sa pamamagitan ng koreo (postal/courier), pero may araw na kakainin bago mareceive ng DTI ang sulat mo.

      O kaya magpunta kayo ng personal ng mama mo sa opisina ng DTI, (google mo na lang complete office address nila, andun pala sa website nila, nasa HV dela Costa St., Salcedo Village Makati City ang NCR office nila). Doon ay bibigyan ka ng form, isusulat o ikukuwento mo ano nangyari at ano gusto mo mangyaring aksyon, dalhin mo mga dokumento tungkol sa transaction/package mula sa PARAGON EXCELTEL CORPORATION/ CAREPLUS/MEDASIA/MALAYAN INSURANCE CERTIFICATE OF COVER, billing statement kung saan nag-appear ang transaction/payment details, etc. After niyo mai-kuwento ang details ng complaint sa form, ipapa xerox niyo ito (2 copies), pati bawat dokumento na isusumite mo kasama ng COMPLAINT form at ipapareceived mo iyon, at iyung isang kopya ay mapupunta sa inyo bilang katibayan na nag-file kayo ng complaint.

  44. Paragon called my house this morning and a rude telemarketer from their company said a “care plus” health insurance contract was on its way. I replied, What contract? I had not signed anything. So I politely declined and tried to hang up because i requested how they got my contact info and then i wanted to know their phone number and address. I tried to turn down the caller, saying, “No, I’m sorry, thank you.”

    The telemarketer called back. Three times. My housekeeper was instructed to tell him I was not there, but he said, “Alam ko nandiyan siya, ipasa-nyo siya sa akin.”

    He was rude to our housekeeper, to my mother. By the third call I was hanging up – because he was saying things like, “bakit nyo ako ibinabaan ng telepono? dapat hindi kayo nagbaba ng telepono sa akin. dapat hindi kayo nagbaba ng telepono sa akin.” So I hung up again.

    When he called a fourth time, it was just to say, “i-cha-charge sa credit card nyo.” And then this man HUNG UP. He just hung up!

    So I lost two hours this morning trying to fix this situation. I called my credit cards and asked for preventive monitoring from “Paragon” and “Careplus.” They have it on record that my complaint will be monitoring by their FRAUD and RISK MONITORING divisions, ha. That’s how serious this. It’s one thing to offer me something that I don’t want and harass me.

    It’s ANOTHER THING to say they will CHARGE my credit card, when I said was NOT INTERESTED and I have NOT AUTHORIZED IT.

    Then it occurred to me to Google them. That’s how I found this website and a long list of similar stories like mine. Paragon Exceltel Corporation and Careplus is a scam.


    My god. I wanted to call their HR department and complain. Useless pala e. Ganoon ata sila lahat.

    My question to all is: WHY is this company still allowed to operate? This company must be shut down!

  45. They are still at it. I called up BDO and asked how they got information about me and my credit cards. I was told it was probably through one of my transactions from which the information was acquired! So I asked to have my card cancelled.



  48. Ako din someone called me with same offer..about careplus.. i refuse tlga kasi sbi ko i have healthcard with my employer na so bkit ko iaavail tpos sbi nun girl mandatory daw or else i will be charge Php 15,000..i didnt gave my card # but i was able to confirm some information..takot lang ako kasi i gave my tin..san ba nila un pwede gamitin if ever?i have cancelled my credit cards na tonight..and how can we stop this para wala na sila mabiktima? pls help..thanks!

    1. tingin ko kapag tin nabigay mo info sa kanila , hindi naman malala o grabe lagay mo. mas priority nila ang cc #

      siguro one of the ways na pwede nating tulungan ang iba na hindi na sila mabiktima ay:

      – I-PAMALITA,ng mga nabiktima, at mga muntik na mabiktima ng modus opearandi ng PARAGON EXCELTEL CORPORATION o PARAGON CORPORATION sa pagbebenta ng health insurance or ng CAREPLUS sa kanilang mga kamag-anak, kaibigan, ka-opisina, kapit-bahay, friend o contact sa facebook, FV,FT at iba pang games sa FB.

      – Iyung mga marunong dyan na gumawa ng dedicated webpage na libre, ay sana gumawa (techie) tungkol sa expreiences ng bawat isa sa atin, ay i-post doon para malaman ng iba.

      – I-PAMALITA at I-KUWENTO sa inyong blog o facebook page ang tungkol sa hindi mabuting pamamaraan ng mga ahente ng


      para lang makabenta ng kanilang produkto, o di kaya ang mga aktwal na naranasan ng mga biktima muntik mabiktima. Hindi madaling tanggapin o marap na pakiramdam na alam mong naloko o niloloko ka na, wala kang magaya.

  49. So, lets see…. From March 2008 to July 20, 2011 and it’s still going on! Hanep din yan Paragon na yan … parang Caritas! An Angel Go called me this morning saying the very same things:
    *3 cards are on their way to be delivered to me – for dental care, home assistance and auto services
    *certificate of coverage for health allowances of P1000/day for every day of hospital confinement
    *the cost of the CarePlus certificate is P17,800 but because I’m being “sponsored” it will only cost me P6,950.
    *She (Angel Go) is just a call center senior whatever for Paragon Corporation but the company that is giving these “rewards” is CarePlus
    *Office address is Unit 23, IJ2 23rd Floor Burgundy Corp. Tower 252 Gil Puyat Ave., Makati Tels. 8565149, 8565114
    I let her prattle on and on and when she asked if I had any questions about my package, I asked her why am I being given this special gift?
    -It’s a reward because I am a member of good credit standing with mastercard or visa.
    So Mastercard and Visa are sponsoring this package?
    -No, CarePlus
    What is the relationship between Mastercard and Visa and CarePlus?
    -Convoluted answer which in short meant that there was no relationship
    So why is CarePlus rewarding me for being a good Mastercard and Visa member?
    I could feel she didn’t expect this question and was speechless so I immediately followed with, If I called up Visa would they tell me about this reward as well?
    -Convoluted answer which in short meant no
    I hung up, googled CarePlus. No listing. Tried Paragon and found this blog. Thank you, everybody!

    1. maria,

      parang na-recall ko may tumawag rin sa akin last Dec 2010, na Angel Go, taga Caritas daw siya, at nag aalok din ng kagaya ng Careplus/ health insurance/ health and wellness program (product)

      Hindi ko na pinansin, kasi pick up pala at ng panahon na yon ay alam ko may Careplus na ako

  50. ^ yes mama j , still going. on..

    Mga hayop sila , pasensya na sa pananalita ko, but that’s how i felt for the last 2 years na ginago ako ng mga ahente ng/ paragon exceltel corp..

    Kapal ng mukha nila, hihirit pa ng ika-3rd year ko raw samantalang ng kausapin ako ng RYAN NAVARRO na senior consultant daw sa paragon, last obligation ko na last year nov. 2010 to 2011. Kahit na ayaw ko na i-renew o kunin ulit, wala daw ako choice kasi magbabayad pa rin ako ng pretermination fee na halos kapareho ng P6,950 ibi bill nila sa akin(online na nila kinaltas ang P6,950).

    Niyaya pa ako na i-friend ko raw sya sa facebook, ayaw ko nga nangingitngit nga ako sa pamimilit at pananakot niya, may gana pa ba ako kaibiganin ko sya?.Kaya hindi ko makakalimutan ang name ng RYAN NAVARRO na yan dahil pina spell ko sa kanya ng nagkausap kami last year.

    At nitong August 23 2011, tumawag sa akin ang isang Christian Reyes na taga Paragon, sa pinagtratrabahuan ko (office), reminding me about my 3rd year subscription. Sabi ko ayaw ko na, pero hindi raw pwedeng hindi kumuha ngayong 2011-2012 dahil hindi raw ako dumaan sa tamang proseso gaya ng pagpapadala sa kanila ng request for termination, at automatic renewal ang produkto nila. Pwede lang daw i-paterminate yung 4th year a 2012-2013. Gusto nya mangyari ay sa pag-uusap namin sa phone ay pumayag ako (recorded conversation kuno) dahil sa kinabukasan ay papapuntahin nila ang messenger nila dala na ang aking package. Hindi ako nag-commit na kukunin ko yon sa pag-uusap namin kaya umabot sa punto na ipapakausap daw niya ako sa Legal Dept. nila para sila ang mag-explain sa akin bakit hindi ako pwedeng tumanggi sa aking 3rd year. Sagot ko I will review the pamphlet/booklet na kasama dun sa package bago ako papayag o kunin ang 3rd yr package. Ng time na para kunin/ verify ang personal at credit card details ko, nalaman nya na wala na akong active credit card, kaya advise ba naman ay ipa-activate ko raw yon (HSBC) dahil kung walang CC, magbabayad aw ako in cash/cheque sa kanila (explode). Sabi ko, kaya ko nga pina block ang existing card ko dahil sa ayaw ko na ma bill nila (dapat kasi pina block ko na number ko sa unang taon pa lang na napilit akong pakuhain, akala ko 1 time lang iyong offer na iyon, pero nagkamali ako ng akala).

    Ang ginawa ko, the following day, I resolved to do something to stop this company from deceiving/harassing me again , that’s why I filed a complaint at Insurance Commission and later at DTI Consumer Complaint Div. It cost me my whole day’s work and salary, pero mas ok na ang ginawa ako dahil napag-tanto ko na niloko lang pala ako ng 2 taon, at lolokohin na naman ako kapag nagpa-sindak pa uli ako. Sabi ng IC at DTI, within a week’s time ay baka may marinig na ako mula sa kanila. Habang nasa DTI ako, tumatawag pa taga Paragon, verifying for my confirmation bago siguro nila papapuntahin messenger nila, pero hindi ko sinagot (tamad ako sumagot ng mga tawag sa cellphone eh)

    So August 25, balik trabaho uli ako, tumawag na naman itong CHRISTIAN REYES: Nabanggit nya na absent ako ng kahapon kasi tumawag sya sa opisina, sagot ko oo (sabi ng taga Insurance commission, huwag ko munang banggitin ang reklamo ko laban sa kanila, at wag ko na lamang pansinin ang mga tumatawag sa akin). Hindi naman pala dumating ang messenger nila ng araw na absent ako.

    At muli, namimilit na naman na tanggapin ko ang 3rd year, this time ay nagmatigas na ako na hindi ko na talaga kukunin ang produkto nila. Sabi nya, hindi raw ako pwede umayaw dahil sa nakatali ako sa terms and conditions na pinirmahan ko ng nareceived ko ang package,pero sabi ko, ako walang kopya ng ganong terms and condition form. Sagot ba naman ay naka– 2nd year na nga ako sa kanila, bakit ako raw walang kopya ng ganong terms and conditions? At papatawagin na daw niya ang legal dept nila para sila ang mag explain sa akin. Sabi ko sige patawagin nya. Meron tumawag sa akin, pero sa cellphone ko, hindi ko sinagot.

    Mula ng araw na iyon, hanggang ngayon ay wala nang tumawag sa akin from Paragon Exceltel Corp.

    Pasensya na Patrick sa mahaba kong kwento.

    Sa mga kapwa ko na nakatanggap ng package, kayo ba merong kopya ng terms and conditions na sinasabi ng ungas na CHRISTIAN REYES?

    Tip:May script na binabanggit ang mga ahente kapag ikaw (naka-kuha na ng 1st year package/coverage) ay tipong umaayaw na at nagrereklamo sa pagkuha or pagtuloy ng coverage. Sasabihin nla: “IKAW LANG ANG CLIENT NAMIN NA UMAAYAW SA MAGANDA NAMING PRODUKTO”

    Huwag kayong mahuhulog o matatameme dito, kasi ang tinatarget nila sa script na ito ay ang inyong pride. Ituloy lang ang pagtanggi/pag-cancel nyo dahil sa ayaw niyo na kumuha uli.

    1. so sad.. why do they do this.
      they told me its one time payment
      good you mentioned abt the renewal
      this is really bad!!

      1. mamaj,

        They do this sort of thing because of:

        1) they want EASY MONEY at the expense of hardworking and innocent people
        2) greed
        3) laziness
        4) they have no conscience about lying, using and scamming people

        If you just recently and unwillingly availed of this CAREPLUS as in just days ago, it’s better to do something to CANCEL it now. I repeat, CANCEL IT NOW AND DON’T PAY ANY FEE SO THEY WILL CANCEL IT FOR YOU.
        I hope you can do it and can get your money back.

        Write letters of
        1) request/demand to cancel it, to PARAGON EXCELTEL CORP. and tell them of your very valid reasons why you want it cancelled.

        2) complaint to INSURANCE COMMISSION or DTI, So maybe they will and can intervene in your behalf so your CAREPLUS coverage will be terminated from the start and you money returned to you.

        Change your credit card number now.

        Sana gawin mo ito ng maaga (pati na sa iba na may nakuha ng CAREPLUS), para ma correct mo ang sitwasyon at huwag kang magaya sa akin na 2 taon naloko ng mga ahente ng PARAGON EXCELTEL CORP.
        dahil sa kanilang bolier room tactic, kasinungalingan sa mga unsuspecting and kind “clients” or right term “VICTIMS” nila.

        Also, tell your friends and co-workers, neighbors about your experience with PARAGON EXCELTEL CORP, so they will be wary of this kind of modus operandi. They target credit card holders or maybe even debit card holders.

        I felt bad on the 1st time I was charged with the P6,950, kasi una hindi ko ito magagamit (wala kaya ako kotse, juz ko ke liit-liit ng bahay namin, saka assistance lang iyon bibigay nila kapag nangailangan ka ng tubero, karpentero, latero, etc. at babayaran mo pa rin ang serbisyo ng mga ni-refer nila) at ayaw ko tanggapin dahil may mga dahilan ako,

        Pero dahil sa mga kasinungalingan nila, pakiramdam ko wala akong magagawa para ma-stop sila na ma-charge ako. I’m the major bread winner of the family and P6,950 will go a long way in the household budget. Buti sana kung P6,950 lang, eh syempre, monthly interest was charged on the amount so ultimately hindi lang P6,950 ang binayaran ko.

        AND being charged on the 2nd year for P6,950 again because I felt there is nothing I can do to stop it, you can guess HOW I FELT ABOUT IT. You must know how it feels paying for something that you know it will not benefit you much or was forced to you without much time deciding to if you really want to get or avail it.

        This CAREPLUS/ PARAGON EXCELTEL CORP has given me stress ever since na-encounter ko sila.

  51. Tip: kung gusto nyo mag-reklamo sa paraan ng mga ahente na napakuha kayo ng insurance/health and wellness program kahit hindi nyo gusto, sabi ng Insurance Comm. ay sumulat sa pinaka-boss nila. Sa case ko, sumulat ako sa VP ng Paragon Exceltel Corp. (Andy Bonne Villacorta) at sa President ng Malayan Insurance ( Ms. Yvonne Yuchengco) bukod pa sa complaint ko sa IC at DTI

  52. Gusto ko i share itong nabasa ko sa bisnis section at sa reserach ko naman re BOILER room scam

    Sa tingin ko, Ito ang modus operandi gamit ng Paragon exceltel corp.

    Boiler room schemes: What is it and How to spot one

    Business frauds and scams, just like the real world, evolve to incorporate traits of the “better” ones. A new “successful” scam could be a hybrid of two or more identified scams. Knowing the basics of each type is, therefore, important to identify business scams and schemes. We already discussed Ponzi and pyramid scams, both of which may utilize the “boiler room” scheme.

    A boiler room ordinarily refers to a room, like in a building or a ship, that houses one or more steam boilers. There’s naturally a lot of heat and pressure in a boiler room, something which is also present in boiler room-type scams and schemes.

    An ordinary illustration, something which is not necessarily illegal, is the modus used by some salespeople, usually strategically stationed in lobbies of malls. Actual complaints reaching the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) reveal that the complainants also cite the overbearing presence salespeople, often swarming around the potential “client”. This high-pressure tactic affects the consumers’ decision-making. These salespeople may offer promotional coupons for a chance to win products for “free”, with the customers subsequenty discovering that they actually paid for these “freebies.” There are also “raffles”, allegedly with no obligation to buy anything. Almost always, the victim wins the grand prize, and the salespeople would maximize the frenzy that follows by asking the “winner” to buy any product to be able to claim the grand prize. (Source: SunStar Cebu)

    More sophisticated boiler room scams involve billions of dollars. “The North American Securities Administrators Association estimates that unwary investors lose billions a year to investment fraud promoted over the telephone. Self-employment scams and high-tech schemes are among investments most recently heavily promoted by phone. This tip sheet is designed to provide investors with self-defense tactics to fight off the promotion of investment scams by “boiler rooms,” the high-pressure phone sales operations from which sales people call to promote abusive and fraudulent deals.”

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission, on the other hand, has taken action against numerous firms and brokers who use high-pressure tactics to sell securities. A recent case describes a “boiler room” in this way:
    The firm was operating a classic boiler room. The brokers sat “cheek by jowl” in a room the size of a basketball court. All of their desks were lined up side by side in rows. The firm held mandatory sales meetings every morning at 8:30 a.m. at which time sales techniques were demonstrated and scripts for the firm’s “house stock” . . . were distributed. Brokers were expected to follow the scripts and only give customers the information they contained. Brokers were discouraged from doing any outside research, and were told to rely on the firm’s research and representations. . . .

    After the morning sales meeting, brokers were expected to spend the entire day (except for a lunch break) on the telephone. The firm expected a high volume of sales, and if brokers did not stay on the phone, they were fired. . . .

    One broker conceded that he falsely identified another salesman . . . as the firm’s research analyst, and gave a fictitious description of the purported analyst as “fat, bald, and badly dressed.” He stated that the reason for the firm’s policy of discouraging customer sales was its desire to avoid negative price pressure on house stocks, a circumstance that he did not disclose to customers.
    — From an opinion in a recent SEC enforcement case
    There are certain features that should alert a potential “investor”, or shall we say “victim”, of a boiler room scam. How to spot a boiler room scam:

    High-pressure sales tactics.

    Outrageous promises of extraordinarily high profit at little or no risk.

    A demand for an immediate decision.

    A reluctance to provide information about the sales firm or the investment.

    Mumbo-jumbo about “inside information” or “secret” technology.

    Delayed delivery of the product and/or profits.

    Unusual arrangements for collecting funds from investors. No matter what unusual collection method is used, the purpose is the same: Don`t give customers enough time to back out of sending money.

  53. What to Do if You Are Contacted by a Phone Scammer:

    When hounded by high-pressure tactics, hang up.

    Be wary of advertisements in newspapers and other publications which give little or no information other than a toll-free telephone number.

    Do not make an immediate decision. Get written information first about the firm, the sales person, and the investment
    Do not part with your money until you seek out a professional (lawyer, accountant or broker) for advice.

    Avoid investments you do not understand. The greater your degree of ignorance, the greater is the chance that you will be swindled.

    Do not give out your credit card number over the phone to strangers.

  54. When you go out shopping or buying your grocery items you’d notice agents standing around looking for prospects… for credit card applications. They’ll ask if you’re a card holder or wish to acquire another card. Actually they’ll force it down your throat. They’ll let you fill up an information sheet without any idea for which bank you’re filling it up.
    Friends, this is most likely the way they get access to your credit card accounts. Since I fell for this gimmick I’ve been receiving calls from my cp and landline of such kind.
    Better be careful next time and don’t just give away your card details if you’re not inside the bank itself applying for a card.

  55. Unfortunately ngayon ko lang nabasa itong blog na ito. Just yesterday morning meron tumawag from Paragon Exceltel. His name is Andrew See. And his manager’s name is Jason. I was deducted 6950. Hindi nila sinabi na idededuct kagad ung whole amount I was told that staggered naman daw ang payment.

    I was surprised na full payment pala siya. Isa pa nagalit ang fiancee ko dahil nagdecide ako ng wala siyang sabi. I can pay the 6950 and akala ko magandang offer siya talaga. Pero ng mabasa ko ung website nila wala palang kwenta ung inooffer nila.

    Sinabi rin nila na one time fee lang daw un. pero as I’ve checked the internet eh annually paid pala un. Later today pupunta kami sa office nila kung hindi namin sila makukuha sa pakiusapan na icancel ung insurance.

    I asked BANKARD as well kung me magagawa sila. Pero sabi ng agent wala raw. Dapat raw icancel sa side ng merchant.

    Ang merchant eh MedAsia Philippines. We already called them pero wala rin. Hindi raw sila nagprprocess ng cancellation pero sila ang merchant pano nangyari un?

    Nagsend narin ako ng message sa BANKARD through email na istop na nila ang transacton since unposted pa lang. Dapat floating lan siya since wala naman akong pinirmahan n kahit na anon invoice slip or kung anuman.

    Bukas mgkakaalaman kung anong susunod namin na gagawin. Basta pupuntahan namin sila sa company nila to stop the transaction.

    If I have to use my family’s connection to tear them apart gagawin ko. Kung hindi sila matakot sa DTI ibang government department ang pupunta sa office nila.

    I know Christmas is just around the corner and kelangan rin ng pera ng mga tao na nagwo2rk but I do too. Wrong information and misleading ang binigay nila sakin.

    Isa pa di ko rin magagamit ang insurance dahil una confinement assistance lang un, pangalawa towing lang pala ung auto assistance nila and hindi naman pala labor para sa gagawa ng sasakyan. Pangatlo ung dental service nila walang kwenta and fourth ung home assistance nila anong gagawin ko dun eh assistance lang pala talaga hindi rin kasama ang labor.

    Para makita ng mga nagreresearch itong blog na to lagyan natin ng words na usually ginagamit:


    Paragon Exeltel Corporation
    Address: Suite 23-O 23rd Floor Burgundy Corporate Tower
    252 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, 1200 Makati City, Philippines
    Telephone Numbers: (+632) 856 5149
    (+632) 856 5114
    (+632) 856 5103
    (+632) 889 2916
    Fax Number: (+632) 856 5114
    Mobile Hotline : (+63917) 501 0275


    1. Elisha,

      Hi. I second the motion on your plan of using your family’s connection para ma stop na ang ganyang m.o. nila sa panloloko ng mga tao o kaya ay mas maraming tao pa maka-alam ng modus nila, para ma-paghandaan at maiwaasan ng mga ibang tao mabiktima sila.

      MInsan naiisip ko mag pa interbyu ng pa-interbyu sa media para lang kumalat ang gawain ito ng mga ahente ng Paragon Exceltel Corp. Kaso shy ako sa ganyan at hindi ako magaling magsalita, kaya sana yung iba dyan na sanay na humarap sa camera/ tv ay siya ng manguna.

  56. Pahabol pa pala. Ang sabi ng BANKARD kahit raw parang Telephone Order ang nangyari eh i aapproved parin daw nila ang transaction kahit na nga nagcomplain ako.

    Hindi kelangan ng signature para magproceed ang transaction. Alam naman sigurado ng mga banks ang modus na ito pero hindi sila gumagawa ng kahit na anong hakbang.

    Ngayon ko lang narealize na banks doesn’t really care with their card holders. Magiiba lang ang pananaw ko sa kanila kung marereverse nila ang credit card transaction ng di kelangan icancel ng Paragon Exceltel or Med Asia Philippines.

    They don’t really care. They only care for the money. Period. As a Christian I don’t want to wish or speak or even think of bad things that will happen to others. Pero sabi nga nila merong Karma. And merong Hell.

    People who don’t deserve to be in Heaven because of what they do in their Earthly lives will go to Hell for sure. Sabi nga ng matatanda, ang pera na galing sa masama, masama rin ang kahihinatnan ng me hawak.

    1. Yes, your right. I also realized na malamang mga tao rin sa HSBC ang nagbigay ng impormasyon tungkol sa akin sa mga ahente ng Paragon Exceltel Corp

      Alam mo, ang tingin ko dito yung pagtawag ng mga ahente ng Paragon
      sa atin, ay confirmation na mismo. So kung sa umpisa ay in entertain natin sila, at hindi pa tayo umaayaw, the mere fact na kinausap natin sila sa phone, at nagbigay ng ilang personal information, sign na iyon ng ating pag-tanggap/confirmation ng pag-accept ng product nila. Kasi, malinaw pa sa memorya ko na after ilang minuto ng pag-uusap namin, sa bandang huli ay tumatanggi na ako, and yet napapalusot nila na valid na ang transaction, kahit phone conversation lang.

      Simula nga ng nagkaproblema ako sa Paragon Exceltel Corp/CAREPLUS,
      Yung mga banks na nagpadala sa akin ng credit cards bukod sa HSBC
      hindi ko na pina activate, pati yung renewal card ko. Nadala na ako sa pangyayaring ito, kahit na magreklamo ako sa HSBC CS nila, wala na raw sila magagawa.

      Kapag may iba pang agent ng bank tumatawag at nag aalok ng bagong CC, sinusungitan ko na at sa una pa lang sabi ko agad hindi ako interesado.

      1. Hi Efbe. At least natapos narin ang connection mo with them. Ako patapos pa lang. And I’m thanking God for giving me a clear head when I was talking to them. I know in my heart that this will pass and basta nasa tama ako hindi ako papabayaan ni God. Its not just the money. Its how they construct little lies to force the person to stick with something that he doesn’t want to do or to have.

        Katulad na lang ng Care Plus Proram na yan. Marami na silang nabiktima for sure. Maraming tao na ang napaiyak nila at miserable ang buhay dahil ayaw nilang icancel ang policy samantalang pwede naman pala. Kung meron pang ibang tao na nakakabasa nito at nabiktima wag kayong matakot lumapit sa DTI or sa IC para matulungan kayo.

        Huwag niyong idahilan na hopeless na ang case niyo dahil walang ganon. Kelangan maging determinado ang isa tao sa gusto niyang maabot.

  57. I would like to update you guys re my crusade (:-D) in cancelling my 3rd year subscription sa CAREPLUS. Sorry if its rather long story, pero para mag ka idea kayo on your cases, I’m recounting what happened.

    Gaya ng nabanggit ko sa mga nauna kong post:

    – I wrote a complaint letter sa head ng Malayan Insurance as advised ng Insurance Commission sa akin.

    => Nakatanggap ako ng sulat mula sa isang law firm sinabi nilana kinuha daw sila ni Ms. Yvonne Yuchengco para mag-imbestiga sa reklamo ko, It was a registered mail dated Sept. 16, kaso dumating sa akin mga 2nd to 3rd week na ata ng October, Sabi sa sulat, makakarinig daw ako mula sa kanila makalipas ang ilang araw. Kung noong Sept. 16 pa iyon at nag-imbestiga nga sila, wala naman ako narinig mula sa law firm na iyon
    hanggang sa matanggap ko ang sulat.

    – I wrote a complaint letter sa vice pres ng Paragon Exceltel Corp. as advised ng Insurance Commission sa akin.

    => After about 2 to 3 weeks I received a call from Jason (Rogura), siya raw inataasan ni Mr. Andy Bonne Villacorta mag-handle tungkol sa reklamo ko (kalimutan ko ano pala work nya doon, kasi stressed ako that time). And YES! they have cancelled my 3rd year subcription while I will still enjoy the coverage of CAREPLUS until December 18 2011. They asked me to write a letter acknowledging the postitive actions they have taken in response to my complaint, but I wasn’t able to do it at the soonest time, kasi pending pa ang mediation ko with Malayan Insurance sa DTI. So I told the guy Jason I will wait the results of the 1st mediation muna bago ko gawin yong letter.

    Sa palagay ko, ayaw nila umabot na magkaroon pa ng mediation kasi they were persistent to extract the letter from me to the point na nagpapunta sila ng messenger nila sa opisina saan ako nagtratrabaho para kunin ang sulat. Pero hindi ko talaga ginawa yong gusto nila dahil napuno na ako sa ginawa nila sa akin. Parang takot o ayaw nila madamay ang Malayan Insurance sa reklamo ko sa kanila, dahil underwriter lang daw nila ang Malayan Insurance. Gusto pa nga mangayri ni Jason, tawagan ko ang DTI at ipa-change sa Paragon Exceltel Corp ang respondent para sila ang haharap sa mediation.

    Ngunit dahil sa mga bagyong nagdaan, na-cancel ang work on Sept. 27/28 due to Pedring kaya hindi natuloy ang 1st mediation date scheduled that day at 2pm. Then on the final mediation date, wala na rin ako ganang pumunta sa DTI due to the bad weather at saka isa sa mga casualty areas ang province ko ng dumaang 3 bagyo, kailangan unahin muna ang mas importanteng bagay.

    Then, accepting the fate that I cannot/impossible to get the refund of my 2nd yr. forced subscription anymore, I wrote letters to Malayan Insurance informing them of the positive result of my complaint/request to Paragon Exceltel Corp., and lastly to Paragon Exceltel Corp just for acknowledgment. This happened last week.

    Ano ibig sabihin ng nangyari sa aking kaso?
    => Kung seryoso (ka) sa iyong pagrereklamo at saka sa tamang mga awtoridad o sangay ng opisina (mo) ihahain ang reklamo, ito ay makaka-abot sa mga tamang personalidad at magkakaroon ng resulta.

    So guys, yung mga recent “victims” ng modus operandi ng mga ahente ng Paragon Exceltel Corp., gumawa na kayo ng mga hakbang ngayon pa lang. Wag kayo matulad sa akin na 2 years nagbayad/nakaltasan ng P6,950, kahit labag sa kalooban ko ang pagkuha ng kanilang product/ program.

  58. They have contacted me today numerous times. Pero isang beses ko lang silang inentertain. The rest yung fiancee ko na since kelangan kong umalis. Nakausap ko ulit si Andrew See at sinabi nia na hindi nila iproprocess ang cancelation.

    Privilege raw yun at hindi nila binenta sakin ang mga privilege cards. Kesyo ininform lang daw nila ako na makukuha ko yun. Pre activated na raw un ng Malayan Insurance, MedAsia Philippines and Europ Assistance Philippines Inc.

    Hindi na raw macacancel because its already in transit na raw yung documents. Tumawag siya sakin dahil darating daw sa bahay ang mga documents. Kailangan ko raw yun pirmahan. Naka record raw ang conversation namin and ito ang ipapadala nila sa bank.

    Hindi raw ako pwedeng umayaw dahil hindi naman ito insurance policy. Privilege raw! I told him I don’t need it. I don’t want it anymore and I want to cancel.

    At ng sinabi ko sa kanya lahat ng negative comments regarding their company ang hirit ba naman niya eh wala pong naniniwala sa blogs baka kayo lang. Wala kamng pakialam sa blogs.

    The nerve!!! Hindi ba niya alam na ang internet ang pinakapowerful tool para maging malago o bumagsak ang isang company! They don’t even know how to retain clients!

    They called us later in the afternoon na na process or pinaprocess na yung reversal ng charge sa card ko which I already blocked. I will update here on what will happen. Plus gagawa ako ng sarili kong blog regarding this. And I’ll post it in all social media network that I know.

    I hate to see other people being taken for granted just for money. Paragon Exceltel agents can live with their dirty lives for all I care but the innocent people that don’t know what they’ve ventured in needs assistance and help from us who encountered it first.

    1. Elisha,

      I’m glad you are able to cancel it as fast as possible. At saka nanaig ang tama sa kaso mo. Good job!

      Hindi raw ako pwedeng umayaw dahil hindi naman ito insurance policy. Privilege raw! I told him I don’t need it. I don’t want it anymore and I want to cancel. ”

      Ganito ang script nila sa akin ng maraming beses.
      Hindi raw pwede umayaw! – ISANG MALAKING KALOKOHAN!

      At ng sinabi ko sa kanya lahat ng negative comments regarding their company ang hirit ba naman niya eh wala pong naniniwala sa blogs baka kayo lang. Wala kamng pakialam sa blogs. ”

      – Script lang nila yon, kung kakagat o maniniwala ka, panalo sila. Lahat kasi ng pambibilog ng ulo gagamit nila sa a tao, matuloy lang yung pagkuha nila ng pera sa iyo.

      The nerve!!! Hindi ba niya alam na ang internet ang pinakapowerful tool para maging malago o bumagsak ang isang company! They don’t even know how to retain clients! ”

      I think they know. Kaso siguro ang tinatarget nila prospect victims ay yung hindi hindi pa bihasa sa kalakaran ng credit card safety, or yung mga taong one year pa lang nagka credit card at hindi pa maalam sa mga scam scam na nangyayari sa pag gamit ng CC (gaya ko, noon).
      AT saka yung mga tao, sa tingin nila ay wala masyado access sa internet.

      Pero sa mga kaso gaya ng sa iyo, na alam paano sila laalabanan. Pwede nila i reverse yung charges.

  59. I feel so relieved and my gut feelings were confirmed.It’s just a pity that I only came across this blog today,since I am really not into computers because of my busy schedule.This company first called me around 2009.True enough,they usually call when you’re in a hurry so you wouldn’t have enough time to think about what they were saying.Sadly,I was charged 6,950 for 3 consecutive years.The agent who called me this year was BENEDICT CRUZ.He is really accommodating at first and when I TRIED to tell him I would like to discontinue my subscription or policy whatever, he said I would have to write a letter of intent to terminate 1 year prior.Since I am currently on leave,I TRIED CALLING the number he gave me,but the person who answered who sounded like Benedict Cruz said he is on leave so I CALLED AGAIN today but he sounded not entertaining and just told me he would just return my call.I now realized that this has been the case with the other persons who called me previously.After the transaction,they could not be reached anymore and the person who would answer would give so many alibis when they obviously sound like the person I was trying to call.May be it was a blessing that I GOT TO LOOK AT THE INTERNET.I was first looking for CAREPLUS because apparently that is where the membership is,PARAGON is the marketing arm and payment processor is MEDASIA PHILS.Though i received the package and the cards,I never got to use them(Thank God I never got hospitalized or got into car trouble).THOUGH hard earned money was taken,I AM STILL THANKFUL NO OTHER HARM WAS DONE on me and my family.I already cancelled my credit card so they could not use it.And hopefully,this ‘scam’ would be taken cared of by the credit card companies.ANOTHER CALLER tried to persuade me about having a travel card of some sort,which apparently would give 40% discount to several hotels and resorts.The caller was MARIEL ZACARIAS but seem to sound like the previous caller from PARAGON.This time,the company is FINASIA.I politely declined and never got a call again.I then called my credit card bank and the customer service representative said they do not know such company and they could not answer though how these callers get to have access with my contact numbers.A HARD LESSON LEARNED INDEED!

    1. @wewet

      Yes, Akala ko ako lang may diperensya sa pang-dinig, kasi napansin ko na halos magkaka-boses yung mga agents doon kahit na magkakaiba sila ng pangalan na sinasabi sa akin noong tumatawag ako o ako ay tinatawagan pa nila tungkol sa CAREPLUS subscription ko.

      At yes, may isang beses na may isang agent na nag alok sa akin ng travel card , gaya ng kwento. Pero hindi ko sya tinanggap, kasi na nagka bad experience na ako sa CAREPLUS, na hindi ko naman magamit/masulit ng husto, pero binabayaran ko ng perang pinaghirapan (imbes na maitabi na sana pang emergency/savings). Buti hindi na nangulit sa akin.

  60. |Hi yes na deduct na kmi and na confine mom ko sa hospital last sept till now wala pa rin dun claim 500 per day. its been almost 3 months and till now lagi sinasabi in process pero wala samanatalan nun nag sales talk sila sabi is 2weeks to 1 monhs… obviously its a scan ayaw maglabas ng pera ng company… help…on ehat to do? pa imbistigador ko kaya? or insurance commision?

    1. @Carl,

      dapat ang tawagan o puntahan mo ay yung malayan insurance, kasi alam ko sila ata ang magbibigay/process ng claim mo kasi sila yung insurance company at hindi naman ang paragon exceltel corp. O kung sabi sa iyo na sa paragon exceltel corp. ka mag follow up sa claims mo, pero kamo 3 months na hindi pa mabigay yung ginastos mo (yung hospital income benefit), aba magreklamo ka na sa malayan insurance bakit hindi nasunod kung anong nasa contract/premium ng kumuha ka nung insurance

      1. Grabe! nakarelate naman ako dyan sa mga sinasinabi nyo! Hindi ko alam kung bakit ngayon ko lang naisip to search for Paragon Corp. maybe because I feel so harrassed. Yes, same situation, they called sa office offerring the cards, since parang maganda naman ang benefits, I go for it. I paid for the 1st year knowing that un lang ang babayaran ko, then here comes the 2nd year, nagbayad pa rin ako because inupgrade daw nila ang card so pumayag naman ako, knowing na last ko ng bayad un. And then here comes the 3rd year, tumawag na naman sila ulit sa office to say na may babayaran daw ako ulit na 6 thousand plus becoz naka lock in daw ako for 3 years. I’ve said that i would like to terminate the account and hindi daw pwede coz my pretermination daw na 15 thousand plus. And nakalagay naman daw dun sa contract na nakalock in ako for 3 years. Since, wala akong nabasang contract kasi as i remember wala silang binigay. sabi ko can I have the copy of the contract? sabi nung nakausap ko her name is Angela, sa ibang department daw un. Matagal kaming nag-usap pero paulit-ulit lang naman ang usapan. So i’ve said na “madam, hindi ata tayo nagkakaintindihan. I don’t want to pay either the 6k and the pretermination fee. Give me the copy of the contract first, then let me read it and maybe we can settle. And then I hang up the phone….Sobrang kakastressssss…then now I will read that it is a SCAM….Gosh! Bakit may mga taong mapanlamang sa kapwa????

      2. tumawag sila sakin kanina, cant sleep dahil masama feeling ko sa offer nila. bukas daw dadalhin yung card at ng konti, confinement benefits pa din pero vouchers na ng zensai spa ang kasama. macha2rge ba kht walang cc number?

      3. I opened this site again after about 2 years and surprised na meron pa rin pala silang hina-harass.grabe,parang budol-budol gang ang modus and I’m surprised di pa rin sila name-media as scam.They were trying to call me again last year but since I recorded all their landline numbers I don’t answer.Sobrang kulit!buti na lang tumigil na.At sana makarma na silang lahat!

  61. I was recommended this web site by means of my cousin.
    I’m no longer positive whether or not this submit is written by way of him as nobody else recognise such unique about my trouble. You are amazing! Thanks!

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  63. I believe that is among the most important information for me. And i am satisfied reading your article. However wanna commentary on few common issues, The website taste is perfect, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  64. Just randomly found this blog.
    Last week ata, someone offered me a “to good to be true” deal on traveling services because I’m one of the chosen good payers of Citibank if I’m not mistaken. He offered me lifetime traveling services for just less than 5k, then icha-charge sa card ko sa tie-up nilang banks which I have din (BPI and EastWest). Then he reasoned out pa na mababawi ko na raw yun even with just traveling one-time. I’m not sure if this is a confirmed scam, pero he just assumed that I want to kaya we almost went on with the deal pero umalma ako. His approach and voice changed and ayun, thank you and goodbye na, hehe..
    I just don’t know where they get the names and numbers they’re calling.

  65. hi guys kahit papanu eh naiganti ko na kayo ive got a phone call April 1,2014 sa office they said that they were from eastwest bank at sabi nia meron daw clang idedeliver na TRAVEL CARD sa office nmen ngpakilala cla na tga Travel and tours cla at kapag nareceive ko ang card ko i can avail 40% off sa resorts and hotels naniwala ako kc they know some of my personal information including my address and then tinanong ko cla kung saan nila nkuha ang information ko sabi nila my recommendation dw ako and then naniwala ako i provide my 16 digits cc no. including the 3 digits at the back at dahil dw my recomendation ako icharge daw nila ako ng 3,900 sabi ko kala ko free sabi nila hindi daw ako pwede tumanggi kc automatic na dw un na scattered ang mode of payment so na agree na lng ako dahil mahilig nman ako sa travel.Sabi pa nun babae my pupunta daw na courier sa office nmen to swipe my card and dun ngkaroon na ako ng doubt at tumawag agad ako sa east west regarding this offer at ang sabi nga ng eastwest is wala clang any tie up na marketing kaya wag maniwala at pinacheck ko ang cc balance ko luckily hnd pa nla nchacharge at pinablock ko na ung cc ko. At the next day tumawag n nman sakin ung babae na ngpapakilala na agent ng eastwest tinatanong kung saan mismo location ko kc andun na dw ung delevery man nla n mgswiswipe ng card ko at itinuro ko hindi ko tinangap ang card tinawagan agad ako ng bastos na babae n ngpapangap na tga eastwest sinigaw sigawan ako at bakit hnd ko dw tinangap wla dw ako word of honor aun nconfirm ko na tlgang hindi cla profesional and thats the time at tumawag agad ako ng police to track his company at mahabol ang delivery man at Thanks God nahuli cia ngaun at hnd na ako pinaharap ng pulis for my own security salamat tlga at kahit paanu e naka ganti ako s panloloko gngwa nla..This serves as lesson sa mga bagong my cc card

  66. I got a call on my cell phone from landline number 632-7193840 a while ago. The guy was offering a promo tied up with my BPI credit card. He said I will get 1000 pesos allowance per day of hospitalization. But i have to pay a premium of 1,200 per month and this will be charged to my credit card. I told him I cannot decide today and after I hung up, I immediately searched the net for similar incidences because I have a feeling this is a scam. Thankfully, I found this site. It seems I am right that this is a scam.

  67. I had a similar incident, elite club discount card, it think it is a scam, meron ba sa inyo nakareceived or nakagamit ng card na yun? 😦

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