5 Steps

I happen to watch Star Cinema’s “My Big Love” out of the my curiosity in the movie. In one way or another, I can relate to the story – that is, someone liked you because you got something you never had for yourself before. In the movie, the character of Toni Gonzaga, where she plays as a gym fitness instructor, has 5 steps for her clients to attain their goal (in losing weight):

step 1: set your goal – do something not out of revenge to someone or any form of vendetta but do something for yourself.

step 2: start today – there’s no other day to start but today.

step 3: don’t do a shortcut – there’s no easy way to achieve our goals. one has to work hard for it.

step 4: get motivated – look for someone whom you can look up to or someone who can inspire you to attain your goal.

step 5: be happy – be happy with what you are doing. nothing else makes hard work easy if you love doing it for yourself.

The steps are relevant (with a bit exception of #4) in one way or another and it pays to see that movies nowadays tell something that the viewers can relevantly apply to their daily lives. The steps mentioned doesn’t necessarily mean to losing weight alone but for any other goals as well. You can actually complement this with the SMART goal-setting – that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. In general, the movie is not just fun and laughter, the lessons it delivered is worth living by – not only about losing weight and keeping healthy – but an important lesson about “Being Happy” – and living with the right reasons on being one.

I’ve done some of my goals following the steps mentioned. Make it yours too. 🙂


2 thoughts on “5 Steps

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