RPM 38 Tracklist


For the RPM addicts like me, I’m looking forward to RPM release 38. This program never fails to surprise me and the exercise works well. If you are working out in Fitness First, try this program. Better than cycling (or cosmic for oldies) as this program is safer than the former especially for your knees. If you are interested to know the groove, here it is.

Pack Ride: Hold On (KT Tunstall)
Pace: Bridge Over Troubled Water “Love To Infinity Radio Mix” (Hannah Jones)
Hills: True Believer “True Version” (E-Type)
Mixed Terrain: Read My Mind (The Killers)
Intervals: Runnin’ Wild (Airbourne)
Speed Work: Everything (Tiesto feat. Jes)
Mountain climb: Behind The Cow (Scooter)
Ride Home: Won’t Go Home Without You (Maroon 5)
Stretch: Glad You’re Here (Macy Gray feat. Fergie)

By the way, the image above is not the official RPM 38 poster.


39 thoughts on “RPM 38 Tracklist

  1. Hi! I`m very interesting in RPM! And this is my question – How long each track (minutes and seconds), and the total duration of the workout?

  2. An RPM addict here. I’ve been regularly attending this class since 2007. I thought RPM are just for pansies and Cosmic is more challenging. Proved myself wrong…lol…

  3. Lol! I don’t exactly understand what pansies are but I’m pretty sure that RPM is more intense yet better workout than cycling. I actually tried cycling twice: First was last 1 May 2007 when I worked out in FF ABS-CBN, and second during the RPM marathon eliminations. John D. had a small cycling prezo at FF North Edsa but that’s after RPM.

  4. Nah, I just got the list somewhere else. Here in the Philippines, RPM 38 has yet to be launched so perhaps possibly, RPM 39 track list will come out around 2 months after the launch.

  5. I’ve tried out 2 cycling classes at FF, found them pretty tough! Considering trying RPM, but what exactly is the difference?

  6. RPM is one of the Les Mills programs that gets changed every quarter, Cycling on the other hand, as far as I know is freestyle. Between the two, RPM is much more safer as it focuses more on resistance rather than the choreography that is in cycling. For me, RPM worked better to lose weight – of course by following the resistance employed by the instructor. 🙂

  7. Thanks for that =D I’m aiming for weight loss as well, but if RPM is more resistance based i’m a bit wary of building too much muscle in my legs, as compared to a lower (relative) resistance in cycling that is just at a higher intensity? I tend to put muscle on very easily on my legs, and already have quite defined quads, don’t really want them to get any bigger!

  8. Well, in my honest opinion, RPM won’t trigger muscle hypertrophy in your legs. The size of the legs might be dependent on your genetic make-up. 🙂

    However, if ever that would be the case, although I highly doubt it, I’d rather have “big” legs than getting myself possibly injured due to bad workout that could have avoided in the first place.

  9. Haha I hope its not genetic =( Its not the greatest for a girl to have big quads I must say. I do agree that its doesn’t matter how you look as long as you aren’t hurting yourself, but the alternate option for me is to skip Cycle/RPM and focus on other forms of cardio. Still, I’ve only just started Cycling, so i’ll give RPM a go for at least a month and see how that goes. Gotta give it a go =)

  10. Well, the problem with me is that I mixed RPM with heavy squats therefore it gave me the muscle hypertrophy. Nonetheless, RPM is still better over cycling. I’d chose it without having second thoughts at all. What’s important is that you enjoy what you are doing without risking your overall health. Cheers!

  11. Hi, Sarah =)

    I myself have big quads due to genetic predisposition. I have been attending the RPM class on a regular basis, follows the resistance (since it’s basically pointless if you don’t…hehehe) and do squats through the BodyPump class.

    Like you, I was a bit wary that I would build more muscles; but contrary to my expectations, my quads have gotten firmer instead. You should definitely give it a try. Eventually, you will learn to love it like the rest of the RPM entudiasts =)

  12. Hi, Sarah =)

    I myself have big quads due to genetic predisposition. I have been attending the RPM class on a regular basis, follows the resistance (since it’s basically pointless if you don’t…hehehe) and do squats through the BodyPump class.

    Like you, I was a bit wary that I would build more muscles; but contrary to my expectations, my quads have gotten firmer instead. You should definitely give it a try. Eventually, you will learn to love it like the rest of the RPM enthusiasts =)

  13. I already saw the “script” of RPM 38 and it’s quite difficult compared to 37. I will be attending the launch next week at FF to try it myself. 🙂

  14. Last Tuesday was my first time to try RPM 38. The current song lineup is BLAH compared to the previous releases or was it just me who noticed it?

  15. Yeah, but the more you follow this RPM the more you’re gonna like the music. I myself tried RPM 38 a week ago, and I literally hated the lineup. But I tried again and again, and finally this morning, after 2 hours RPM38, I had a feeling like “yeah.. this could become a nice lesson”… The music is just very different compared to other releases, but you have to give it a shot to like it =)

    Oh and Sara, I had the same issue like you did.. I’m “blessed” with big legs, but RPM didn’t make them bigger, just tighter (I also do BodyPump). My problem: In my family it ís genetic, so I’ll never have those attractive “skinny”-model legs.. But I don’t care anymore, I love my sort of muscled-legs instead of the “blurry” legs I had about a year ago..

    Give RPM a shot or two (maybe three), you’re gonna love it in the end! =)

  16. I’ve been doing this rpm-thing since September 06 and still love it!! Must say that release 38 is pretty tough, but hey… it’s all about challenges, isn’t it! Here in Belgium, where I take classes, we use to do two extra tracks after the normal release – high performance, we call it. An extra speedtrack and an extra mountain climb.. that way, the workout takes almost 60 minutes.

  17. Hello to everyone! I’m one of the RPM addicts here at FF Pampanga. I hope the RPM addicts there in Manila can try our RPM class here. The most fun, high-energy RPM class you will ever experience!!! Oh yeah, we’re the defending Grand Cycling Marathon Champion (male division) and we are ready to defend it again this year.

  18. I have to agree with Evelien on the tracks. Yesterday, I attended the class again. Lo and behold, I’m finding myself liking it…lol…I guess the more you listen to it, the more it becomes likeable. By the way, the tracks for the current BodyCombat and BodyJam release are REALLY GOOD, at least to me…lol…

  19. hey patrick! nice to see you here and reading your post on RPM. i’m an instructor by the way and you used to attend my class, but not anymore. i wonder why. hahahaha. it’s great that a lot of you like RPM. i love the program. release 39 will be launced probably by end of june or early july, we’re having our quarterlies on june 7.

    here is a sizzler from les mills website in case you haven’t seen it.



    The focus of RPM 39 is on challenging experienced participants while seducing new participants with an achievable calorie burning, endorphin high. Watch out for the two innovations the new climbing position the Pullback Climb, which will engage your hamstrings and butt preparing them to work hard in the saddle, and the Power Climb in Track 7. The Power Climb is like standard racing position but with a big load on and more emphasis on burning calories and increasing levels of fitness in the saddle.

    There are two bonus tracks in this release to bring you the 60-minute format at its best. One of these tracks is Sarah McLachlans Silence which is back by popular request. This is a celebratory Global Summit release and has a great mixture of tracks featuring both old familiar hits and Top 40 releases.

    Be driven by a huge Pink remix of Who Knew, kick-start your heart with Motley Crue and reach new levels of muscular and anaerobic intensity with the Warp Brothers. A standout song of the release is Seals Amazing the cruisy trance feel automatically takes you to that internal place where youre riding solo with the music.

    Together we are one tribe one pack. Everyone starts and finishes the ride together.

    ©2008 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only.)


    there are 11 tracks in this release as there are two extra tracks. however tose extras will only be used in the RPM CHALLENGE classes which are taught by instructors who are already certified.

  20. I already saw the sizzler. RPM 39 tracklist seems to be elusive. Hmmm, unless you tell me who you are, then I don’t know who you are. Hahahaha. If I’m not mistaken, does your name start with an “O”? Hehehehe.

  21. once i have it, maybe after the quarterlies, i can post the tracklist here. my name doesn’t start with an “O” though.

  22. Haha, intruiging. Who could you be? Hehehe. I can’t remember any instructor that I think I “avoid” except the one with a letter “O”. Though, some instructors I frequently attend to have gone AWOL.

  23. AWOL, hehehe. a lot of instructors have gone on to do other things. a few were suspended for some reasons. and because of the clustering, you might have heard of that, some instructors had to give up their classes or swap with other instructors.

  24. So I assume that you went AWOL? Wahahaha. Anyway, I am quite familiar with some of the “issues” among instructors. Teka, I am narrowing down my choices, there are some who moved to NZ. *wink*wink*. Hehehe.

  25. RPM 39

    Pack Ride: September (Kirk Franklin)
    Pace: Who Knew (P!nk)
    Hills: Tribal Dance (2 Unlimited)
    Mixed Terrain: Amazing (Thin White Duke Edit) (Seal)
    Intervals: Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crue)
    Speed Work: Where Are You Now? (Ian Van Dahl)
    Mountain Climb: Blast The Speakers (Warp Brothers)
    Ride Home: Flashing Lights feat. Dwele (Kanye West)
    Stretch: Change (Sugababes)
    Bonus Hills: Hello (Good To Be Back) (Scooter)
    Bonus Speed Work: Silence (Delerium)

  26. bonus tracks will be for the RPM challenge classes only. unless the instructor is “pasaway” and would include those songs in his/her class.

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