Hello Garci! (Again)


The Supreme Court (SC) has ruled that the (purpotedly) conversations between President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (a woman) and ex-Comelec Commissioner Garcillano (some person) can be played on air. Said SC ruling has voided the initial ruling raised by the National Telecommunications Commission prohibiting the airing of the said conversations thus relieving broadcast stations from possible sanctions from airing such as cancellation of license.

As the news states (from gmanews.tv):

The Supreme Court on Friday issued a decision paving the way for the media to air the controversial “Hello, Garci” recordings.

“The Supreme Court, with two votes of 10-5 each, has nullified statements of the Secretary of Justice and the National Telecommunications Commission warning the media against the airing of alleged wiretap conversation between the President and some person and has considered them as prior restraint on the exercise of free speech and free expression,” court spokesman Jose Midas Marquez said.

Story here

Personally, if there’s nothing to hide, why hinder? Oh, I do remember wiretapping is illegal but who was wiretapped? Has anyone admitted that it was their voices on the recording and they haven’t authorized anyone to have their conversation recorded? Why did the President said sorry last 2005? Sorry for, nothing? Eh?!

I already had the conversations saved before (taken from the PCIJ blog, links located on the hyperlinks above) and perhaps it doesn’t have to be rocket science to understand that the speaker in the tapes and the person who greet Manny Pacquiao (Hello, Manny) via telephone way back is the same.

Now that SC has decided, expect more shows aka investigations come along the way. 🙂

The circus that is the Philippine politics!


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