The Bucket List


Last Saturday, I had the opportunity of watching again a movie after all the stress of daily life and work. I heard that “The Bucket List” is a good movie to watch and so I have decided to buy a ticket in the afternoon schedule – just enough time for me to eat lunch after my workout. Besides, Julia Fordham would be performing in TriNoma so perhaps, it is the best schedule to watch.

In a nutshell, the movie is titled “The Bucket List” as started by Carter (Morgan Freeman) or things to do before “he kicks the bucket” aka pass away. As both characters are diagnosed to have less than a year to live, they have decided to do things they’ve never done before as stated in “the bucket list”. You can read the movie’s synopsis here.

The most touching thing Cole (Jack Nicholson) performed from the list is the one written as “kiss the most beautiful girl in the world” which is no other than his grand daughter from her only daughter she haven’t seen for a long time.

The movie tells so much about living life and appreciating it. I suggest having this movie watched with a friend, not necessarily your significant other but someone whom you can trust. Honestly, I got teary-eyed watching this movie and I won’t fail to recommend this movie. As of this posting, Metro Manila theaters are still showing this movie.

Just because I told you my story doesn’t mean you’re a part of it.

Sad but true.


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