Twenty Questions


I chanced across a blogpost of my colleague with regards to a short play that tackled life, love, sex, and relationships called “Twenty Questions” that won itself a Palanca Award (2004 Palanca Awards 2nd Prize winner for “One Act Play in Filipino”).

The play is written in Filipino and for most young adults, the theme is apt with the current things that happen in our everyday lives. So as not to flood my blog entries with the whole text of the play, I created a separate page for the “Twenty Questions” play. I really like certain lines from the play that I guess makes a sound impact to the readers.

YUMI: Maturity has nothing to do with age.

JIGS: But it has a lot to do with time.

You can read more about the play from the author in this blog post.

Life is too precious para lang daanin sa trial and error.


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