Random Thought For The Day

The reason why my Monday mornings are somehow bright despite the odd things that I face going to work is my workout. It “refreshes” my mind for the week ahead and I always look forward to it. At the least, before you go to the office and start doing work, you’ll be cleared of any things that could disrupt work. While working out, my mind became green out of the blue because of the then issue of changing the Philippines’ name to “Maharlika”. Searching google, it will give some relevant results and the links can be found here, here, and here.

Currently, Filipinos are referred to as “Pinoy/s” which is a slang derived from the first syllable of Philippines/Filipino plus the suffix “-noys”, which I believe refers to being a Filipino. Likewise, Filipino-Chinese are called “Tsinoys”, of which it came from  the first syllable of the word “Chinese”.

If Philippines would be renamed to “Maharlika”, as others suggest, then we would change our slang identification to “Manoys” (taken from the first syllable of the name again plus the “suffix”) – something the Filipino women won’t be proud of.  😛

Are you OK to be called a “Manoy” for male or “Manay” for women? 😛


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