Philippine TV at its Worst

Philippine TV has gone down the drain. I am not a media practitioner but I am just one of the millions who used to watch TV to entertain ourselves after the tiring day with either school or work and perhaps I have a right to air my opinion despite my previous work affiliations.

Shows nowadays are really sickening to watch. From self denied rip-offs, bastardization of classics, intellect-insulting game shows and even the news are sensationalized just to get attention and sometimes stories are driven to exaggeration. As my project in my previous job is still online, I never fail to visit Philippine Entertainment Portal just to entertain myself from work (on my idle time or say while waiting for feedback from our counterparts). The latest hullaballoo on the “cheating” of ratings between the two giant networks is sickening and almost on all the forums that I visit that contain discussions really reflect how Philippine TV affected the viewers.

Case for example in PEP, the article on the supposed “cheating” in Wilyonaryo’s segment has this comment:

AtticCat wrote:
see pati sarili nilang cameraman eh sinisiraan na sila, pano kasi ayaw talaga nila kay willy, alam kasi nila yung dayaan na yan, baka nakokonsyensya na din yung staff nila. mayabang kasi masyado si willy, sa dami nyang kaso, nakukuha pa nyang magmayabang…. yan ba ang ipinagmamalaki ng mga EBS? nakakhiya talaga kau!!!
sorry PEP master, pero yung ibang tao kasi sarado na ang pag iisip sa katotohanan.

Wow Mr./Ms. AtticCat, you surely know the truth? Are you someone that was on the same instant when the video was taken to say that there was indeed planned cheating? People create speculations to the point that they are proclaiming self-righteousness. Sometimes I can’t help myself but answer absurdities. Some are even happy that government agencies are intervening on issues they don’t have a direct responsibility with. People don’t even recognize the fact that a DTI permit is only required when participants need to purchase something to join in a contest which in this case isn’t. Yet, many are happy for the sake of lambasting a show even if they don’t know exactly what they are uttering.

Perhaps rather than throwing mud on each other, these 2 networks should better create quality shows. Quality, at the least in entertainment shows – in the sense that shows doesn’t resort to popularity alone but something that is relevant and pleasing not only to the audience but to the celebrity as well – to give him/her a chance to showcase her talent. Sad to say, certain celebrities (take note celebrities and not actresses/actors) are exploited victims of popularity. Sure you can dance but we don’t need dancers on TV. We need actresses. Obviously, we don’t need “superheroes” clad in plastics who do a cartwheel towards his allies despite being surrounded by enemies that can be attacked anytime. Moreover, we don’t even need lead stars who doesn’t know the difference of receivers and transmitters (“Kailangan ko ng receiver para makapag-transmit ng message” Translation: “I need a receiver to transmit messages”).

I miss the old Philippine TV wherein after dinner, you can watch shows that relates to you – comedy shows that give effortless comic relief, shows that cover the facts and feats of the Philippines and Filipinos in general, local issues and what are the implications on our daily lives – shows that you can say worth watching for.


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