Low Airfares from PAL


Sounds ironic but true!


I received in my mailbox a while ago with regards to the promo fares that Philippine Airlines has and the prices are quite unbelievable. For US$98++, you can travel from Manila to the following destinations: Bangkok, Guam, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Saigon or Singapore on round-trip economy class. Of course the ++ includes the fuel surcharges and other travel taxes, etc.

I visited their website to check the Manila – Singapore trip. Way back in 2006, I spent 19,000++ pesos for the round trip and I would like to know how much would it cost me specially that someone wants to tag me along back to SG for vacation.

The Booking Experience 

Booking experience for PAL is different from Cebu Pacific. In Cebu Pacific, you have to specify at the homepage the origin and destination, date of the flight and for how many people are you booking for. Philippine Airlines’ booking system has this two options for searching fares:  Lowest Fare Calendar (for Domestic Destinations only) Search and Lowest Fare Search by Schedule. I only tried the second one since it is the only one that covers international destinations.


I tried a search for the dates February 21-25 and the fare it gave me is 10,645! If I am going to include the travel tax of 1620 plus the airport tax of 750, it would cost me roughly around 13,015 which gives me more than 6,000 pesos discount.

Personally, there’s a large difference between traveling between PAL and Cebu Pacific. Given the chance, I still prefer to fly with PAL given the comfort and ease of traveling. Cebu Pacific has been hounded with numerous issues with regards to their service. My flight to and fro Cagayan De Oro last August 2007 has experienced tremendous flight delays (imagine my flight schedule of 11:55 am via 5J-385 was delayed for more than 2 hours!).  If the US FAA rating has to be applied on a per airline basis, Cebu Pacific should be downgraded. A PAL flight experience is better than Cebu Pacific.

This offer is truly irresistible. One of the best things to enjoy while the exchange of Philippine Peso to the US Dollar is low. 🙂

Unfortunately, I have a different destination to go to at the period specified above. 😛


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