Zune 2

I am a music lover and sometimes having a digital MP3 player lurking around when I travel is a must. Last year, I got my Creative Zen Vision M which my mother bought from the US. I personally chose it over the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune for reasons that the Creative line of digital music players give the best value for money. Aside from music playing capabilities, here are the pros that I see advantageous to Creative:

  • More audio support
  • More video format support (iPod supports MP4 only while Zune has less video format support)
  • Recording capabilities
  • Radio (Zune has this, iPod is none by default)

The list contain the features that I think relevant to my needs as a techie person. Lately, I saw a picture of the next generation Zune. I am not sure if this has been released already since I am not that much updated when it comes to technology gadgets aside from Canon products and other things related to photography.


All I can say is, SEXY! But, there should be a compelling reason for me to quit using my Creative to favor this new toy. 🙂


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