This morning, I got an e-mail from one of my Multiply contacts and he calls for a “boycott” of Multiply because of the recent changes that they have implemented in their system. As the text above states:

“This is to protest the recent changes made to forbid the sharing of music and also the limiting of music uploads…”

I may sound killjoy but sometimes I do get some of my music via Multiply. But having a move like this, it would be rude to call a boycott for reasons that sharing music already (particularly those carried by record labels) is a taboo and boycotting Multiply for respecting intellectual property rights and implementing restrictions on sharing abuses is too much. These scalpers are asking for too much when they themselves haven’t totally supported the people behind the music that they “share”.

Sometimes, we tend to be rude and arrogant when we’re given too much freedom. 😦


3 thoughts on ““Boycott”

  1. I think the concern here is because indie bands depend on Multiply to distribute music. If the prohibition covers solely copyrighted material, this is well and good, but if it covers independently produced / copyrighted material intended for distribution, then Multiply just lost its appeal to the indie band sector.

  2. we don’t know what’s going on with multiply that might lead them to do this, but i doubt they’re doing it because they want to (unless they have something better up their sleeve and they’re just getting ready for it).

    in the meantime, indie musicians can still share their music by attaching the mp3 files to a blog post.

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