SMS Tax?


Additional tax measures are being considered to ‘supplement’ the reduced tariff on oil products. One of them is the imposition of additional SMS tax that is expected to be passed on to consumers.

Personally, I have mixed emotions on this issue as I have a pro and cons stand on this:


  1. Filipinos will devote more time to do productive things than forwarding “chain” text messages.
  2. Filipinos will learn how to use technology responsibly particularly by sending relevant SMS messages. This would prevent people from abusing the technology that will lead to clogged networks and will make important calls futile to make.


  1. According to the news, telecom companies are already paying the 35% corporate tax and an existing EVAT are imposed on SMS messages
  2. Imposition of another 50 centavo increase on the SMS will mean additional funds for the government but where will the money go?

We’re not living in a perfect world but once they haven’t make an efficient tax collection, this would be another tax imposition that might not be fully utilized. There’s a lot of tax measures implemented in the Philippines but I do wonder where do these primarily go? Hearing news such as each Congressman received 200,000 pesos the past Christmas and the ‘benefits’ that they receive as a lawmaker, makes one question how effective these new measures be. Seems like transparency is out of the context of our officials.

If the government is in search of dire measures of increasing their income via tax that will be beneficial to most Filipinos, at the least health wise, is to raise taxes of cigarettes of up to 1000%. If the government decides to make the price of a cigarette pack to 300 pesos (at an average price of 30 pesos per pack), that would promote less smoking on the part of Filipinos. That would be a bill or measure that I will support (and perhaps will be supported by the majority) but I wonder if smoking politicians will support that. 😛


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