The Credit Card Search


After coping from the loss of my wallet where all my bank cards (ATM and credit cards) are included, I am looking for a new credit to replace my old one. My old credit card was Metrobank but I don’t have plans of renewing my membership with them. Not because of the pending annual fee but because of the payment inconvenience that I am experiencing with their banks and the existence of the slow service in their branches (take note that it would take you at least 30 minutes to get entertained by the teller even if you are 5 numbers away from the number being served and the “Fast Lane” that seems to take forever before being served) for payment.

I have laid down my options into three with reasons provided:

  1. Mercury Citibank Card – because they offer a discount to my monthly Fitness First membership. Moreover, they have rebates for your purchases.
  2. BPI Classic – because they have a wide array of selection for deferred terms for most items. Most camera gears (oops, I am breaking my one of my 2008 goals :P) and computer items (desktops are offered at 0% interest in deferred terms). The convenience of paying also online is a good thing for me.
  3. HSBC – because of the miles! I am not fond of using points for some rewards but the idea of converting the points accumulated for air miles is a fun idea.

If you are to choose a credit card, which among the three would you choose?


3 thoughts on “The Credit Card Search

  1. dins: Just curious, why not HSBC? I have been using HSBC for some time now and have not had any problems with them, and yes I love accumulating miles.

    About online payments, I enrolled my HSBC on my bpiexpressonline account and it sure makes life easier.

  2. i would like to cancel my card due to i dont use it bakit may dumadating pa rin ako na bill i dont know kung pano nya nalaman pin ko at wala naman akong extenssion card kaya sana po matulungan nyo po ako sa problema ko nasa australia po ako ngayon kung nariyan po sana ako sa pinas ay mas madali kong maaayos , kung meron naman dito sa internet ok din . hangad ko po ang lubos ninyong pang unawa .

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