The UP Centennial Planner

I was browsing the net this morning when I noticed that the UP Centennial Planner 2008 was already open for orders back in December 2007. I already have the one made by the UP Economics Society which I got for only a hundred bucks from my colleague in MS Juniors. It appears something like this (got it somewhere in Multiply) 😛


If you want to know more about the Official UP Centennial planner and if you plan to buy one, you can click the following links:


Sneak Preview: UP Centennial Planner

UP Centennial Planner: Teasers and Schedules

UP Centennial Planner: Online Orders, Pictures, and January Order Plan

Order the UP Centennial Planner

To cut some things short, the planner costs Php 380 for students and Php 500 for alumni. I am ordering mine via the same colleague I mentioned above to get the discounted price. 😛 Of course, even in the digital age, nothing beats a printed planner – whether you plan to use it or not. After all, it’s the University’s centennial celebration. Guess this one would surely be better than a Starbucks planner. (Hehehe) I am quite sure I am no longer alive come another century so it’s better to have this while available. 😛


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