Adios 2007!

2007 has been a year of ups and downs for me. Although between the two, there are more ups and I am so thankful for having these:

  1. Weight loss – I lost 55 pounds exclusive of the initial weight loss I got from the last quarter of 2006. In total, I already lost 70 pounds and still hoping to lose the next 30 in the next quarter.
  2. Career Movement – finally, I can say that I have positioned myself to my career goal. It might still be too early to tell but at the least, things are going on smoothly. Hope this one would continue next year.
  3. Health – I never had a serious illness to downed me despite the almost sleepless nights doing PEP v2.0 and the duty during “Eleksyon 2007”
  4. My DSLR – I love my camera. It was only in December I realized that I spent more than a hundred grand for this hobby alone.
  5. Friends, Peers, Officemates – Of course, these are the people whom I met when I work, when I get home, when I want to relax. It’s so nice having friends around and share moments with them.

These are just few of the best things 2007 has shared me. The downs would just serve me a lesson and hope to avoid or do better in 2008. 2007 will leave in a few minutes and I’ll welcome 2008 with a blast. Hope everyone of you will have a great time come next year!

Ad astra per aspera!


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