I Lost My Wallet


And misfortunes happen on unexpected moments.

I was doing my final rounds of post-Christmas shopping yesterday for some of my godchildren in Caloocan when I noticed that my wallet was already stolen. The cash in it wasn’t a big issue for me but some of the things that won’t be replaced again:

  • The wallet that Da Jojo has given me
  • My college ID since freshman
  • The SG$ that I kept from my last trip in Singapore (the shiny plastic looking ones)

My mistake perhaps is that it is a bad practice to put all your cards in one wallet. As the saying goes “don’t put all your eggs in one next/basket”. Well aside from the items above, I also lost my ATM cards, credit card, 5 MRT cards worth < 5 pesos.

I lost not only material things but also memories. How I wish that the culprit is technologically capable of using Google to be curious on the name of his/her victim and find this blog and read that he/she can take the cash and just return the wallet and the cards inside to me. Good thing I already made the groceries and all the necessary expenses.

It hurts to lose the things worth remembering but I can’t linger just on this. Since my ATM card is lost, no money for the New Year until my card is ready again. 😦


3 thoughts on “I Lost My Wallet

  1. The crappy thing about these incidents are the phone calls you have to make… to the Credit Card companies, the bank and also with HR.

    Oh well, I hope this bad luck stays with 2007 and that you’ll have a great 2008.


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