My Picasa Web Album


I noticed that most of the photos that I have taken aren’t uploaded and people sometimes ask me where do I upload my pictures (except for the office-related pictures where we have a common fileshare to dump company events). While I have a multiply account, I don’t see it very convenient for me to upload pictures.

I came across Picasa already before but I haven’t explored much of its features. Not because I am a Google hater but I don’t have enough time then to upload pictures. Flickr is good but I don’t like the 200 photo limit for free accounts. While searching for an alternative online photo album, I came across again with Picasa and now they have this Web Album service. It’s actually a good thing for me since I have a tool that allows me to organize my pictures locally and have them uploaded to the web maintaining the folder structure, same with my local copies with few clicks to do it.

For my first web album, I uploaded shots last December 16, 2007 where we sang in the first dawn mass this Christmas 2007.

I am looking forward to Microsoft’s offering (since they compete head to head with Google with regards to web-based services) on photo hosting. I don’t like their Spaces account for the reason that it is too bloated for me. How I wish they can keep a simple yet effective tool like You can download Picasa for Windows that includes the Web Album functionality in this direct link.


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