Do you celebrate monthsaries?

One of our group member is having second thoughts of attending our annual gathering since the date matched their monthsary. It’s actually their first and perhaps events like those are really memorable that’s why he wanted to be off with the group and spend time with his girl.

Being a person who hasn’t been in loved yet many times hurt, I do understand his position but as pessimist it may sound, is it really necessary to celebrate monthsaries? I split my views into two: the optimist and the pessimist:

The Pessimist’s View:

The hopeless romantic in my shares the view of my mentor (even if it is quite ironic with my first statement) that monthsaries is nothing but just a celebration of “temporary happiness”. No one knows if you two will end up together and when you break up, you’ll shout in the world that girls are evil and they tore your heart into two. You wish her bad luck and hope she may not find happiness as she wasted your love. Monthsaries are too childish and a sign of “immaturity”.

The Optimist’s View:

Falling in love is one of the best things life has to offer. More than that, sharing time with someone proves to be something important above everything else. In this time that we’re all in a constant move, we may know when our time to go is coming. Time is temporary, all time should be celebrated.

My answer actually to the question is that YES, monthsaries should be celebrated although my views are really split depending on my mood (and what I feel towards life at the moment). For some shallow reason, it may sound childish but isn’t it we’re passing life only once? Why do we have to prohibit ourselves enjoying life when there’s no reason not to? For me, I haven’t found someone yet to spend a monthsary. Yet, I guess it would be a great feeling to spend time for that. 😛

(Hopeless romantic mode again. 😦 )


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