I Did Not Make It


I previously blogged about the Body Jam Instructor Auditions of Fitness First Philippines. Since I love dancing and I also got an “award” for my previous Body Jam marathon, I decided to give it a try. I arrived at Fitness First Greenhills on the audition day just minutes before registration opens. Blame it on the traffic that I wasn’t able to arrive early to do some preliminary workout prior the auditions proper. After getting the registration form and filling it up, I dressed myself in my comfortable dance attire and placed my number at the back.


The workout started around 10 minutes past 7pm and the judges were Fhe Manalili, Arnold (according to him, he’s the only Asian Body Jam instructor – perhaps of Les Mills), and Joseph Regala, Group Exercise (GX) coordinator of Fitness First The Block and Platinum TriNoma. The room temperature was just right on the start of the auditions but literally, the temperature went high when the airconditioning was turned off and imagine 60+ people that releases carbon dioxide inside the room. The whole audition process include Body Jam 42 from “Boogie 2nite” to “Let’s Get Loud” followed by the “Candy Man” and “Daddy” from Body Jam 40. Recovery track was “Don’t Cha” by the PCD. Since the room was hot and only a small industrial fan was in place, places were switched by the people in front and those at the back. The second block was the first half of Body Jam 35. I forgot what was the cool down track but the whole audition was like an ordinary mix and match Body Jam workout only that you are being “graded” for the qualification metrics set for instructors.

Hoping getting one of the not-that-really-much coveted 16 slots, I didn’t make it. Luck wasn’t really on my side and as far as my memory is concerned, 41-45 excluding my number was called. I’m the odd one out in that number group. Perhaps if I raised my hand when they ask the people who can possibly teach at Fitness First Southmall and Alabang, I could have made it even in the “waitlisted” list.

Dancing is my passion and I won’t hesitate to dance whenever there’s an opportunity to. I may not pass this one but it’s not a big thing to put a big deal out of it. Quite funny since when I want to the gym this afternoon, there were some people talking in the shower room about the auditions. I recognized some of them in during the auditions and they were ranting about some of those who passed – they are already Les Mills instructors (though of other programs) and it would be quite obvious that they would get a slot. The auditions is just but a formalization of everything. I just told myself that “c’est la vie (that’s life!)”. You can rant all the things you want to say but I remember the last part of the registration process that you have to accept whatever the decision of the judges. Ironically, when I did Jam this afternoon, someone recognized me and told my brother (who was just at my back, unexpectedly) that should I have started the auditions in front, I could have got a slot. I actually started at the back and perhaps the judges didn’t notice my moves jiving with the groove.

At any rate, it is just but a test. We sometimes fail but that doesn’t mean we’re losers at all. 🙂


5 thoughts on “I Did Not Make It

  1. hey i also auditioned.. Im 27…

    Im quite disappointed.. but the things you said here made me feel a little better..

    “We sometimes fail but that doesn’t mean we’re losers at all”

    i know there are a lot of more deserving people that should have got in..=)

    c’est la vie… hehe

  2. Arnold is the only Southeast Asian trainer for BODYJAM, which is exclusively a Les Mills program. 🙂 He trains BODYJAM instructors in the region, most recently in Vietnam and Malaysia.

    Don’t lose heart; I auditioned last year and didn’t make it. I kept attending classes, honing technique and demonstrating my passion for the program. While I may already be an instructor for a different program I still had to show that I could fit in Jam and not fall apart under pressure at the auditions.

    I think visibility CAN be a deciding factor. If judges know from past experience that someone has what it takes, they’re more likely to pick that person out than if they just saw a person for the first time that day. The audition wasn’t just a formalization though; we all had to go through it, and in the end the training will sort out who’s really cut out for teaching Jam (which is an entirely different animal from BodyStep, or BodyBalance, or even freestyle for that matter).

  3. Hi Noelle,

    I may sound “bitter” but I am really not. Hehehe. I just enjoyed the auditions and danced all the way. Yes, visibility is a factor although what I mentioned here are just my opinions that other might think otherwise as sourgraping or what. Besides, those who are “sourgraping” are those that I heard over the locker room – they were the ones who mentioned that the auditions was just but a formalization.

    Anyway, I didn’t lose heart and I am actually more poised to join the next auditions, that is if I’m still in the country come next scheduled auditions!

    Live life!

  4. wow.. sounds tough to actually be one. my current instructor suggesting me to take up the challenge too and i am keen in joining to be one. Didn’t know it could be that ‘tough’ as they way you describe it.
    anyhow, yeah.. cest la vie! 🙂

  5. Well it depends on your country of origin. But nonetheless, win or lose, in or out, I enjoyed the whole audition process. Well I’m a bit disappointed but I am not discouraged on joining an audition once again.

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