Canon Lens Sale Philippines


Last night while enjoying our company Christmas Party, two Canon DZone branches: SM North Edsa and TriNoma contacted me of a lens sale that will start today, 15 December 2007 up to January 15, 2007. This is the third batch Canon has released a sale and most of the lenses on sale are the same items that they had before.

I am particularly interested with the EF-S 10-22 ultra wide angle lens but I guess I have to have this one pass first. I still have yet to complete the recently purchased item I made over Amazon and I need to rest my savings first from buying camera gear. The price of this lens for those interested is 27,000 – straight card payment or cash.

For more information on the Canon lens sale, you can contact Canon DZone branches:

North Edsa – 9276449/9278059 (Look for Olga, tell her that I referred you. :P)
TriNoma – 9167503/9166055

I have now a personal motto: “this itch will come to pass.” Hehehe.


Here’s the prices of the lens:

EF 50 MM F 1.8 II = 3,375.00
EFS 10-22 MM F3.5-4.5 USM = 26,963.00
EF 16-35 MM 2.8L USM II = 57,750.00
EF 17-40 MM 4 L USM = 29,250.00
EFS 17-55 MM 2.8 IS USM = 44,963.00
EFS 17-85 MM 4-5.6 IS USM = 23,250.00
EF 24-70 MM L USM = 50,625.00
EF 24-105 MM 4 L IS USM = 46,875.00
EF 28-105 MM USM II = 8,475.00
EF 28-105 MM USM = 6,900.00
EF 28-135 MM IS USM = 18,000.00
EF 70-200 MM 2.8 L USM = 50,625.00
EF 70-200 MM 4 L USM = 29,250.00
EF 70-200MM 4L IS USM = 44,963.00
EF 70-300 MM IS USM = 28,500.00
EF 75-300 MM USM III = 7,425.00 


13 thoughts on “Canon Lens Sale Philippines

  1. Unfortunately, external flash isn’t included. 580 EX II is sold at 24,500 with 0% 12 months deferred payment while you can get it for 23,500 if straight cash. For me, I bought my flash (580 ex II) online and it only cost me < 15,500.

  2. Bought it at Amazon. Quite lucky to have a friend there having a vacation and he’s coming back by January. It only cost me around a little less than 17k to have 3 filters for my lens (77mm UV, PL, FL) and a Canon 580 EX II flash. There’s no warranty for the flash since Canon doesn’t have international warranty (I suppose) for the accessories. Nonetheless, what’s important is that Canon Philippines will still honor the item for service unlike other vendors where support for gray units are imminent for non-service.

    Happy Shooting!

  3. I did not know about the sale until now, 29 Jan 08. Last 26 Dec 16 2007 I had requirement for 10-22 lens and forced to buy Sigma which is just a little lower than the sale of Canon. At the stores Canon 10-22 sells at P32t.

  4. I was informed by Canon actually the day before of their actual sale (perhaps because of the friendship I made because of my referrals and purchases). I would have gotten a 10-22 if not only because of my stolen wallet. Nonetheless, you can still catch up with the sale up to Thursday this week. You can have a sale of your item at Pipho just in case you really want to get the Canon one. What type of lens (focal length) and how much did you get for it (the Sigma one)?

  5. Is there any dcanon igital camera baterry chargers available,on sale? please inform me. i lost my camera’s charger and i can’t use my cam because of that. thank you in advance.

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