Monday Blues

My week didn’t start right, and inasmuch as I want to be angry, I can’t afford to use 41 muscles to frown (even if it burns more calories against 17 of smiling) but instead resorted to sounding-off rants (aka “nagpaparinig” in Filipino) this morning on my way to office.

I started my day quite late as I woke up at almost 0615H and went straight to the gym. It was already drizzling outside and I had feeling that it would rain hard this day since it is still dark even if it’s past 6am. With limited time upon arrival in the gym, I wasn’t able to do my full routine and instead resorted to a cardio workout:  15minutes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and RPM.  After my workout, I immediately took a warm shower and fixed myself towards the FX terminal under the MRT North Avenue Station.

The line was already long when I arrived and it was expected to be that way since Monday is the start of the work week and the raindrops has gone stronger. I fell in line next to a very long line since people don’t want to form a new line next to ours. The FX cabs aren’t that frequent this morning and I was wondering why it’s been almost 3 minutes, the line beside me hasn’t grew in numbers despite on rush hour. When I looked back, I saw that the people lined up on the long line before us and was quite irritated on that. We fell in line properly and yet they are insisting themselves falling in line. There was a sort of exchange of words which doesn’t sound well. I, for a fact is quite strict on following instructions especially on falling in line. I became a self-righteous person that time not because I wanted to but because I am really correct at that time.

Despite all of the sour exchange of words, the people who fell in the wrong line remained defiant as if they heard nothing from us, people who lined up well. All I said when they passed by me, “Kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas, simpleng pagpila hindi magawa” (The reason why Philippines isn’t improving is that a simple falling in line can’t be followed). I would have understood them if they don’t take the same route as I am but these people are really stupid enough not to be considerate of the people who follow rules.

I arrived in the office “late” not from the office policy but from my expected time of arrival  Next time this happens, I’ll make a way these guys follow and be fair enough with other people.


2 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. Hah, nowadays I don’t talk, I just shove, elbow, and grab people when they don’t follow the lines. When they complain, that’s when I tell them where the proper line is. Being “big” has its own advantages.

  2. once na nangyari sa akin yan, inunahan pa ako sa pwesto ko (na dapat sa gitna ng FX). tinitigan ko talaga ng masama…talagang tingin na “hoy! ok ka lang? nauna kaya ako sa ‘yo”
    nadaan naman sa tingin…hahaha…

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