Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

Yahoo! has just launched a preview of a new version of its messenger application exclusive for Windows Vista.


Many people are looking forward to the release of this product as it uses Microsoft’s new graphics subsystem (Windows Presentation Foundation) of .NET 3.0 which is installed by default in Windows Vista. While I have my own copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, I don’t have the required hardware resources to enjoy the Aero interface (my poor notebook runs on a pathetic Intel 845 graphics system).

My former colleague, Aimee, who’s working at Microsoft Singapore has installed this release on her Windows Vista machine. You can check out her blog entry for initial impressions of this new messenger application. Meanwhile, you can click the image to bring you to the download page of this exciting release. Don’t attempt to install this on a non-Windows Vista machine because it won’t install even if you have the .NET 3.0 framework on your machine. 😛


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