Beware of the ATM Modus Operandi

My officemate sent a link to our group about a recent modus operandi (aka scam) that victimizes ATM clients. Curious?


 We may already have heard about this scam many times before, but sometimes we forget and need to be reminded, especially this coming Christmas season.

I was withdrawing last Saturday, Nov 17 10pm at a Bank of Commerce ATM near McDonald’s corner Pasong Tamo and Gil Puyat in Makati. There seemed nothing wrong  with the ATM but no cash came out of the machine. I automatically thought it was just a machine error and that my account was debited because when I checked my balance, it was deducted by the amount I was supposed to withdraw.

But since I wanted to be sure and I needed cash, I waited for a few more seconds and carefully checked where the cash should come out. I noticed a light blue  steel bar where the cash dispenser should be and looked underneath it. There was no outlet where the cash should come out. Suddenly remembering the ATM scams I’ve heard about, and now feeling sure that that bar shouldn’t be there, I took a photo of it then tried removing it from the machine. It had to take a  lot of effort but when I finally got the bar off, I was surprised to see my money caught in the bar with black glue (probably put inside the bar to keep the  cash from going back to the machine). See attached photo.

So please, please carefully check the ATMs you use and as much as possible withdraw only during daytime, or on guarded ATMs to avoid being scammed. Please forward this to as many people as possible to warn them.

This holiday season, due to the hardships of life, some people resort to cheat and deceit just to earn money. May this post serve as a warning and I hope none of you gets victimized by this group.


4 thoughts on “Beware of the ATM Modus Operandi

  1. This has been an issue with the newer stainless steel Windsor Nixdorf/Siemens ATMs. Back when I was at PNB (around 2003~2004) this was one of the problems that we tackled. Some of the banks had protector jackets installed on the ATM to prevent anyone from putting the “ruler” on the dispenser. PNB decided to just use the Windsor Nixdorf units in guarded areas.

    It’s unfortunate to find out that this modus operandi has yet to be completely eradicated.

  2. I guess some of the readers of this blog would be glad to reach you on information regarding the various modus operandis. as far as my experience is concerned, i have only encountered the people who are making bogus offers related to my credit card.

  3. hi there! I just had the same problem last November 15 with Bank of Commerce ATM Machine located at Graceland Plaza in Barangay Malanday, Marikina. I tried to withdraw 10,000php. Unfortunately, I waited around 30seconds- 1minute because he machine states that the transaction is being processed. All of a sudden, the machine ejected my card, and the machine closed for 2-3seconds then reopened again. When I checked from the other ATMs, i found out that 10k was already deducted from my card. Nakakaasar lang kasi yung ibang tao,nakakapagwithdraw pa? i just thought it would go offline.Their ATM helpdesk sucks too. They dont actually help you. They will make you more mad and hate that BOC still exist.

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