A Visit to Fitness First TriNoma

On my way to buy a gift for our office group’s exchange gift, I met my gym mate in TriNoma waiting for his wife from the gym. He mentioned to me that they are working out morning and evening in two branches (The Block and TriNoma) and they are actually on their way home. I opened up to him if it’s worth the “upgrade” transferring from an ordinary Fitness First Branch to their Platinum version considering that there’s a pending increase in membership dues come January 2008 (roughly additional 95 pesos/month). He said that in a way, “yes”, since even at rush hours (5-8pm), you can still workout without having to wait for an equipment.  After our talk, I decided to drop by again the branch and have a tour with a “tour guide” aka membership consultant (MC).

Yesterday was my second visit to the gym, the first was then when they were barely days old yet. I could have taken pictures on my first visit but I don’t have my camera with me (the point and shoot one not the DSLR) and my phone’s camera is too slow to grab pictures. Anyway, let me take you a virtual tour to the gym (just use your imagination 😛 ) from the way I was toured inside. Towels and work-out attire are available upon entry so you need not worry about what to wear and what to use for drying up.

Upon entrance, you’ll see the cardio machines facing the numerous LCD TVs on display. This is similar to the set-up of other clubs only that on this branch, they use LCD TVs. Quantity speaking, I can’t really tell if they have more cardio machines since from the first look, you’ll see that they have maximized the area on the same level of the entrance for the machines with a small space for the stretch area. The group exercise (GX) room is also on the ground floor and the size is different from what they have advertised as a larger GX room. The Block’s GX room is pretty much bigger than in TriNoma although the one at the latter has the functionality of heating the room for the Flow Yoga exercises. Moodlights are good though I prefer to have the GX room large enough to accommodate more members.

The locker room at Platinum is bigger and compared to other clubs, they have toiletries available for members. They are pretty good enough since I saw Nivea products on their toiletries and perhaps, you won’t really worry much about these unless you use a specific brand. Also, lockers are already magnetized similar to the set-up of Fitness First Mall of Asia branch. Showers’ setup are opaque glass walls similar to ABS-CBN/Ortigas branches. And as with other clubs, sauna and steam rooms are also available.

On the second floor of the gym, there are some cardio machines near the stairs, weights, stretch machines, and a “Function” platform. When I visited there, a personal trainer was having a client and doing their routines there. Also, the cycling studio is located on the second floor with new bikes different from the ones on their “ordinary” branches. As with The Block branch, there are no Cycling classes also in this branch. I was particularly curious on the weights section of the gym since I spend most of my time there. My workout consists entirely of weight training and I was surprised that there’s NO SQUAT RACK. They have one Smith Machine but I don’t use that since I consider it as a “cheat squat”. It was quite a disappointment to see that there’s no exact difference nor advantage in terms of gym facilities with this branch as with other branches.

Of course, “convenience” comes with a premium, according to my tour guide (I’ll not mention his name) here are the expenses of the upgrade:

1. 2000 pesos administrative fee
2. 3,600 pesos monthly fee (I clarified this to him because the last time I asked is that it is 3060 but he insist that it is indeed 3,600)

No credit card, no sign-up (but they’ll use their marketing spiels so you might use another’s credit card to join the club). If you are a lifestyle member (like me) in other clubs and has completed the 1-year lock-in period, the upgrade means you’ll be locked again for another year. Also, I don’t know how the “monthly workout program” works since they’ll only give 5 power pack sessions (aka personal training sessions) and the usual “Sir/Ma’am, do you want to extend this training session for <this amount>”. Geez, if standard clubs charge for 820/hour personal training session (aka 2 repetitions of the routine plus counting your repetitions while texting another client), how much more in Platinum? How much also are you willing to spend for a personal trainer who isn’t trained to be a PT at all (say nurse?). Hello? Surprisingly, according to the MC, the discount given to Mercury Drug Citibank card holders is not honored.

Sign-up perks? Perhaps, the bag and other standard Fitness First items (towels, headset, etc). Personally, I don’t recommend the upgrade. Aside from paying exorbitant fees, I don’t see it as a practical move unless money spending is not your problem. One of the reasons why I stayed in Fitness First despite the above-average monthly fees is the proximity of the club in my residence. Also, group exercises change every 3 months unlike in Slimmers World (SW) where the group exercise routines lasts for years and there are even some GX instructors in SW that attend GX in FF and try to imitate them for implementation in SW.

It’s up to you should you make an upgrade or not. I am not particularly sure how much would it be if you sign-up as a new member to FF Platinum. One flyer that I saw in the Membership Consultation tables is that the joining fee for Lifestyle Program is 10,000 pesos and for Premier (not quite sure of the name but this one is the 3 months) is 15,000 pesos. Monthly fees are above 3,000 pesos for both programs. According to the MC, what keeps Platinum “above” other clubs is the exclusivity that they are only keeping at most 1,000 members unlike in other clubs. I told to myself, so they don’t really care if other clubs get crowded as long as they get sign-ups?

Should you want to pay a visit and hear their marketing spiels, you can visit the club at the 3rd floor of TriNoma. It’s quite near PoweBooks and Toys R Us.


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  1. just went there today. paid php275 additional aside from me being a regular Fitness First member. they gave me a set of towels which i had to return after. you’re right, not much difference except for the fact that the machines can do the counting of reps for you. it also has capability of memorizing the reps you made for each machine on a rom device, not sure if its an SD card or what? also that you have more space because not so many people working out there.

    btw, RCBC is also Platinum but has a swimming pool and jacuzzi.

  2. Hi! i’m not a member of fitness first, but for those who are, if you are interested in getting upto 25% off in monthly fees, contact me at 0917-8051320.:)
    Thanks! God bless and keep up the healthy lifestyle.:)

  3. i have a membership i wish to sell coz i don’t have the time to use it. out of the 12 months lock in i still have 7-8 months left. the person i’ll transfer it to will only need to pay the remaining monthly fees plus the administrative fee. no need for membership fee since i paid 4 that already. would you be interested? or would you know anyone?

  4. i’m sorry, i’d like to correct that. the person will only have to pay for the remaining monthly fees. i’ll just shoulder the transfer fee of P1,900. there’s no more administrative fee. thanks.

  5. if no one would buy out your contract with fitness first, u could just try to freeze ut account man.. does anybody know the difference between platinum trinoma and platinum rcbc???

  6. @jolo – rcbc has a pool, trinoma hasn’t. trinoma is newer than rcbc. however, membership to either clubs allows you to visit either clubs plus the rest of the “ordinary” clubs, afaik.

  7. how much will you pay pag magvivisit ka sa platinum tas ordinary member ka lng??? same rate ba sa rcbc chaka sa trinoma?

  8. anyone knows, total amount to spend initially when applying for the first time as fitness first membership platinum either for trinoma or rcbc?

  9. I am not sure how much would be the initial cash out as the prices that I have asked is for someone who will be “upgrading” from a regular passport membership. Although one thing that I must say, it is ridiculously high.

  10. thanks for the reply patrick…well, will try to drop by but to any FF branch anytime soon… though, still not convinced of joining FF because of a lot of bad feedbacks posted in the Net….. I hope the FF management is aware about it, because very discouraging though to many….. haven’t read of newer posts saying about nice things about FF…….

  11. Well, as a profit oriented company and with contracts to hold against their members, I think they are resting on their laurels in so far as “feedbacks” are concerned. However, as I always say to my friends, if you can’t commit going to the gym at least thrice a week RELIGIOUSLY, better not sign-up to Fitness First for practical and economical reasons.

  12. yes…i agree with you. i had a very bad experience with fitness first…they dont care whether you’re sick or at the hospital bed, they kept on calling your cellphone to remind of the overdue balance, yet, they kept on charging the fee in my credit.i used fitness first card 3 or 4 times only in my one year of membership, i wanted to quit, but before doing that, i have to look for someone to transfer my card and pay some amount, get ad advance payment from the new member.they want to make sure that the new member have a credit card. gee…that is really something…
    fitness first is mukhang pera. they dont really care for their clients wellness, all they care about is to get as many clients as they can and mislead them by talking this and that…sorry na lang ako, dahil naloko ako, paying without using…

  13. I think when speaking about their facilities, superb sila compare to others.. kaso lang nga nakaka discourage yun payments scheme ng FF, mukhang expensive nga to maintain then madami hidden chargesand esp yun problem sa use of credit card…

  14. Ahm facilities? I don’t think so. I plan to blog actually some of the “ills” that I see when it comes to facilities. In my own perception, if not because of the Les Mills classes, Fitness First Philippines would have lose its business. CT, if you would actually visit a club (the old ones), despite charging above average monthly dues, they’ll never fix it unless a mass action from the members will force them to do so. A lot of the “required” equipments in a gym is almost absent in Fitness First. SM Megamall, as of this posting date still don’t have a squat rack/Smith machine. The last time I visited TriNoma, wala pa rin.

    Lisa, I don’t have any problems with regards to payment schemes in Fitness First. Luckily, I have completed my mandatory 1 year commitment and I can opt to close my account anytime but I have reasons why I stay with Fitness First.

    Just to give an overview, the typical payment for initial sign-up would amount to 2k++. My friend whom I referred paid around 2400+ – 1900 for admin fee and 500 something for the joining fee. Di ba, sumali ka na nga, dagdag na sa kita, may joining fee pa kuno.

  15. I agree,Fitness first are really bloodsuckers for money…. if they know na potential payer ka na gagastos pa for them like joining any of their programs…. then kontodo asikaso sila… but if not, then when you are stock with them already then, bahala kanasa buhay mo sa loob ng gym…. as much as u want to use their equipments without a PT,nakakahiya na kasi parang yung mga PTs titignan ka na lang at alam na in a way may mali sa ginagawa mo….. so i guess, to those who will join in the future… be ready of a lot of money to spend if you want extra attention from the people at FF, yun monthly na binabayaran mo actually hindi kasama yun aatentionan ka ng mga taga FF besides the front desk

  16. ang mahirap kasi sa FF wala sila fixed rates to all their programs…. they are such a scam… that s why havent u noticed … wala sila tariffs na pwede e bigay or hindi rin pwede thru fone mag inquire ng rates… kasi FF marketing strategy nila is as long as the client can pay their rates kahit mahal then no discounts to give, so manloloko sila…. mabait lang sila pag may pambayad ka… now if they know na kulang pampabayd mo na to their programs then bahala kana nga sa loob ng FF….. parang lapag wala ka kasama PT while using equipments then poor ka

  17. Hello takec,

    I am staying in a regular Fitness First club and not in the platinum clubs. I am still on my right thinking that I won’t spend an extra 1000 bucks for “upgrading” my membership while I do get the same workout (take note not perks). Rates do vary really and the best thing that you can do to get a lower rate is:

    #1) Get a Mercury Citibank credit card or
    #2) Take someone else’s membership (to complete the minimum 1 year)
    #3) Go somewhere else.

    I do have a concern with customer service in Fitness First. I’ve noticed that certain group exercise managers play deaf to members’ concerns. In fact, even if their concerns are supported by the group exercise instructors, they don’t reply at all to their queries. Before it takes them 5 “Hey Manager” cards before your query is answered while now, I already made 7 “Hey Manager” cards and I have to hear yet from the GXM his reply on my concerns. It’s quite ironic that they have the guts to ignore the very people who support their business.

  18. hi patrick, how much usually yun PT session sa FF? cause a friend of mine gave him a deal of 9,000P for 10 sessions plus 2 good for 45 days… u think that will be a good deal?

  19. Short and sweet: NO. 🙂

    Before your friend signs-up for this uber expensive service, look first at the portfolio of the instructors with regards to their qualification PLUS evidences that he/she has introduced results to their old clients. Personally, I wouldn’t go for that. 🙂

  20. I just want to tell you that I am an irate Fitness First Platinum Member. I only signed up for 3 months. And they give you 1 month free. So this is already my 5th month and they charged me for it.
    I already screamed at two people on the phone, to have the charges canceled. I am now about to call the manager.
    It is logical to have your credit card on auto-debit as long as you are in the term contract. It is not ethical for them to charge me for the extra month that I did not sign up for.
    Apparently I am not the only one disgusted with Fitness First. There was already a documented case of this as early as 2004.
    I believe now it is time for me to make some noise.

  21. Awww. I’m sorry for your case. Although I must say, I am an irate member as well since the GX manager in my home club doesn’t listen to members’ concerns. That’s my view and unfortunately up to now, no action has been made with my concerns. You are not alone in your problem, in fact most of the people in the blogosphere have their own sentiments against Fitness First. If you are pretty sure that there’s a contract that you are only with them for 3 months, go to a nearest DTI and lodge a complaint. Companies having direct access to person’s credit card by virtue of contracts and abusing should be subject to scrutiny.

  22. hi po ako din po naloko na nitong ff, naka pagsign po ako ng 12mo, nakapagbayad na rin ako ng registration fee… ang kaso ndi ko po na gamit.. gusto ko icancel kaso sabi di raw pwedi.. kelangan byaran ko raw 12mo kasi pumerma ako.. niloko po ako ng marketing staff nila ndi sinabi na ung 12mo e di pala pwedi icancel un…. nakaperma na ako nung sinabi ng supervisor….. kainis talaga… pano po un di nga ako makapagbayad kasi sabi ko sa kanila nagkasakit asawa ko.. d sila pumayag dapat raw byaran ko.. file sila case against me daw.. pano po yan please po. ano po ba dapat ko gawin.. di ko po talaga nagamit mga facility nila.. di pa ako nakapunta dun ever… kahit gamit lng ng gym. lagi sila nangungulit tawag2x.. nakakapagod na… problemado me ngayon di ko alam baka kc ipakulong nila ako me mga 2 maliliit na bata pa ako.. pano po un? ok lng po ba hindi byaran un? isa pa ndi ako gumamit ng credit card.. sinabutahe ng staff nila… pano kaya to? please help po….

  23. I think I read somewhere that no one can be jailed because of debt. Fastest way perhaps is to request for a new credit card from your credit card company and don’t entertain calls from them anymore. Also, please be responsible enough to read from cover to cover, word per word, any contract (again, CONTRACT) with any party. Don’t fall prey easily to the marketing spiels of the marketing people. It is still your responsibility and choice whether you’ll sign-up or not. Nonetheless, you can check on other forums for other stuff regarding membership. I AM NOT FROM FITNESS FIRST that is capable or authority over membership issues.

  24. Bessie Del Rosario “I just want to tell you that I am an irate Fitness First Platinum Member. I only signed up for 3 months. And they give you 1 month free. So this is already my 5th month and they charged me for it.”

    – This happened to me as well. I have completed my 1 yr and opted to close the account (a month before the end date, as the contract stated) but they charged me for 2 addl months. Had no choice but to stay for another 2 mos.

  25. i totally agree takec. UNTOUCHABLES instructor nila unless you shell out thousands more monthly.

    well, something to be proud of, at least sa mga staff e yung mga dance instructors.. magaling at maayos magturo.

    yung mga SALES REP? Ugh.

    6.2.08 / 8pm
    I agree,Fitness first are really bloodsuckers for money…. if they know na potential payer ka na gagastos pa for them like joining any of their programs…. then kontodo asikaso sila… but if not, then when you are stock with them already then, bahala kanasa buhay mo sa loob ng gym…. as much as u want to use their equipments without a PT,nakakahiya na kasi parang yung mga PTs titignan ka na lang at alam na in a way may mali sa ginagawa mo…..

  26. I’m a Fitness First Platinum (Trinoma) member, so far, wala pa naman ako na eencounter na prob since i pay in cash. And SOME of their PT’s are mababait naman.. yung iba mukhang mga snob.Talagang hinintay ko na mag offer sila na pwede magbayad ng cash coz i’ve heard nga before na maraming prob regarding sa payments thru cc. Ang advantage lang talaga sa Platinum eh mas konti ang nag wowork out dun so di mo na kailangan pumila sa isang equipment unlike sa regular clubs nila (so ive heard). Ang maganda rin dun, all u have to bring eh your rubbershoes coz they provide everything na (towels,shorts,tshirt,toiletries)

    Oh, and one more thing.. so unfair coz sa regular clubs, may free softdrinks, juice and coffee…pero sa Platinum trinoma… coffee lang. tsktsk.

  27. good for you. pero still, mahal pa rin. ha ha ha. lucky me, i workout mostly on free weights and i don’t have to wait that much on the machines. as a personal training belief, free weights are better than machines. it’s just me but others think otherwise. 🙂

  28. yup, ang mahal.. pinag iisipan ko pa na lumipat sa The Block after ng 1 year contract ko but i hate standin in line eh and i dont have that much time to stay sa gym so i think Platinum is much better for me. Kung hindi lang siguro hectic ang sched ko sa work, i would prolly transfer na dun. hehe.

    btw, do you have any idea what time wala masyadong tao sa the block?

  29. For me, It’s not about the standing in line, it’s about the workout you are about to do. Do you have a personal trainer ba or do you workout by yourself? Ako kasi, I trained all by myself kasi and eventually it paid off. Curious, you might check on this: https://superpatrick.wordpress.com/2008/09/25/featured/. he he he.

    Also, if you transfer to The Block, that’s another 1 lock-in year. 🙂 The crowd in the block is uncertain, there’s no pattern on when there’s only few people.

  30. wow! ang galing! hehe..
    i used to have a personal trainer pero 2 months nang wala. When i go to the gym kasi, i only have atleast 2hrs except for Monday since it’s my restday, kaya Monday lang ako nakakapagworkout ngayon ng mas matagal. I join the group x, then cardio and abs. Minsan lang ako magbuhat ngayon (sa machine) ..pag sinipag.. pasaway kasi ako.hehe..

    Nyak.. another lock-in na naman pag lumipat? grabe naman yun. tsk. Next time na lang siguro ako lilipat, since by 2011, lilipat na kami ng house. hehe.. Thanks for the advises. Ingats! 🙂

  31. good talk + being makulit = no contract, cash option (no more 1 year or 4 months lock-in) how? ask your friendly neighborhood consultants 🙂 dapat hindi sila ang masunod kasi pwede nilang ibreak yung rules nila about CC policy. Like me, I told them na ayaw ko gumamit ng CC, eventually, they gave me the cash option.

    regarding complains at FF The Block, especially GRPX, got a call from Paolo (the GRPX Head) the day after ako mag file ng complain. Luckily, he’s kind enough naman na iexplain why naging ganun yung Body Jam.

    Dun sa mga waiting palagi sa locker cabinets especially 5pm onwards, try nyo ideposit yung gamit nyo bago kayo pumasok sa opisina. just leave your locker keys at the Front of House, pwede yun. or else makakarinig ka sa kanila na “maghintay na lang po kayo sir” HELLLLLOOOOOO pwede ko bang sabihin sa kanila na PWEDE KAYO MAGHINTAY SA MONTHLY DUES KO? 🙂

    about sa mga snob PTs… todo smile sila for the first few months, then aalukin ka na nila na mag PT pag hindi ka pumayag, adios ka. Hindi ka na nila papansinin. hehehe wont name names baka reader sila dito.

    overall, ok naman experience ko sa FF The Block, since I have friends na rin, kaya lang marami pa ring snob kahit araw araw mo na silang kasama. Isa na si JP dun hehehe

    yung mga shortcomings ng FF The Block pwede nang itolerate. piz!

  32. scandalous! sino yang JP na yan?

    unfortunately, with paolo, he never answered my hey manager cards. ewan, he’s the worst GXM I have ever encountered.

    the problem with fitness first is they continuously recruit members not considering the available lockers at a certain period.

  33. hi im formerly an instructor fr. uk
    i was hired as a pt here @ ff platinum trinoma…
    Yes i admit pt’s fr platinum are highest paid compare
    to regular ff..

  34. ff platinum tinoma often visited by lots of celebrities…
    Like i was hired pt for ms geronima last year…
    thats why pretty much cost of membership…

  35. well, for one i don’t know who ms. geronima is. i know a celebrity with “geronimo” instead.

    and, celebrities don’t help/contribute to the fitness goal of a person. simply put, they’re more of an eyecandy to the gym. nice to know they workout there but i care more than anything else of my fitness goals. 🙂

  36. ic i thot ur JP 😀

    BTW FFPI (the company, not the club) gave me a 1-month free home membership inclusive of joining and admin fee with regular member’s kit. Since I’m already FF The Block member I asked them if I could transfer the GC to my friend (based in Cebu). They told me if my friend wants to continue the membership, all he has to pay is the monthly fee. I don’t know what the hell happen, but after a day inquiring the GC, FF Ayala Center Cebu accepted the GC on a condition if ever my friend wishes to continue he must pay the joining and admin fee with contract and MUST present a CC or an ATM with auto debit function. I said earlier that the free home membership comes with the regular member’s kit unfortunately FF Ayala Center Cebu told my friend that… it is “ON YOUR OWN BASIS” means no member’s kit (duffle bag, hand towel, body first, reusable bag, tumbler, headphone etc. etc.).

    Money makes the world go round… FFPI is clever in misleading potential members 🙂

  37. Update: FF Ayala Center Cebu called my friend today after coordinating with FFPI or FF The Block about the GC and advises my friend that he can use the GC without paying the joining and admin fee just bring his ATM hahahaha ☺

  38. @maui, maraming JP at JP rin ako. he he he.

    at the end of the day, FF is still a company that want to get profits. yun nga lang, sana huwag silang misleading sa mga pakulo nila (although the fallacy of false emphasis is a good marketing tool). oh well, ako naman, i can leave FF whenever i want to but it’s just that the location is convenient for me leaving no reason not to workout. 🙂

    1. yes, nothing else, because it’s near my work! but i often go places so i do not use the gym too often. my luck is, i only signed up for the 4months lock in and used cash, so technically, this is my last month. you are right in saying that it really is up to us. exercising is a way of life, gym or no gym!

  39. I’ve been brooding over signing up with FF or not and I’m also looking for other options.

    During my visit in FF Robinsons Metro East, they offered me a monthly rate of 2400 which to me was outrageous since they were also charging an admin fee and a joining fee which overwhelmed me and made me feel that it was pure business on their part. So, I did my “graceful exit” strategy but I left my real mobile number with the sales person who gave me an orientation.

    After a couple of days, she gave me a call and told me that having no CC is no longer a problem and that she’ll just take care of it. I still refused and told her that I feel that it is very impractical to get the membership simple because it is expensive and there is a lockin period not to mention stunning fees.

    After a few more days, she called me again (why was I not surprised LOL) and this she was offering me a 1800 rate and said that it was the lowest that she can go.

    So now I am taking my time looking for alternatives within the area but what I found were:

    1. some gym inside the village (won’t mention the name) – 600Php/month or 50Php/session

    2. Brick Road in Sta. Lucia – 1750Php/month with very little to offer compared to FF

    3. FF – so far the best way to go

    Your suggestions will be welcome 🙂

  40. My rule on thumb on recommending FF – if you can’t workout at least thrice a week, don’t. From 2400 to 1800, that means that the price of monthly fees depends on the haggling one can make. 1800 is a good deal provided it is a passport one. Still, it depends on your final call. I stayed primarily due to proximity from our house and office.

  41. Thanks for this info. I just signed up for FF platinum in trinoma in the last 5 hours.
    Overall they charged me Php 10,100.00. “Passport” is also included in the fee meaning you can have your workout to any FF branch. They gave me a FF bag, mug and headset.

    They offered me a personal trainer but what the heck I don’t need one because I am smart and I know what I’m doing. In the offer they automatically included the personal trainer fee haha.

    The monthly fee for the platinum is Php 4,000. Hay nako but I will deal with that. I hope its all worth it. Patrick’s info about tour looks good I guess.

    I heard a lot of complaints to credit card users charged by FF that is why I will pay only in cash.

    Question patrick: Pag inalok ka ba ng FF trainer tapos sabi mo NO eh snob ka na nya kahit kelan at hindi ka tutulungan sa ‘spot’ sa benchpress? Pls answer thanks po 🙂

  42. @Reza reply#54

    What??? 1800 – 2400 pesos ang inoffer sayo na monthly fee? Platinum Fee or ordinary lang po yan? Kapag platinum fee yan eh magrereklamo ako sa FF Platinum Trinoma.

    Can someone please answer my question. Thanks a lot.

  43. @ Mark, FF Metro East hindi po platinum club kaya mas lower un rate nila. Member ako FF trinoma since 2008 3350 monthly dues ko.

  44. I just enrolled in FF – RSC Makati last month. I was able to avail their ‘anniversary discount’. I only paid like P3,500+ for all those membership/joining bullshits. P1,850 of that amount will be refunded once you are able to visit FF for minimum of 8 times per month for 3 months. This will not be refunded in cash or cheque. You could either have it deducted on your monthly dues or avail other stuff that they offer.

    So far, I had no bad experience with FF, SO FAR. Hahaha. Though I quickly noticed everyone working there to offer you something and have you pay for it immediately. It’s more like MONEY FIRST before FITNESS FIRST.

    My advice to everyone is that, before you sign up to anything which in this case in FF, be sure that you are really decided and willing to shell out a considerable amount of money. No matter how good their marketing strategies are, KUNG AYAW MO TLGA, WAG MO. You could come up with different explanations why you could not sign up without losing poise and just like Reza mentioned, have your ‘graceful exit’.

    I agree with Patrick, I do not recommend upgrading to Platinum. Aside from the additonal thousands they will rob from you (LOL), you’ll just gonna see same equipments just like the other ordinary clubs. As of this date, I think you need to pay an additional P400 if your an ordinary club member. The hell with the free outfit and towels, I myself would not want anyone to give me what I’m gonna use as I definitely have doubts on its cleanliness.

    Here are some thoughts to ponder:
    > Before you sign up, ASK questions.
    > If you are already a member, try to maximize everything with FF. Remember, at the end of the day, they still get your money whether you’re satisfied with them or not. I know that’s awful but don’t let those stupid managers and snob PT’s ruin your day. Instead, ruin theirs. Just kidding. Hahaha.
    > FF automatically renews your membership after your lock-in period. According to the consultant/mktg staff that I talked to, you need to inform them at least a month before the effectivity of the cancellation. For example, if you want FF out of your life by January 2011, inform them as early as November 2010 because it takes them 1 month to process it. YEAH RIGHT.
    > One more thing, if you’re a member and could not visit any club for a certain period of time due to work schedule, illness, whatsoever, you could actually request your membership to be FROZEN. Meaning you will only pay 20% of your monthly dues.

    In a nutshell, it really doesn’t matter where you work out. Enrolling your asses in this expensive fitness gyms doesn’t guarantee you’ll gonna get your dream flat abs, lean and toned body. It’s more of discipline. I only enrolled in FF just to get the snap of it. After the lock-in period of 12 months, I’d definitely look for cheaper fitness gyms that are at par with FF when it comes to facilities. GOODLUCK TO ME ON THAT. Hahahaha! 😀

  45. Hi! I’m a member in FF Ayala here in Cebu, the bait that the MC told me was that “in other fitness center, you need to pay for PT, but dito sa FF kasama na yan sa monthly dues mo, and if you avail dito sa 1,850 may 1 on 1 PT ka talaga plus refundable in 3 months” Naku, nahulog ako and later on i found out that the 1 on 1 PT is good for only 3 sessions, and then yung 1:1 PT ko tried to sell me additional sessions for Php 16k good for 3 months!!!! Well I declined, but it’s true pag tingin nila na you’ll shell out the money, they’ll treat you like wow! but I understand kasi yung mga PT ata nila is commission basis or something. But so far I’m happy with my membership, if I need help, I just ask and fortunately di naman ako binibigo ng mga PT dito sa FF Ayala. Plus I kinda like it na they leave me alone and let me work out in my pace and in peace. lolz…

  46. @MARk: you pay 4k/mo at FF Platinum Trinoma? what the heck???? they increased their monthly dues?? will i still be thankful that i only pay 3,400/mo rather than 4k???

  47. Wow. I just visited FF Fairview kanina and me and my friend are considering to sign up by Monday. But so far puro negative reviews on the Net regarding their services so when I go back I’ll be very makulit on all the expenses and the like. Wish me luck!

  48. does anyone of you wants to be part of FF platinum?I wanted to transfer mine. Who ever is interested, just contact me through my cellphone number 09228593661. need to transfer it asap.thanks.

  49. MEmber ako ng FF patinum Trinoma, kakatapos lang ng 4 month contract ko.. b4 it ended i had problems w/ them.. mejo inaway ko ung nasa front desk and kinausap ko ung consultant ko hahaha

    almost 13k nabayaran ko, 4k a month.. nag deposit ako for my firt month which is november, pero hindi 4k, less than 4k kasi daw hindi ko nasimulan ung november, kaya ung 3 weeks nlng daw babayaran ko.. then may deposit na nga din for the next month, 4k…

    Then yun nga, 4-month contract daw. nag sign ako Oct 10 2010.. 4 months so feb 10, 2011 tapos na ko, nag submit na ko letter exactly 1 month b4.. pero hindi.. kelangan ko tapusin up to the end of Feb hahahaha

    ang galing noh? kasi daw ung Oct. 10 to oct. 30, hindi daw counted yon sa 4-month contract.. how come? disoriented ako, and hindi nila pwede sabihin na it goes w/o saying kasi wala yon sa kontrata hahaha binara ko ung sa front desk nangingiti ngiti nlng pero di ako galit. kinausap ko nga consultant ko gnaon nga daw (kitang kita ko sa mata niya pagiging tuso, kala mo ah pulube ka hahaha babae yon na mahaba buhok na oa mag make up at may lagay ng mascara hahahahaha)

    di ko naman na inaway ng lubos like, wal anamn sa kontrata, wala naan sinabi, etc.. eyon.. inaway ko din ung ansa front desk kasi first day of the month, ang aga aga, tinawagan ako ng FF tinatanong kung na settle ko na daw ung payment ko for that month. Yon, sabi ko, atat na atat naman sa pera ko 1st day of the month pa lang tas tatwagan nia ko kung bayad na ko for this month. hahahaha sabi nalang niya madami nga daw nag rereklamo about that.. wahaha may gwapo ngang trainers don eh, mas gwapo pa sakin, kaso iba makatingin lalo na ung dalwang sobrang tangkad… lam niyo na hahahaha

  50. meron ba ditong nagka-bad exp sa management ng FF Megamall?
    dun po kasi ang home gym ko… pero sa The Fort ako nag-g-gym kasi mas malapit sa work ko.

    during my talk with their (FF Mega) sales rep last April 30, 2011, if by May 30 ay naapprove ang City Mercury ko, the monthly fee will be 2385php. Pero disapproved na ata ang application ko dun since up to now walang response from Citi.

    Anyways, nung nagdecide akong pumirma nun nagbayad na rin ako kasama next month’s (May) fee bale 3.8k un binayaran ko kasi 2.3k pro-rated 1st month + 1.5k na admin fee. Free daw that month ung joining fee (may ganun pa tlg sila).

    Kaya lang nung June, naging 2680 na sya at nung July is 2750 na… (increasing? well di ko kasi alam scheme nila). Nakastate naman sa contract na 2750 ang payment ko. In the event lang na tumaas ulit ito sa August ay magkaka-tsunami sa FF Megamall… at sila lang ang tatamaan…. 😛

    Nice blogsite Patrick. pats on the shoulder… :”P

  51. Naiinis talaga ako sa Fitness First!! Naging loyal ako sa kanila for 3 years.. wala akong bad record sa kanila.. nagbabayad naman ako on time. Pero dumating yung time na kailangan kong bumalik sa province namin sa Palawan. Sabi nila kailangan ko raw magbigay ng letter para mapa-freeze ko yung account ko kasi hindi ako makakapag gym sa kanila for 3 months kasi nga wala naman Fitness First sa Palawan. Nung magbibigay na ko ng letter ang sabi nila hindi raw sila papayag magpa-freeze ng account kasi hindi naman ako magaabroad, papayag lang raw sila ipa-freeze yung account ko pag out of the country ang punta ko pero pag local lang hindi sila papayag. Naiinis ako kasi hindi ba nila naiintindihan na 3 months akong wala sa manila at hindi makak gamit ng facilities nila, and its very unpractical kung magbabayad ako pero hindi ko naman magagamit yung facilities nila. Tapos, dumating yung time na nasa Palawan na ko every month kinukulit ako sa monthly due ko. Sinabi ko sa phone na taga FF regarding dun sa naging problem pero they insist na kailangan ko pa rin magbayad ng monthly due na 2800. After 2 months tumawag uli yung isang representative ng FF ang sabi nila pag hindi pa raw ako makabayad ng ika-3rd month ko i-teterminate na raw nila yung membership ko sa kanila.. ang sabi ko naman mabuti nga i-terminate niyo nalang kasi hindi kayo marunong makinig sa reason kung bakit gusto ipa-freeze muna yung account ko sa inyo and your inisist na hindi pwde magpafreeze dahil nasa Pilipinas lang raw ako. How stupid they are!! Yun ngayon i’m wala na ko sa FF lumipat nalang ako sa Gold’s Gym na mas Cheaper and quality rin naman saka hindi sila after your money.

  52. Omgee good thing i saw this. I have a schedule for tomorrow from fitness first, cause i really interested to lose weight. No wonder they were asking if i have a credit card or debit card. Im just a new graduate student. Money is no problem since im well provided. The one who talk to me really sounds cliche. Advertising. I saw the facility, as an interior design is such a poor state to consider that your paying good. Not to mention already ripping you off…

  53. I absolutely love your blog and find the majority of your post’s to be what precisely I’m looking for.
    Would you offer guest writers to write content for you?
    I wouldn’t mind writing a post or elaborating on a few of the subjects you write with regards to here. Again, awesome blog!

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