Batanes Bound

While reading the newspaper this morning, I found out that Cebu Pacific has a running Php 1 fare sale in all its domestic destinations. I tried booking for a trip going back to Cagayan De Oro to visit my nephew but I was surprised with the fare increase despite the “strengthening” peso. I backed out of this plan and check if other airlines have another offering. Luckily, I was fortunate to see that Asian Spirit has a running promo going to Batanes.

Batanes has been a target destination for me for the reasons I blogged before. The price of the promo is amounting to Php 15,893, inclusive of round trip airfare, hotel accommodations (with food!) and an island tour. While the amount seems to be quite high (it’s actually above average), it’s a good bet since the airfare alone is 4,700+ one way. Adding up including the inclusions of the promo will reach you around close to 20,000 pesos.

I am still looking for companions before I finally book for a flight. Anyway, the promo runs until 15 February 2008 so I still have ample time to look for companions.


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