The child in me went back again when I watched “Enchanted” yesterday. It’s a typical song and dance movie since it’s a Disney film. I’m not really that much of a Disney fan especially with my disappointment on “High School Musical 2”.

Sure enough, when I was a kid, I really loved Disney movies but as I grew old, seems like the magic is going away – except for this one. The movie is really a feel good movie, and at the end, everyone’s happy (and no bitter persons like me, :P)

Amy Adams was effortless and I really like her performance.

“Welcome to New York”

“Thank You” 😛

James Marsden is singing again! After Hairspray, here comes another sing and dance movie of his. His performance in Hairspray is good and while he sang less here compared to Hairspray, his performance is superb. One thing that I noticed is that James Marsden has been always the third party in some of the movies he’s been a part of (Notebook, X-Men, Superman).

Overall, the movie is good. Glad that I’m back to my movie days again after a long hiatus of extensive work in the office (don’t mind if my officemates will raise an eyebrow on this :P). It is still showing and this was a good relief after a disappointing Beowulf experience.

And I’m currently having a last song syndrome (LSS) with the movie:

“I’ve been dreaming of a True Love’s Kiss…”  😛


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