Preparing For Batanes


(photo courtesy of Manny Librodo)

I’m quite eager to have a vacation in Batanes although I must say that is true that a trip to this place is quite costly (expenses can reach up to Php 20,000). Some of my relatives already went to this province since my grandmother hailed from this province prior their move to Cagayan De Oro.

While searching for possible trips, I came up with search results for Batanes trip in Lakbay Pilipinas.  For 4D/3N, the price is quite a good deal although the price comes for a group of 4 and most likely prices will shoot up should you insist going there less than the required number.

If going alone, based on my research, here are the prices:

  • Airfare (via Asian Spirit) = 4750 x 2 [+ additional charges + 200 for Manila airport terminal fee + 30 (assumed) Basco terminal fee]
  • Accomodations – quite unsure although 3,000 would be a safe estimate.
  • Food – quite unsure too although 2,000 would be enough.
  • Other expenses – for island trips, fare, souvenirs, pasalubong, et. al, 5,000 would be a safe estimate.

All in all, it would end up close to 20,000 pesos although quite exaggerated except for the airfare. The trip would be most probably next year, after all credit card installments would end and hope to be there during summer as the sceneries would be most appreciated on broad daylight. Hopefully, I can get a cheaper package or perhaps companions to join me with this trip. 🙂


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