Must Have For Photographers!

I was browsing the Digital Photographer Philippines board and I found a tool that photographers can use in determining EXIF data in photographs. For the newbies, EXIF is the Exchangeable Image Format or information stored in photographs when pictures are taken using a digital camera such as date/time the shot was taken, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, etc. I was looking for a tool then (or even a class helper) that will extract this information from photos but I can’t find one (particularly a .NET one) and this one came in time.

PhotoME is a tool that enables people to view this EXIF data. As a newbie in photography, I usually look for this information either for replication of other photograph’s output not necessarily the effects as these are usually done by post-processing.

Given this image taken on a Canon EF 50mm 1.8 MKII:


The output of the program is this:


Information is grouped into three parts: Image, Camera, and Manufacturer Notes. Surprisingly, this program also lists down the serial number of the camera from which this image was taken. The lens used wasn’t recorded although there are still some binary information listed but no label was placed.

One of the best things this software has is that you can get this tool for free. I was actually surprised to see this wonderful tool given away for free. You can download the software here and try for yourself!



2 thoughts on “Must Have For Photographers!

  1. Hello!

    Nice to see that you like PhotoME.
    I am Jens Duttke, author of this tool.

    In your text, you write that PhotoME does not show the lens informations, I checked that and figured out, that you’ve edited the image using a Microsoft tool (most likely the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer). Microsoft tools destroy the maker notes, but PhotoME (version 0.78) is able to “repair” the files and show the data correctly.
    Till now your camera wasn’t supported in this “repair”-code, but now I’ve just release a new version of the Canon database, which includes support for your camera and many other Canon cameras.

    You can get the updated version of the Canon database using the online update function (Settings -> Online update…). After the update is installed, PhotoME will show the lens and other maker note informations correctly.

    Cu, Jens

  2. Hi Jens,

    Yes, I’ve used Microsoft Picture Manager and it does destroy the lens information. I noticed that when I viewed an “untouched” image, the lens information is there. Great job dude!

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