Small World

Last night on my way home, I saw my high school batchmate Nikki Austria in the mall. We had an exchange of pleasantries and when she asked me where I am working, I told her that I was working with Emerson – plain name without specific division mentioned. I was surprised that she informed me that there are two other batchmates of mine in high school is also working in Emerson (they’re actually based in Process Management and both out of the country).

If I’m going to count the batchmates that I have working in the same company where I am working, there are three (3): one in the 18th floor and two others in the other building.

Truly a small world. Even the person that I endeared the most used to work on the building on the other side of the street where I am currently located. She just left after two weeks when I started in my work here at Emerson.


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