If you happen to be in the Philippines and quite ‘active’ in the show business news, you might have heard of this but you don’t know what the heck it is. No, I’m not active in the show business news but because of my previous work, I became ‘active’ for the sake of it. (Sounds defensive, eh? :P)

I’m not that much a fan of Filipino movies though I regularly watch movies I think worthy to spend my money on. It’s just that I’m tired watching the same old movie formula again like the slapstick, family problems at the start and will be eventually fixed in the end, lovers’ story, etc.

However, this trailer got me curious and quite surprising for a Filipino movie.

The movie stars a Philippine Senator (yeah right, “lawmaker” anyway, he was a celebrity before he ran for a Senate seat) and while I find his previous movie “Exodus” as not-so-good (we watched it with my friends and personally found out that it has a lame story but good effects. I even slept during the first 20 minutes of the movie), I find this one refreshing although I am expecting that the effects would be superb but as any moviegoer looks for, I hope that the story is good also. Effects are just but icing on the cake. There’s more to watching movies aside from the effects.

YouTube comments speaks of some resemblance to Transformers but I don’t think there’s any (yet as we base from the first trailer they’ve released).


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