Not Taking Any Chance

As a follow-up to my previous post, I had myself vaccinated with an anti-rabies vaccine for preventive purposes. Although the charge wasn’t that high (against from what I have expected), it’s better to be safe than sorry. I went to San Lazaro Hospital somewhere in Manila to have myself injected.

Here are some tips if it’s your first time to have yourself vaccinated there:

1. There are two possible places to report your case. If you go on a holiday (like my case) or the Out-Patient Department (OPD), go directly to the Emergency Room Area, otherwise, go to the OPD.

2. Tell them that you were bitten by an animal and you want to have a vaccination. They accept cases on snake bites, dog bites, cat bites, etc. They’ll get your weight and hand you over a paper to fill-up.

3. Make sure you have a ballpen with you since they’ll ask you to fill-up 4 sheets of paper of varying sizes. Should you not have a ballpen with you, they sell pens for 7 pesos.

4. After filling-up the paper, go to the cashier and pay for your OPD card.

5. Go the window next to the cashier to have a patient record for yourself.

6. After doing 4 and 5, go back where you got your form and wait for your turn. The length of waiting time depends on the number of patients on that day (which I can say won’t go less than 20) and the number of severe cases before or after your arrival.

7. After the assessment, you’ll be interviewed on how the transmission happened (bite/non-bite/whatever case) and they’ll recommend you of the dosage that you have to take. Also, the schedule of your immunization is stated in the form so it’s very important not to lose it. The schedule isn’t that hard to remember: it’s 3,7,30,90 number of days after your first vaccination.

8. You need to go to the pharmacy and get a list of syringe/medicines that you have to pay. For ‘light’ cases, you have to pay 491 pesos (each with a partner), inclusive of the medicine and syringe. The vial of medicine (around 900++ pesos) is enough to cover for two persons so make sure you’ll get a partner in paying for the medicine. Don’t worry, with the number of cases being brought everyday, most likely that you’ll never fail to find a partner.

9. Go back to the cashier to pay for the medicine, etc.

10. After paying to the cashier, go back to the pharmacy to claim the medicines. After claiming the items, go to the injection area for the vaccination proper.

11. After #10, you can leave the hospital and go back for your next vaccination schedule. It’s very important to take note of the schedule of your vaccination since it can make or break your initial doses.

Hope this one helps. My paranoia might or might not be useful but nonetheless, it’s better to prevent something than be sorry for the consequences of negligence.


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