Do you think I’m paranoid?

I was fixing some things in our backyard early this evening and I noticed that the chain of the dog was entangled in our gate. I decided to remove the chain for a while to untangle it and return the dog after that.

Unfortunately, the dog jumped onto me and we had a ‘smack’ scene, that is the dog’s mouth/tongue (can’t remember, it happened so fast) touched my mouth. I then went away from the dog and had my lips dried with dry towel away from the mouth. After that I started to wash my lips with my mouth closed still with the towel washing away possible saliva that may have come in contact with my lips.

My thoughts kept on wondering on whether I should get an anti-rabies vaccination or not. I know that animal saliva that might have come in contact with the mouth could be a candidate for rabies infection. While the first things I did after the contact was a ‘preventive’ one, I can’t be sure if its already ‘safe’ or not. Our house helper told me not to be paranoid with the situation since it is not a bite but then, the thought that rabies can be transmitted without biting.

Given this, I am still wondering (and Googling) if animals (say in this case, dogs) exhibit the rabies symptoms even if they haven’t bitten their ‘victim’ like in my case, having contact with the dog’s mouth.

I think I need to get a vaccine as soon as possible.  😦


One thought on “Do you think I’m paranoid?

  1. yes you are paranoid. rabies is not innate to dogs as venom is innate to snakes. rabies is a virus that is transmitted from an infected dog to another animal/person through bites. therefore, only a rabied dog can transmit rabies to a person, and a rabied dog dies within 7 to 10 days. minsan baligtad akala ng karaniwang tao. pag kinagat daw, mauulol ang aso then mamamatay. baligtad. ulol na muna ang aso, pag nakagat ka within yung remaining life span nyang 7 to 10 days, yun ang delikado.

    the san lazaro scam, its out there. a male nurse revealed it to me there. they assess if your case is serious or not. if they figure its not, they’ll make you buy the vaccine anyway, keep it for themselves, then vaccinate you with just an anti tetanus shot. thats how it is really.

    simply put, and i emphasize.. rabies is a virus and not innate or inborn to dogs.
    and dude… some people kiss their dogs and let them lick their lips. if youre case is fatal, everyone on tv smiling while their dogs lick em wouldve been dead!

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