I Felt Cheated

I blogged sometime ago that I bought a new Canon L lens. Unfortunately, they did not offer the 0% deferred payment so I had to pay in full for the lens and have the bank fix the deferred payment with an interest. I did not pay the bank in full since I just got my backpay from my previous employer, I partially paid in cash and the rest is bank arranged.

Minutes ago, I was browsing Digital Photographer Philippines forums and I read that some Canon DZone stores are selling the lenses @ 0% interest for 6 months. I felt cheated upon knowing since I am one of those avid Canon shooters who want to get an L lens and purchased it during the ‘sale’ period.

Looks like Canon knows how to empty your pockets by having yourself crave for more lens. While I feel I was cheated with my purchase, I am darn pretty much contented with the lens line-up that I have. The only thing missing is the speedlite that perhaps will come when I have finished paying for the lens or unless someone is good enough to give me one this Christmas. rotfl.gif


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