And who would forget that line from Ryu of Street Fighter? He’s not my favorite character but his name sticks well with the original Street Fighter game. I personally pick Ken as a ‘favorite’ character in the game but then he’s [the name] closely associated with Barbie. [:P]

I saw over YouTube a trailer of another-yet-to-be-released version of Street Fighter dubbed as ‘Street Fighter 4’ which, according to Wikipedia was unveiled last 17 October 2007 at the Capcom Gamers Event in London.

Excited? Of course I am. Even if I am turning a year older in the coming weeks, I still want to revisit my childhood even if my introduction to this game wasn’t a favorable one. Back when I was in the elementary school, my classmate told me about Edmund Honda (E. Honda) and said I am that character since I was ‘strong’. Surprisingly, when I found about the games, and played it myself, that was then I knew E. Honda was the sumo fighter in the game. Street Fighter will always be a classic to me, and alongside with Mortal Kombat, is my favorite game.

Here’s the trailer and yet there’s no indication if it will still be on 2d or 3d. I would be glad to settle on a 2d if a 3d game would appear lame as the Street Fighter EX series.


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