I Hate Smoking

I almost got in trouble with a stranger last night because of smoking. I don’t smoke and I loathe it very much. It irks me down to my nerves that sometimes, I need to remind smoking people about not smoking in public — at the least where there are too much people around. While walking towards the mall, I gently reminded a lady who’s walking in front of me that she should not smoke in public places. I don’t know what got into me but not as a sexist, I was just trying to be polite (even how I really hate smoking) to tell her not to smoke. She replied “Eh pakialam mo? Nandito ako sa labas kaya pwede akong manigarilyo (Why you should care? I am here outside that’s why I can smoke)“. I replied in return “Miss, kung gusto nyong magpakamatay sa paninigarilyo e solohin nyo na lang at huwag kayong mandamay. Nakakasulasok kasi ang usok, e ang hangin sinasalubong niyo, natural sa mga nasa likuran nyo mapupunta ang usok. (Miss, if you want to kill yourself, do it on your own and don’t harm others while doing such. Of course the winds are going against you and naturally, the smoke of your cigarette will go to the people at your back).” She’s furious to answer: “Anong problema mo? (What’s your problem?)” then she threw off the cigarette butt (since it’s already off) and waited for my answer. I didn’t reply but instead walk away.

Perhaps, it was rude to tell a stranger how bad smoking is (and it will be forever bad) and perhaps she has some reasons doing such. I don’t know and I don’t want to know but all I know is that you’re already been exposed to the smoke coming from the public utility vehicles and you walk by the sidewalk then all of a sudden, there’s a strong cigarette blower in front of you. Maybe this people don’t know that Philippine has an existing law on the regulation of tobacco use.

Focusing on the National Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, while the said law doesn’t explicitly bans smoking, it has a provision on where not to smoke. Mainly on section 5e:

Public conveyance and public facilities including airport and ship terminals and train and bus stations, restaurant and conference halls, except for separate smoking areas;

And perhaps, I am right (at the least in my own understanding). Yet, it doesn’t need to take a rocket scientist to understand that from where I stand when I spoke to that lady, I was right being in a public facility, to remind her that smoking is bad.


I don’t hate the smoker, I hate smoking. If you want to kill yourself, do it on your own and don’t harm others while doing such. Make the world a healthy place to live in and cutting smoking will help us slowly achieve it.


5 thoughts on “I Hate Smoking

  1. I agree with your stance and with your emotions towards it. Smoking is disgusting and people who smoke. The human body was not made for things like that, and it is not an ashtray. They could just save money (and kill themselves faster) by standing in the middle of the EDSA during todo traffic and breathe in! In the image sense, it is unsexy, no? It does not look sophisticated or classy at all. After all that we have learned and seen, people still would do that? Idiotas! And to think that people (including those who are lasinguerros and smokers) complain about the state of healthcare – they will be the ones to clog up the funds and spaces! Anyways, people who smoke are weak and naive because it’s not them that has the cigarillo, but it’s the cigarillo that has them.

    Good luck in your career!

  2. We are smokers who have come to realize how offensive smoke odor is. Our website, http://SmokeConsiderately.com, provides a campaign platform to raise the awareness of people who smoke and to help them stop smelling like ashtrays and smoke considerately.

    A free reproducible pamphlet and mini-poster can help you get the message across about how smokers can smoke considerately.

    Smoke Considerately is an idea whose time has come. Please help us spread the word.


  3. Like you, Patrick, I hate being around smokers, which is kind of ironic since 95% of my barkada are smoking. Nevertheless, when I’m with them, they “try” to be considerate.

    I used to have this habit of telling people as well like you; however, I’ve realized that it can be quite rude. So what I would normally do is as soon as they lit a cigarette in front of me, I would cough incessantly and tell them I have an asthma (It’s a lie though…My bad). More often than not, it works…lol…

    I guess we can all find creative ways of getting our message across without getting that glaring eyes from them…hehehe

  4. I am SO tired of catering to smokers! I grew up with it and the smokers in my family were/are just plain rude. They didn’t care about polluting my environment nor my lungs! I had severe lung problems until I was old enough to move out of my parent’s house. Suddenly ALL my allergies and lung problems disappeared!

    I currently work at a nursing home where I take care of people who now whine because they cannot breathe well due to COPD. SMOKING IS A CHOICE, I’m tired of the whining that comes with the devastation that long term smoking causes. SMOKERS ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. Quitting is not usually easy but it absolutely CAN be done. My health insurance premiums keep going up, I feel like I am “supporting” the terrible health of smokers is part of the problem. I hear smokers say how much they love smoking but I don’t belive it. They are hooked and don’t want to go through the difficulty of quitting. So here is what I request. If you are NOT going to quit smoking, then quit you’re whining about anything to do with smoking including the increased cost of cigarettes and your health. Admit, at least to yourself, that you are too self-centered, weak willed or whatever to quite. And keep your filthy smoke out of my way. And PLEASE realize how HORRIBLE you smell and stay away from non smokers! And don’t expect me to feel ORRY for you, you made your damn choices, so grow up and LIVE with them.

  5. I still maintain my stand, i hate smoking not the smoker. they would always have the choice smoking whenever they want to but not at the least beside me. 🙂

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