Healthy Discovery

My brother cooked dinner last night but my tummy didn’t last the taste of the food. It’s not that awful but maybe I am not used to eating dried fish with misua for dinner. Left with no choice, I chose to eat scrambled eggs for dinner. I just found out that it’s been weeks since I last ate eggs (literally) and I think I am missing the taste of it.

I chopped an onion with two eggs and prepared the frying pan with a spray of olive oil. I first sauteed the onions until it turns a bit brown then after that, I threw in the eggs. Seconds past, the eggs are cooked and ready to go. I put in a cup of rice and the eggs and I started to eat. It was just then I realized that I failed to put table salt in my food but surprisingly, the taste isn’t bad. Typically, eggs when fried without table salt in it tastes bland as if you are eating paper but this one is different. What made the eggs taste in the absence of salt perhaps is the onion and it’s really good.

It’s a good practice actually to reduce the body intake of sodium since it can help decrease the cases of high blood pressure and put hypertension under control. You can try this procedure sometimes and try to taste the difference.


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