False Alarm

I thought today would be a sad day for me as I happened to break my 50mm lens. It wasn’t intentional though I didn’t know that the lens fell off the bag and went to my clothes for laundry. When I lifted one of the shirts, a sound of breaking plastic fell and to my dismay is my 50mm lens.

As a newbie in photography, most of us know that the lens is so delicate and a small drop in it can make it useless, thus an expensive paperweight. I thought it was the end of the lens but I noticed something inside when I tried taking a photo of it (and blog it afterwards). After making a “thorough” investigation of the situation, I noticed that there isn’t any broken piece that came from the lens. In fact, when the lens split in two, the other part didn’t show any sign of breakage (the lens’ glass as well as the filter is intact).

After minutes of trying to fix the lens (knowing that the lens is a rare find in 2nd hand photography items), I was able to do it by “hooking” the matching parts of the “male” and “female” parts inside the lens. It was actually a “no-brainer” to fix the lens since you just have to match them. I had my reservations that while I was able to bring back the lens into one piece, the autofocus (AF) might not work again nor I won’t be able to get the bokeh in the pictures I am taking. Fortunately, the lens still work as if it wasn’t broken into two.

Lesson learned? Take care of your personal belongings especially if they mean much to you. 🙂  Perhaps, I just forgot that the lens fell off the bag and didn’t checked for “important” things that might get lost/broken when you carelessly forget them.  Maybe I was just lucky than the “two” become “one” again (oh man, I’m listening to Spice Girls while blogging).  ‘^-^


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