Happy Saturday

I’m a happy boy for two small yet meaningful reasons for me:

1) I got my new walkaround lens. The focal range and the image stabilization of the lens works well for me. I have taken some pictures with the lens and the performance is superb. Now I understand why it is called an “L” lens. So far I have 3 lenses with me: an 18-55mm kit lens, 50mm prime (for portraits) and this lens. Having this means that I’m having a oatmeal diet again! 😛


2) I have been working out in Fitness First for almost a year (actually turning 1 on Monday, 1 October 2007) and Body Jam is one of the group exercise (GX) that I never fail to attend in a week. It’s been my favorite exercise because I really love to dance (any genre for that matter) though more on the jazz and latin dances. The branch where I frequently go to had a Body Jam marathon tonight. Luckily, I don’t have any specific appointment this Saturday and I made myself available for this event. The main GX area was full of members and I managed to be in front (well, we’re actually crowded in that place) and I was able to see and dance the earlier versions of Body Jam. The first version of Body Jam (according to the presentors) that was brought in the Philippines was Body Jam 24 and the routines were not that hard yet because of the length of each track, it’s really tiring. After more than one and a half hour, prizes were given away to the “best” jammers. And I never expected that I can make it to the top 3 – the last of them at the least (hehehe).


Dancer yata itong lolo mo! rotfl.gif


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