September celebrants in our group in the office had a treat in one of the bars of Metrowalk last Friday. Instead of going alone for a walk, I joined some of my officemates going to the place with our travel manager (via car) and there were some conversations while being stuck in the traffic. During the conversation, the word HHWW, a slang for “holding hands while walking” used to refer couples’ action in the Filipino pop culture was uttered. Out of the blue, I tried to coined another meaning for that acronym and I end up with “high hopes while waiting” – just right for my hopeless romantic position. It took me the weekend to come up with a poem that best fit this acronym and I hope this would be the “last” sad poem I’ll ever write.

Life isn’t the same without you
Leaving me alone, feeling blue
I remember the days when we’re together
Feeling the warmth and company of each other

When you left without leaving a clue
Searching for you was the best thing to do
Following everywhere where we left a trail
Wondering why our relationship have to fail

You left me nothing but queries
You filled my heart with worries
Thinking of reasons why you have to leave
What is something there you want to achieve?

Though should you decide to finally walk away
My love for you still in my heart stays
Even if deep inside I’m hurting
On your return, I’m just here with high hopes while waiting.

Awww, emo mode again.


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