I’m Getting A New Lens

Instead of getting a new body, I have decided to get a new lens which is the Canon 24-105L. I realized that I need materials to further improve my craft in photography and I am making an investment in this item. Although I am not sure when I would be making the purchase but definitely it is within the month as I am catching on the sale of Canon lens.


Yesterday on my way home, I was able to pass by Canon DZone and personally handled a Canon 40D. The specifications of the camera is truly astounding but while I still consider myself as a non-pro in photography, it would be an overkill to buy a new body when I haven’t mastered the field in photography that I wanted to specialize. Besides, bodies lose their value over time while lenses isn’t. Surprisingly, the Canon 400D that I bought was around Php 49,950 and the price right now is Php 10,000 less. Lenses, on the other hand maintain their value and their devaluation isn’t as fast as the bodies.

Portraits would still be my field and I am really enjoying this hobby. Some of the portraits that I have taken is located here. Next in line would be a Canon flash 580 EX II.


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