Landmark Supermart TriNoma

I had the chance of dropping by at the recently opened Landmark Supermart located in TriNoma last night before I watched a movie in SM North Edsa. Although I already made the groceries last weekend (at SM Hypermarket though I should be doing it Landmark), I went around the new store just to check what this store has to offer compared to SM and to buy some snacks for my movie break. The place appears refreshing and I would say it feels like more of a grocery here than what’s there at Hypermarket. At the least here, groceries are placed in the same area unlike at SM where the toiletries (soaps, shampoos, etc) are isolated. I won’t be telling much but instead let the pictures tell the story instead.


If you’re coming from the entrance near the Food Court (towards right), you’ll see the produce section here. Vegetables and poultry products (in short, eggs) are found here. The price of the eggs are cheaper than what you have in SM (62 vs. 58 pesos). I haven’t checked the prices at all but at the least get an impression on how much are the items that I usually buy at SM Hypermarket if I get them here.


Moving further, here’s the fish, meat area.


Here’s the wine cellar area. I like the set-up of the round case for the wines, etc.


French Baker had some free taste of their chocolate brownies. I don’t know for how long this free taste would last.


At the back of the grocery is somewhat a back entrance (though I don’t know where this would take one) but it seems like a grand lobby with elevators going to the main floor of TriNoma. The grocery is located at the “basement” (that is if you’ll refer level M1 as the ground floor).


If you’re shopping for drinks for your movie break, it is located at Lane 12. Good thing they have a wide variety of products located at the refrigerator shelf such as water, bottled iced tea, ,etc.


The counter area is enough to accommodate more people especially on rush shopping such as Christmas.


Like SM, there are also some food stalls near the grocery where you can take a munch after a tiring shopping. Somewhere near the area is an elevator going to Mindanao Parking.


Last but not the least are the escalators going to M1 of TriNoma. I wasn’t able to take good pictures of the place since I am only using my camera phone for these pictures. Overall, the grocery is a nice addition to the ever-growing popularity of TriNoma. I could say as a regular grocery shopper (I pay for the groceries for our house, poor me), most of the prices of the items are relatively cheaper compared to SM. One drink that I am buying costs 18.05 at Landmark but 21.75 at SM Hypermarket. That’s 3.70 pesos difference and it makes sense especially buying in bulk.

They’re really a good competition to Hypermarket. They open at 0830H while the latter opens at 0900H. Sooner or later, SM might open at 0800H. In the end, consumers will be the winners.

Happy Shopping!


7 thoughts on “Landmark Supermart TriNoma

  1. congratulations to Elizabeth Cheng for winning the best design retail store in the world for The landmark department store. i’ll visit your place on next month when i get back in the Philippines.

  2. You made some decent points there. I checked on the net to learn more
    about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this

  3. Hello! This is my first time to write a comment on this page. I’ve been a regular mthly shopper of Landmark Supermart since it was opened. I used to buy groceries from SM but When Landmark opened here in QC i transferred. The goods & merchandise here are much cheaper than SM. Besides they are all organized. In short 5 stars for Landmark Grocery. But i have only 1 sad comment about their parking. Since we shopped from the grocery and parked in the landmark parking area, i can recall that we only had 2 times enjoyed the Free Parking slots for senior citizens. The security guard on the parking eill always tell “ubos na po”. It’s only 10:00am, ubos na? He said that there’s only limited slots for seniors. Why o why? I just compare it to Sm-North that even anytime of the day,senior’s were issued pink tickets by cashiers & we cam avail the priveledge of free parking.
    Hope the management of Landmark, Trinoma can di something to be like Sm’s free parking for seniors, too. No limited slots please!! Looking forward for a good response for QC senior residents like us!thanks & GodBless!

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