Canon 40D Has Arrived!

The Canon 40D has officially arrived in the Philippines and Canon Marketing Philippines (CMP) is launching this product on Thursday, 20 September 2007.


Though, I am having a personal dilemma since it is still September, the Canon lens sale is still ongoing and my dream lens (24-105L) is currently on sale. Also, I am poised to get this new camera body (with the 17-85mm IS USM kit lens) but I need to get rid of my Canon 400D first.

I have three options:

a) Get the lens first since it would be hard for CMP to offer the sale again in the future and the resale of value of the lens would be almost the same after the sale, even after a year.
b) Get the body baby. Be the first owners of the camera through legal channels. (Dump gray market!)
c) Don’t think about this one. This “gadget itch” shall pass without me noticing it.

And I still have 26 September 2007 to decide on this. I’m having a dilemma on a “want” rather than a “need”. Poor me.

Maybe my godparents or there are generous persons who wants to donate one like this for me. *wink*wink*


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