Transfat Free?

My frequent reading of Men’s Health Philippines allowed me to have a wider view of nutrition and dieting so as not to jeopardize my monthly payment to Fitness First. In that magazine I first heard of “trans fat”  – a fat that unlike other dietary fats, they are neither required nor beneficial for the health. Although some of these are found in small amounts in meat and dairy products, the ones coming from partially hydrogenated oils (prepared) are more of a health risk than the those naturally occuring. In short, taking-in of these poses a health risk to you.

A good number of products in the Philippine market are trying to use trans-fat free ingredients. Example of this is Goldilocks wherein you could see in their branches that their breads are “trans-fat” free. Personally, as much as possible, I try to get rid of these products of course for health reasons. Yesterday, while shopping for food supplies in my ped in the office, I chance on a crackers brand with a text saying “Zero Transfat” in the front:

However, when I checked on the ingredients, there’s a hydrogenated coconut oil included in the ingredients:

Checking on wikipedia: “Most trans fats consumed today are industrially created by partially hydrogenating plant oils ”

Given the ingredients displayed on the picture, is the crackers really not trans-fat free or maybe I just have the wrong impression on what products are really qualified as those with trans-fat?


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